AgencyBud Review. Top LeadGen SAAS Apps

In this AgencyBud review, we’ll be going over a suit of softwares (my favorite) that its creator Walt Bayliss, has invested millions of dollars into and has also spent 10 years compiling, that will help you, help other businesses.

The economy is in a bad spot right now.

There are possibly hundreds of thousands of businesses that are either going out of business, or are at a massive high risk of doing so, in the following couple of months.

But so, what do these businesses need? Well, they need to adapt to the upcoming changes, and they need leads.

Essentially they need help. Everybody needs help.

AgencyBud is a great way for those aspiring agency owners (or for those who just want to make more money online) to get started, for a very small investment and in a industry and moment in time, that is unlike anything there has ever been.

AgencyBud Review

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What Is AgencyBud?

AgencyBud is a software as a service (SAAS) pack or suite of 4 super powerful, highly sought-after and very useful software that are meant to support and streamline businesses, help them get more leads, get them more exposure and help them optimize their sales.

This suite of online cloud-based apps, will be available and sold to the public, on April 3rd through April 9th of 2020, by both PayKickstart and JvZoo platforms for a retail price of $497

If you want to know more about the product and the pricing, you can check out ?Their Website Here.

AgencyBud was created by Walt Bayliss, who has created multiple online products and services and has currently made over 6 million dollars in online sales. AgencyBud, in fact, is the compilation of 4 of their own most popular and useful apps, which have taken over 10 years to create and optimize.

What Apps Are Included?

There are 4 different apps that are included as part of your AgencyBud license.

Let’s look at them one by one, so that you’re aware of exactly what they are and what they’ll allow you to do.



AgencyBud Review 2

This is the longest-standing program that Walter and the crew have put together and it’s designed for reputation monitoring, social media management, competition analysis, and lead generation.

This SaaS app helps you get notifications when any of a set of keywords, get mentioned…around the web.

You read that correctly…

Around the web.

From Youtube, Facebook, forums, blog posts, LinkedIn, Bing, Instagram and more…

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Whenever there’s a mention of their business name, or a set of specific keywords that can be input at will (can be tailored to be industry-specific) it will then notify your clients of it

This allows businesses to do some really cool things like spy on what people are saying about their competition, offer their own services as a solution, and find super hot leads.

But that is just one of the angles…?

Because more importantly, it also allows businesses to respond rapidly to negative reviews, and correct or help solve the problem so as to not damage their reputation as well as to rapidly respond to industry-specific questions and even praise positive reviews as well.

RepWarn currently sells for $97/month or $997/year and as an AgencyBud Member, when you get an interested client that decides to sign up to the app, you get to keep 100% of everything, and you can get yourself a very nice monthly recurring income, with just a few clients.



AgencyBud Review 3

This is the holy grail of lead generation for AgencyBud members.

Like we were discussing before…businesses need leads. All the time.

They’re constantly stressing over how to keep getting more customers through their doors, and if you can provide them with either a constant lead flow or a way to achieve it, they’ll pay you almost anything for it.

What ColdReach allows you to do, is search up either businesses and locations, or people and locations, and with a click of the mouse, it spits out a massive amount of results of potential leads as businesses, or people in specific industries.

ColdReach is currently selling for $39.95/month or $297/year, and once again, by being an AgencyBud member, you get to keep 100% of all the profits and a good chunk of recurring commissions for as long a the client decides to keep using the service.

The ColdReach app, in particular, is an easy sell for clients (a lot of them will be making more than $297 per 1 client of their own, which pays for the tool in of in itself) and so, making even 2 client sales is already nearly $600 in recurring yearly revenue for you. 



AgencyBud Review 4

DataJeo is a app that allows you to get ad data. Simple.

But let’s go a bit more in-depth…

This means, you’ll be able to see what ads are being run (profitably), for different products that you, or any of your clients might be interested in selling at any given moment in time. 

This is extremely valuable, because it gives you an idea of what is already working when it comes to selling a specific product through advertising. This means that as a user of the app, you’ll be learning what it is that is working for your competitors, but without having to waste money on optimizing and testing.

Once again, this software is all about getting businesses more leads…but at a cheaper rate (maybe, indirectly, since they’ll still be advertising…but still).

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Granted, the businesses that DataJeo will help the most out, are the ones that are already advertising (although you can also create an organic campaign with that data, which is a cool little twist) but it helps lower the advertising costs tremendously, and thus, it’s also an easy sell. ?

If you can help businesses realize, that with DataJeo they’ll be saving potentially hundreds or even thousands of dollars in advertising, by cutting out the research and testing involved (as well as getting some ideas for what keywords are bringing in sales so that they can create organic campaigns)  you’ll be golden.

DataJeo, just like ColdReach currently goes for $39.95/month or $297/year. By being an AgencyBud member, you get to keep 100% of all the profits of every resold license.



AgencyBud Review 5

Engage allows you to create a web-chat environment.

Basically, when a potential customer lands on a website, Engage allows that customer to interact with the website owner through chat.


The cool thing about Engage, is that it allows the chat to connect to whichever platform that you generally use. So if you’re using FaceBook and you add Engage to your website, you can then get messages directly to FaceBook messenger. The same is true is Skype, Instagram and so on.

This is brilliant! ?

How many times have you landed on a website, and have connected to the chat, only to have it reply to you multiple hours or even days later? As a customer, it can get frustrating and businesses can potentially lose a lot of business, just because of this.

Apart from that, there are of course automated messages that can trigger upon specific words that the customer writes, and a scheduling timetable which allows clients to keep track of which of their employees are in turn keeping track of which website and at what time.

This app in particular, goes for $19.95/month or 197/year, of which you’ll get 100% of the revenue, as an AgencyBud Owner.


Why Should I Get AgencyBud?

The amount of businesses out there that are currently looking for your services, are probably never going to be in as such high demand, as they are right now.

For that reason, the opportunity to capitalize on this, is also right now (and not later).

A lot of people will see the opportunity to start an online agency and online business, and will take the leap.

But a lot of other people, will be left behind. And you don’t want to be with those who are left behind. You want to be part of those who take the leap when everyone else is retreating.

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And if you don’t have any experience with getting clients, working online or doing any kind of agency jobs…you don’t have to worry because as part of the AgencyBud program, you’ll be getting training and support.

Do I Get To Keep The Apps?

By becoming an AgencyBud member, you’ll get to have access to the apps, and will be able to use them as if they were your own, as well as being able to sell them at 100% profits.

This means that you can use the apps for yourself to get clients for your own business, or, for example, to get clients that might be interested in using the same exact apps to get their clients!

This is just one of many ways you can use the AgencyBud apps for yourself, and for others. You can really get very creative and combine the different apps to either find or sell to your future clients.

AgencyBud Review 6

Do I Get Support And Training?

AgencyBud, would probably not be 100% complete, if it just gave you the reseller rights to all of their super powerful softwares, and left you hanging without you getting to know how to get your first clients (if you’re new).

Well, it turns out that Walter and their team, have also created a dedicated training series, for you to get started getting your first clients. ?

Even though right at this moment in time (with the shutdown going on) businesses are actively looking for you (which makes getting clients, stupid simple) you’ll also get the step-by-step blueprint and training you need to be able to repeatedly get more clients now, and in the future.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30 day money-back guarantee for AgencyBud. If you’re unhappy with the product, all you have to do is get in contact with the owners, and they’ll be able to help you.

AgencyBud Review Conclusion

Alright everyone that would be the end of this AgencyBud review.

As you can see AgencyBud has a huge potential. It is giving businesses, what they’re desperately in need of, very easily, cheaply and fast.

As of the making of this review, there is a huge shift happening in the business world, and businesses need to adapt to the changes.

If you can help businesses more customers, and generate more leads, then you’ll be very valuable

Not only that, but AgencyBud also is very “hands-off” for you. You can sell the software to your potential clients, by letting them know of the benefits of it, without you having to personally work with them. Plus you don’t have to deal with any of the support either, because AgencyBud has their own support for each of the applications.

They can do their own research and have control of their campaigns, which makes “selling” any one of the softwares, super easy! You’re not even selling that much, all you doing is recommending the best app for them.

All in all, AgencyBud is a super interesting new product that you can take advantage of, that pretty much sells itself, and is very valuable in times like these.

Get creative! Choose one of the apps or one of the multiple sales angles, and go out there and make money!

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