1K A Day Fast Track Review. Is The Program Worth It?

Hello there and welcome to this 1K A Day Fast Track review

In this post, I’ll be going over the 1K A Day Fast Track program, what it includes, the pricing, the features, whether or not it’s a good deal, the pros and cons, and much much more.

Just a quick thing before we begin:

I’ve ACTUALLY gone through the program myself, so I actually know what is inside it. I’m not just making stuff up, and reviewing something I know nothing about, like others might be doing (wink wink). 

I’ll also try and convince you as to why this program is a lot better than a few others that are running around and recommend that you pull the trigger on this one in particular, by letting you know of my personal experience with a similar style course, that lost me +$2200…

So make sure to read all the way! 

On that note, let’s dive into this 1K A Day Fast Track Review. ?

$1K A Day Fast Track Review

Table Of Content

What Is 1K A Day Fast Track?

1K A Day Fast Track is a brand new, 6 weeks long online training program, created by Merlin Holmes, that revolves around making money with email marketing and affiliate marketing.

It was brought into the marketplace in late 2019 and is sold by the very reputable ClickBank.com

The way it works, is by sending paid ads over to a website page that you own, that is specifically made to capture email contact (but that also has a little “quiz twist”) after which you’ll be promoting products that you don’t own, in exchange for a commission

So the process would be the following:

  • Buy website traffic through a specific kind of ads platform/network (“tier 2”, not the main ones).
  • Capture email contacts of people in a specific niche.
  • Promote products to those contacts, and make commissions upon sales.

Very simple. ?

$1K A Day Fast Track Review 2

Who Is Merlin Holmes?

Merlin Holmes is an online entrepreneur and internet marketer that has been making money from his online businesses for over 14 years.

He has made around 150 million dollars in sales all together in multiple platforms and in over 13 different businesses. He’s a leading business consultant to various million and billion-dollar companies, and generates $14,444 per day on his own online businesses.

He’s an “in the trenches” person, and someone who you’d really want to listen to, if you’re interested at all about making money online. This means, he’s actually doing what he’s teaching (not like a lot of other people out there).

In his own words:

“I’m not not an “online guru” that makes money, teaching others how to make money… I make money by running businesses.”

There is not much more information about him, since he’s very under the radar, but he’s super down-to-earth, not overly hyped up and really calm and friendly.

This is the first time he’ll personally be teaching what he’s been doing to run his online businesses and make money online and 1K A Day Fast Track is his first online course on ClickBank, in over 7 years.

$1K A Day Fast Track Review 3
Meet your instructor. Merlin Holmes

What Will I Learn Inside 1K A Day Fast Track?

The 1K A Day Fast Track program, will teach you how to make money by promoting affiliate products, through email marketing to a targeted and massive list of subscribers (that you’ll gather with very simple poll pages) with the help of secret underground traffic sources that are cheaper than Google, Youtube ads or even FaceBook ads.

There are 5 different steps that you’ll be learning throughout this program:

✅ Step 1: Find what is already being bought.

No point in reinventing the wheel here. You’ll be taught how to know which products are actually being bought, and where they’re being sold (where, as in which platform). Melin goes through some of the more popular ones, but also the not so popular ones.

✅ Step 2: Use proven to work headlines.

This is where the ads come into play. You’ll be taught how to sculpt irresistible headlines that will incentivize clicks. You’ll be shown how to pick popular headlines and turn them into curious questions, which in turn increases your results a whole lot.

The funny part about this, is that…he literally just turns the winning headlines into questions by adding “want to know how”. It’s hilarious. ?  

✅ Step 3: Poll page template.

The poll pages work as a bridge page between the offer and the ad network you’ll be using. It’ll be covered with psychological triggers that will have people participate in them impulsively.

Plus, the way they’re built, increase curiosity immensely (people are always interested in the opinion of other people) and will also make getting their contact information, very simple to do.

These pages also convert really high, (at around 50%, which is really good) and are really simple to create (Melvin does give you templates, as part of the membership).

There is a whole video where Melvin goes over every single one of the part of the poll pages, the “yes” and “no” buttons, the popup, the legal pages at the bottom, the images and so on. You get taught everything.

$1K A Day Fast Track Review 4
Poll style pages that you’ll be using

✅ Step 4: Present an offer.

The following step is basically to present an offer to the subscriber that he or she might be interested in, to make money by sending out email promotions.

You’ll be able to do this, both following the poll (to compensate for adspend) and periodically every day (or every so often, this part is up to you) and for whatever amount of time it is you have that subscriber in your database.

When you find a product that you think your subscriber might want to purchase, all you have to do is let your subscribers know through email, and if that person ends up buying the product, you get a little cut of the profits (your commission). ?

✅ Step 5: Rinse and repeat.

At this point, all you want to do is keep creating poll pages, keep sending traffic to your pages, and keep sending emails to different promotions.

This part, is all about scaling up. You can reinvest your profits into advertising, to speed things up.

$1K A Day Fast Track Review 5
The different steps you’ll need to take, to make money with this system. Step 5 is repeat

What’s Included Inside 1K A Day Fast Track?

There are 6 different modules, inside of the program, that will be unlocked every week for you. This means that if you go through the first module in 1 day, you’ll still have to wait 6 days to have the following module unlocked. 

This is so as to not overwhelm you, and so that you can follow the process bit by bit and in order. ?

Some of the videos are very very basic, but you’ll always learn something new, so make sure to watch all of them regardless.

The modules inside of the training, are the following:

Module 1

  1. Welcome to $1K A Day!
  2. How To Navigate The Course
  3. Setting Expectations
  4. The Right Mindset Makes More Money
  5. Setting Up Your Clickbank Account
  6. What Are Your Earnings Potential?
  7. Fill Up Your Bank Account With This Product!
  8. Creating Your Commission Link
  9. Start Earning Commissions Today!

Module 2

  1. Module 2 Introduction
  2. How and Why Polls Work So Well
  3. Starting To Build Your 1st Poll
  4. ClickFunnels Poll Walkthrough, Part 1
  5. ClickFunnels Poll Walkthrough, Part 2
  6. Setting Up Your Custom Domain
  7. Customizing Your Poll Landing Page
  8. Privacy & Terms Pages Setup
  9. Customizing The Loading Page

$1K A Day Fast Track Review 10

Module 3

  1. Module 3 Intro and Welcome
  2. Your New Email System
  3. Setting Up SendLane 1
  4. Linking Up Your New Email Address To Sendlane
  5. Connecting SendLane With ClickFunnels
  6. Email Templates!!
  7. Email Templates, Part 2
  8. Creating Your Email Automations
  9. Important SendLane Update

Module 4

  1. Welcome To Module 4
  2. Going Deep Into Clickbank
  3. CPA Networks & Offers
  4. How To Get A Competitive Advantage
  5. Offers, The Real Secret

Module 5

  1. Module 5 Introduction. Traffic!
  2. The Basic Arithmetic Of Traffic
  3. Your Traffic Laboratory
  4. Your Traffic Rolodex
  5. What Is Native Advertising, Really?
  6. Revcontent, Part 1
  7. Revcontent, Part 2: The Rules
  8. Setting Up Your Revcontent Ads, Part 1
  9. Setting Up Your Revcontent Ads, Part 2
  10. Setting Up Your Revcontent Ads, Part 3
  11. Setting Up Your Revcontent Ads, What Happens If You Get A Denial?
  12. Revcontent Ad Targeting

Module 6

  1. Module 6 Intro and Amazing Money Model!
  2. Amazing Money Model, Part 2

How Much Does 1K A Day Fast Track Cost?

1K A Day Fast Track costs, at this point in time, $997 one time fee. No upsells or upgrades. Just a one time price. There are some additional costs needed to actually have everything run smoothly (tools), which we talk about in the FAQs.

There is no payment plan option available, but there is an option to pay with PayPal credit, if you’re in the United States, which is a good option to have. 

You can also check the free training to learn more about the product and the different steps, without having to pay anything.

Pros And Cons Of 1K A Day Fast Track

No 1K A Day Fast Track review would be complete, without the classic “pros and cons” sections, which is what I’ll be discussing now.

Do note that these are my personal opinions, and not everyone see benefits and disadvantages through the same lens, so take it with a grain of salt.


✅ A fairly simple method to implement, (that also actually works).

Results are quick, because you’re paying for ads. You’re in the driver’s seat, in regards to “how fast” you want things to move.

No chance of saturation. Especially with the unique traffic source that not many people know about…but to add to that, you can segment and divert into other niches, offers, platforms and more.

Ads are much cheaper and don’t use FaceBook (which are getting more expensive and aren’t as newbie friendly) but work just as fine. 

✅ No employees, no clients, no experience or tech skills needed, and best of all: You can do it from anywhere and there is NO selling.

✅ The product is sold on a reputable platform, taught by someone who has done millions of dollars online that is also currently doing what he teaches, and there is actual support for the program. 

✅ There is also a free webinar, in which Merlin goes through every single step of the process for you, and you actually get an idea of what the process actually looks like, without having to invest. 


? $997 is a bit expensive, if you’re just buying the information, (although I’ve personally paid $2200 for something very very similar…but that was way worse quality).

So make sure only to buy if you’re willing to take action and go all the way, otherwise, what’s the point?

On the flip side you do get a second login for the course (we’ll mention in the bonus FAQ section later on), which means that you’ll basically be getting $997 free so that kind of offsets the cost.

? To get everything running as fast as possible, you’ll have to import the pre-made poll pages from templates, which Melvin will offer you. And for this, you’ll have to use ClickFunnels.

$1K A Day Fast Track Review 6

ClickFunnels is a funnel building software, but it’s fairly expensive, at $97/month.

You could try to “go rogue” and build your funnels and poll pages on a different page builder, to try to cut out costs…but I wouldn’t recommend it. So, with all said, it’s kind of a necessary evil.

Fortunately, there is also a 14 day free trial for ClickFunnels, so you can test everything out, but be ready to invest in the funnel builder, long term, if you wish to continue using this strategy. 

? The videos are fairly long, and most of the information is super basic (at least for me). I think Merlin is a really chill and amazing guy, and he really does “keep it simple”. But for those of us who already have some experience…it might be a bit TOO simple (especially in the beginning).

? Another thing that put me off, was that the traffic training videos only started at week 5 of training. So it felt like I still had no clue what I was supposed to do up until around that point. Fortunately, he really does go all in when it comes to the traffic module…so it is worth the wait.

? Finally, the recommended ad platform (RevContent) is kind of for really big players and it requires a minimum ad spend per day. Now, even though you can stop the ads at any time and at will…I think that that can be a bit intimidating for beginners.

So apart from these small issues (most of which are personal to me), I couldn’t find anything else wrong with the course.

The product is great, the instructor is amazing, the support is there, it’s super step-by-step and there is a huge ceiling and income potential (you also get commission bumps of +$500).

All of this is great because most products out there of this kind…are complete shit. ?

And this is not me making things up here…like I’ve mentioned, I personally bought a program for $2200 that was of a similar style, that had everything wrong with. The product was horrible, the traffic was even worse, the support non-existent…and I can go on.

Having personally lost thousands of dollars on that program, 1K A Day Fast Track is a breath of fresh air.

$1K A Day Fast Track Review 7
Free training goes over every step of the program


Are There Any Additional Expenses?


  • You have to get a domain name, which is your website ($13/year and you can get 1 domain name for free here)

  • You’ll need a ClickFunnels account, to create your quiz-style landing or capture pages ($97/month, but there is a 14 day free trial). If you don’t want to use ClickFunnels, you’ll have to download some other page builder and try replicating the quiz pages on your own.

  • You’ll need an autoresponder to capture your email leads. I recommend this one although SendLane will be the one used in the program. You’ll also get email sequences that are congruent with the poll pages, which will be given to you.

  • You’ll need a budget for adspend. I’d say a few hundred dollars, should be enough to at least get a list going, if you’re not seeing any sales.  


Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yep. 1K A Day Fast Track is sold on one of the most trustworthy and most known digital product platforms around called ClickBank.com.

ClickBank has been around since 1998, and all of their products have a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Merlin also offers to personally call you if after 90 days, you’re unable to make things work (and you’ve actually tried and followed through all of the steps, of course).

The money back guarantee, is a huge safety net, and a big incentive for you to go for your dreams and test it out. Every decent, worthwhile and serious digital product or program that you can purchase online now a days, will have a money back guarantee. It’s basically a must.  

Is 1K A Day Fast Track A Scam?

No. It’s definitely not a scam.

Yes, there are products out there that are fake and don’t work. This is not one of them. ?

The process to make money online, that is taught in this system, has been used for at least 10-15 years, and it’s still being used today, and it will still be used for as long as people have email addresses, and want to buy things.

It just takes some work to do correctly. You must be willing to put in the work, to get the best results. If you’re willing to work at it, the sky is the limit for you. 

Can I Download 1K A Day Fast Track?

To the extent of my knowledge, there isn’t any way to download the program. The closest thing to this would be the Free Webinar Training that Merlin goes through, in which he teaches the strategies, traffic sources and pages, for free.

But other than that, there is no 1K A Day Fast Track free download.

To access the trainings, you have to have a username and password, which will be given to you upon purchase of the course.

Also, beware of anyone who offers to give you a course at a “discounted price” or a “download link”, these people can usually not be trusted.

Can I Really Earn 1K A Day With This?

The answer is, yes, totally.

For you to make 1K a day with this strategy, you must put in a lot of effort, and compound them until you reach that goal.

The way to do this is by reinvesting your earnings into getting more traffic, to get a bigger email database. You take your first results, and make more results.

There might be little traction in the beginning, but the more you put in, the more you get out, and if you stick to it and make a large enough database and promote correctly, you’ll start scaling up faster, and you’ll be able to hit your goal quicker.

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How Fast Can I See Results?

It really depends on your work ethic and how much time you’re willing to put into it, but a lot of the members of the program have seen their first results in their first 3 days using the system.

In fact, after watching the webinar you actually have the knowledge enough to go out there and start campaigns and make money, in as fast as 1 day.

Of course, you’ll be missing how to get traffic, where from (although you’ll get an aidea), the science behind the poll pages, how to actually build one, the support and community in case you’re stuck, and so on..

Is There A 1K A Day Fast Track Bonus?

Merlin already gives you a ton of bonuses that will come in handy, including a 2nd license or login pass for the 1K A Day Fast Track program, (meaning you actually get 2 copies and not 1) a mystery FedEx package sent to your address upon getting in the program, as well as some other bonuses.

So in theory there should be no need for any more bonuses. Unless the bonuses are congruent with what the program includes (buying traffic and creating emails and) they would be worthless and irrelevant.

$1K A Day Fast Track Review 8

Even if they were congruent…this is a complete program, and any other bonus, will very likely just overcomplicate the whole process for you, and dilute and distract you from following the proven blueprint. 

I mean Melin knows that too. He could very easily have talked about different traffic sources and funnels and strategies and whatnot, but that would just complicate things a lot.

Are There Any Testimonials?

Yes. There are. ?

One of the most important aspects of any online course like this…is that there should be ordinary people doing well with the program, and not just the guy who has been doing it for 20 years or whatever.

I’ve personally made the mistake of buying a $2200 course, that barely even had any testimonials at all. 

Guess how well that went for me?

…Not well.

Even though I did manage to make my money back (cause I’m a badass ?) there were a TON of people that got screwed.

Fortunately, this program puts its money where its mouth is…It has awesome testimonials, but if worst comes to worst and you don’t like it you can ask for a refund. 

$1K A Day Fast Track Review 9

Free Webinar Training

Most of what will be taught inside of the 1K A Day Fast Track system, can also be learned from within a webinar. I learned a lot only from watching it the first time around, since most of the “secrets” will be revealed there.

If you’re unsure about the program, inside of the webinar, you’ll be taught how to make $400 as soon as today, absolutely for free (which is pretty amazing).

With the info inside of the free training, you can for sure go out there and make money really quickly, if you have a bit more experience, although if you’re brand new to make money online and affiliate marketing, just join the program and follow the steps that Merlin teaches you.

You can check out the ? Free Webinar Training Here

Alternatively, you can click on the button below, or any one of the buttons on this page, to get started.

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Final Verdict

1K A Day Fast Track, in my eyes…is an absolute winner, hands down.

If I compare it with the $2200 product I personally bought, which was similar but of WAY worse quality, 1K A Day Fast Track is better in basically every single way imaginable.

Every. Single. Way.

✅ You have a 30 day money back guarantee (I didn’t get that chance with the product I bought).

✅ The person teaching you is the real deal (and not some lazy schmuck, who doesn’t care).

✅ Price is not the cheapest…but it’s really cheap for what you’re getting! I’ve paid more than twice for a lot worse before.

✅ You get top notch support as per ClickBank marketplace policies. You’ll also get a community of people to help you out, if there’s anything you need.

✅ You get a bunch of bonuses including a Mystery FedEx package, and a 2nd login into the program, amongst a whole slew of other things. 

The second login is really nice, because it lets you give away a copy, to someone who you think might be interested in learning this process with you.

This looks innocent, but it can potentially be huge. If you want to share the login with an accountability partner, this will make it so both of you push yourselves to succeed together, which will make “quitting” a LOT harder.

This is EXACTLY the program I wish I had bought when I started, instead of what I did end up buying, back in 2018, and the reason I would suggest you give 1K A Day Fast Track a go.

At half the price, better mentoring, better support (mine was nonexistent), better traffic sources (I wasted over $700 on traffic almost without results), testimonials left and right and a money-back guarantee (which I didn’t have)…1K A Day Fast Track is close to the best opportunity out there right now, (when it comes to affiliate marketing and email marketing) that I can think of.

I highly suggest you checking out the free training, to see exactly what the process is like.


Alright everyone, so that would be my 1K A Day Fast Track review, I hope it was helpful. ?

I really think that the 1K A Day Fast Track program is a great opportunity to get started making money online if you still haven’t. I really do.

The program has: actual results and testimonials, an actual support team, an actual refund policy, is sold on one of the most respected platforms in the world and is cheaper than most products out there of the same style.

I really hope you do give it for a spin. And if you haven’t, go ahead and check out the free training. It’s really spicy stuff.


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  1. Simosami Ndlovu says:

    The information was bit overwhelming for a novice like me but this is the most comprehensive presentation I ever interacted with.

  2. Can I use GetResponse as my auto responder or only with Sendlane?

    1. Yep. You can use any autoresponder that you want. In the case of Getresponse, you’ll simply have to add them one by one. You’ll be getting the texts, but you’ll have to create the “actual emails” and create the flow in Getresponse.

  3. Thanks for the review. You mentioned that you used Merlin’s product. So how much have you made with it?

    1. Hey there, thanks for the comment 😀

      “Merlins product” encompasses a strategy that is at least 10-15 years old and that still works. I went through all the training, but I’m not using the strategies inside the training “to a tee”. I’ve got a different take on things (mainly the traffic network that is recommended, I don’t use it).

      So with EXACTLY merlins strategy, pages, traffic source etc…no. But using different traffic sources, pages, and strategies…definitely yes!

  4. Thanks a lot for the review!)

    1. Of course! My pleasure 🙂

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