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Hey there everyone! Welcome to my website/blog!ย My name is Pablo, and I‘m a bio-tech engineer from Uruguay, currently living in Helsinki, Finland. It’s nice to meet ๐Ÿ˜

So, you might be thinking: “What’s up with this site, and why the heck should I care?”

The idea behind this website is to document my journey in my online entrepreneurial endeavors: Strategies I’ve tried out, results I’ve had, tools and programs I recommend…and so on and so forth.

I’m creating this, because with a lot of time and effort, I know I’ll eventually be able to build it up into something huge that I can be proud of. But I’ll be doing it, one step at a time.

And what about you?ย Well, you can follow along if you wish, try out some strategies that you might like or just read, learn and get inspired. Yes?ย 


So Who Am I?

about me
This Is Me

My name is Pablo, I’m 28 and after graduating from college and taking “the safe route”, it turns out… there weren’t really many jobs available in that field and in my country (whoops). Very safe route indeed… a bit TOO safe for me maybe.

I put my own fate in what someone else had recommended, but that didn’t have my best interest in mind…only their own. Turns out… things weren’t really what they seemed, and so I started searching on the internet, like most of us have probably done at some point: “How to make money online”.

Sound familiar?ย 

At this moment in time, I’m hooked on SEO, affiliate marketing, online marketing social media and online sales altogether, which I’ve been studying, doing and learning about since around April of 2018.

Now, in the beginning, I didn’t know WHAT the fuck I was doing.

I searched on google, and eventually, came across this video, on some dude that had made a million dollars online, by selling ONLY one t-shirt design.

And so I thought to myself:

โ€œBro! You can TOTALLY do that!โ€ ๐Ÿ˜ต


About Me
(EXACT Thumbnail of the video I watched)

NOT do…ย 

Nope… That’s not what I did at all.

Not even close.

A failed online Shopify store, hundreds of dollars in facebook ads and 2 agonizing months of stress later, it turns out…

It’s not THAT easy.ย 

I was destroyed, and out of money. And all I had to show for myself… wereย 2 measly sales.

Which after Shopify fees, credit card fees, ad costs and whatever… well…

Let’s just say the math gods weren’t on my side okay!? ๐Ÿ˜‘

All those tshirt designs that I created! All those wallet case designs and hoodies and all those other things I designed… Why wasn’t it working!?

Well.. for one, I had no clue what the heck I was doing. I also majored in biology. Like…Fuken have someone ELSE do the designs!

Anyways, I was pissed.

In fact, I had given up for a few days. But I just could not stop thinking about “making money online”.

I just couldn’t.

I WAS gonna make money online. Maybe not a million bucks, but something. I was going to take a step back and learn everything I could, from scratch…

I was going to “crack the code”, so to speak.

How To Make Money Online With Google 2
Some guy on a pc…let’s imagine it’s me, mkay?

And So It Began…

Ever since, I’ve gottenย immersed in the “how to make money online” space.

In the beginning, it was hard as heck

Like, holy cow.ย 

I was studying, testing, reading and learning for up to 16 hours a day, everyday, non stop, trying to figure something out.

I was getting up in the middle of the night at 3 or 4 am, and going to sleep in the morning. I wasn’t leaving my house, didn’t watch any tv, no Youtube (except for training videos), I stopped going to the gym and pretty much neglected everyone and everything.ย 

Did I mention I broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years, and had a severe traumatic family episode RIGHT two weeks apart from each other while at the same time not making anything work? ๐Ÿ˜•

A 3 year long relationship, and a 20 something year trust bond…destroyed in the span of 1-2 weeks.

As one can imagine…that did NOT do me any good at all. ๐Ÿ˜“

I was getting fat, completely isolated myself from everyone, didn’t have a job, had a few holes in my heart and a wrecked soul, didn’t have that much money left because of the ads I had bought for the store and nothing was working.


I knew that if I stuck to it, I’d see some result. I just HAD to. As long as I didn’t quit, I’d “win”.

Not too long after, and by sticking to it, something pretty cool happened:

My First $118 Bucks In A Week With Affiliate Marketing! F#^k Yeah!

I had made my first 100 bucks in a week…and I didn’t need to spend any money to do it! In fact, now I “knew” how to do it, and it wasn’t really that hard. I just learned enough, tried out a method I had been given, and stuck to it!ย 

After this, I became a success student and testimonial for the person who created the method I was using, because I had gotten results after 1 day of implementing what he had taught me.

I got interviewed, and am now one of his favourite testimonials ever. How cool is that!? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Notice the date?ย 

I started this “online thing” in April 2018. That’s 4 months after starting, as an absolute newbie, knowing absolutely nothing (remember I majored in biology? Like…really…I didn’t know squat).

And that’s 2 months after giving affiliate marketing a try (which was COMPLETELY different from what I was doing before is).ย 

Now, this might not seem like much to you, but to me, this was huge! ๐Ÿค—

I had heard horror stories of people who had been online for 2, 6, 10 years that had never made anything! Imagine what i could do if this was month 4!ย 

I had now gotten a glimpse of what “was possible”. As soon as you see it works and that you can do it, the impossible….doesn’t look all that impossible anymore!

What if you could do this every day? When you KNOW that you can and you know how…it’s just more of the same, right?! Very quickly I Hit My First $1000 …then 2, 3, 5… and so on.

Okay What’s Your Point?ย 

I’m not writing this to brag. In fact, I think my numbers aren’t even all that good! I honestly don’t think I can even brag about them…they’re “okay” (for now…muah ha ha). ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

I’m writing to serve as inspiration. It’s probably the most “cliche” thing ever to say, but like I said in the beginning: The idea of this blog, is to document my journey and my results, and provide some recommended tools and cool content for whoever might be reading.

At the moment, it’s heavily based around Affiliate Marketing, since it’s what I’m up to now. But will I be sticking to only this?ย 

Fuck no!

There is SO much stuff out there that I want to try and I want to document, and learn about: Domain flipping, ad arbitrage, niche website building, crypto, forex trading, stocks, product launching and Youtube, some day even real estate…

Heck, I might even go back to my nemesis and first failed attempt “online shops” and Shopify!

Learning this stuff… is freaking amazing, it really is. It would be dumb of me NOT to try to learn as much as I could, every day about all these things (and many more).

So to recap:

-I get to write and document my journey and push myself, and learn as much as I can, and create stuff.

-And YOU get to read along, hopefully get inspired and get some ideas to start something of your own if you haven’t, and learn something new if you have.

You’ll also learn what are the best tools and strategies around (that I’ve found) to help you with your won “make money online journey”, so that you can shave off all the pain that comes with learning this on your own, and how to go straight for the gold as fast as possible.

How I Made My First 1000 Online 2


That would be it everyone. I hope you enjoyed!ย I hope it inspires you to learn as much as you can, and go out and do!ย 

If you want to start learning (and earning) online you can head over to ๐Ÿ‘‰My Most Recommended program at the moment. I’m always trying to be up to date and bring the best programs, courses and trainings, to save you the hazzles of going through crap that I had to go through.ย 

Starting is the first step, but it’s WELL worth it!ย 

I’ve learned SO much during these past months, that getting started was probably the best thing I’ve ever done.

You should do the same…or should I say, you HAVE to.

You literally can not afford not to at least, give it a shot. ๐Ÿ˜


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