About Me

Hey there everyone!

My name is Pablo.

I’m a bio technological engineer from Uruguay.

Very recently, i got interested in making money online which I’ve been studying, doing and learning about since June of 2018.

about me
This Is Me

After graduating from college it turns out… there weren’t really many jobs available in my field and in my country (whoops) and so I started searching on how to make money using the internet.

I came across a video on some dude that had made a million dollars online, by selling ONLY t-shirts. And so i thought to myself.

Bro. You can TOTALLY do that!

A failed shopify store, hundreds of dollars in facebook ads and months and months of stress later, it turns out…it’s not THAT easy.

But so it began…

Ever since, i’ve been completely immersed in the online marketing, sales and investment space.

Learning about traffic and lead generation, funnel building, websitre creation, email marketing, social media marketing and SMMA’s, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, SEO, Ecommerce and more Drop Shipping, paid advertisement and retargeting…etc etc etc.

Let’s just say, i’ve gotten pretty hooked! 

The idea behind this blog is to document my journey as well as provide valuable information tips and tricks reviews and other stuff related to internet marketing, and make money online in general. So let’s rock!