Artoon Gallery Cash Empire Review. (By Real User)

Hey there everybody, and welcome to my Artoon Gallery Cash Empire review! In this review, I’ll go over what the Artoon Gallery Cash Empire app is, what it does, how much it costs and what I thought about it, so that you can make your own decision, of whether or not to get it and give it a shot.

And yes…I actually have a copy of this product, and yes I actually have gone through it…so I’m not pulling stuff out of my butt here. ?

PS: For whatever reason, Google might show I give this product a 1 star, when in fact it’s closer to 4.9. It’s not clickbait…it just hasn’t updated on the search engines and the product is in fact, awesome. 

With that said, let’s hop in and take a look at the Artoon Gallery Cash Empire app…shall we?

Artoon Gallery Cash Empire Review 1

Table Of Contents

What Is Artoon Gallery Cash Empire? 

Artoon Gallery Cash Empire, is a simple app that allows you to create high-ticket physical products in the style of canvases, which will be listed on, and sold for a hefty sum (upwards of $1000 each canvas). When these canvases sell, via the Amazon listing, you’ll get a $500 flat fee paycheck.

It’s basically a SAAS (software as a service) app, in which you’ll upload images that you own, and think will look good on a canvas, to an online store called Artoon Gallery, which will then render the image and create the listings for you.

Customers who will be browsing the web for canvases, will stumble upon your design, and if they decide to buy, Artoon Gallery will then edit, create, and ship the product to the customer via Amazon, and you’ll get paid for it. ?

So all you have to do, is upload an image to the dashboard, and in 24 hours time maximum, Artoon Gallery will have added the listing to Amazon, which can now be promoted by you, by affiliates of the platform, or by Amazon itself (you don’t have to do none of the selling).

Pretty simple.

Artoon Gallery Cash Empire Review 2
Artoon style canvas. Enahncment filter applied

Who Created Artoon Gallery Cash Empire?

The app is was created by an online marketer and entrepreneur named Jimmy Chappel.

Jimmy is a very well known online product creator, that has been around the internet marketing, product creating and make money online space for multiple years.

He is well known for creating high-quality apps, strategies and courses on different ways that everyday people can use to make money online. From social media strategies to website building, PPC advertising, email marketing and so on. 

Artoon Gallery Cash Empire Review 8
Jimmy Chappel. Creator of the Atrtoon Gallery Cash empire

How Does Artoon Gallery Cash Empire Work?

Here’s how the app works:

  1. First, you’ll upload an image that you own, onto the app dashboard. They can even be royalty-free images, as long as you have the right to used them commercially (to avoid any issues, just have them be your own). Make sure to check that the dimensions are correct too! 

  2. Your image will be rendered on the Artoon Gallery store and your premium digital high-ticket custom canvas, will be available within (can take up to 24 hours after your upload to appear there).

  3. Customers, that are already looking online for canvases, will browse through, find and purchase your image

  4. The canvas gets created and shipped to wherever the customer is in the world, and you generate a $500 paycheck. You don’t have to deal with shipping, customer support or even selling the product.

It really is that simple…

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My Upload + Walkthrough

So even though the app is super simple to use, let’s go through the steps of setting up your first Artoon Gallery Cash Empire image, and what image I personally uploaded, so you can see just how easy the process is. ?

First off, I logged into the app and got into the members area or dashboard of the app, as you can see from the image below.

Artoon Gallery Cash Empire Review 3
Artoon Gallery Cash Empire dashboard. This is all there is to it.

In this section, you’ll be prompted to add:

✅ Your Name.
Paypal address (for payouts).
The image you want to upload (it must be owned by you).
A title that you want to give your image.
A short description (will appear in the Amazon description).

I added my own images, and added a little description. I called the image “HiveMind” cause I thought it sounded cool, and finished adding everything until I was happy. 

Now I know It’s not the flashiest looking image…I know, but it was good enough for a test.

The next step is to add the information, like so:

Artoon Gallery Cash Empire Review 4
My uploaded image. Image could be better (as could the description). For a test, I think it’s fine.

Make sure you make an appealing description. Something that sounds amazing for the buyer, and a reason he or she should by the piece of artwork. Obviously, I could have done better…but I was hurrying.

Finally, I went ahead and ticked the ownership clause, and submitted the image for it to be set up on the Artoon Gallery. 

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After submitting your image, you get sent over to the next and final page where you’ll have access to the amazon links of your newly created canvas. These links you can now paste across the web!

It can take up to 24 hours for your canvas listing to be set up on the Artoon Gallery site, so be sure to be patient.

If you want to see what the final product for my image looks like, you can check the Listing For “HiveMind” on Here.

Artoon Gallery Cash Empire Review 5

Artoon Gallery Cash Empire Pricing

So how much does Artoon Gallery Cash Empire cost? 

Well the pricing structure is as follows:

  • The product will be sold at a discounted price of $297 one-time for the launch period (for ONLY 4 days, from May 1st to May 4th) which is ridiculously cheap.

  • And after the launch is over, the product price will rise to $497 one-time and will remain active permanently at that price point (without exceptions). 

Are There Any Upgrades?

Yes there are.

There are two, optional upgrades that you’ll have access to when you get the product. These are the following:

-Artoon Gallery Gold.
-Artoon Gallery VIP members.

Let’s look at both, and see what the differences are and what they’re all about.

Upgrade 1: Artoon Gallery Gold

This upgrade allows you to profit from three additional sizes to your canvases.

This doesn’t seem like a lot, but actually, having more options for the potential customer of your canvas, will increase the likelihood that they will get it.

You see…the standard canvas that Artoon Gallery will be selling on their store, is +$1,000 in price! (up to $1,500 if I’m not mistaken).

By giving the customers the option of getting a canvas that they really want, at a cheaper price, it’ll be a lot easier on them, and you’ll make more sales this way by just having that small option available.

But here’s the best part…?

Do you get less than $500 per sale because of this?

Absolutely NOT.

You still get the $500 per sale, even with overall price reduction.

The price for this upgrade, is $97 one-time.

Upgrade 2 Artoon Gallery VIP Members

This second upgrade, is a VIP members “boost”, which allows you to turn your images, into Artoon Graphics (similar to one of the images at the top of this article), which look a lot more crisp and beautiful (and is highly recommended for all the images) than the regular images.

It’s a feature that makes the image pop, and turns it into a real eye-catcher. It works by creating an enhancement filter to the artwork, makes it come to life and increases sales dramatically

The price for this upgrade is $147/month.

Artoon Gallery Cash Empire Review 6
Artoon Gallery Cash Empire creaor Jimmy Chappel, uploading an image

Pros And Cons

You know that no review Artoon Gallery Cash Empire review would ever be complete, without a pros and cons section (or any other review for that matter) right? ?

Now, before I mention the pros and cons…I’d like to remind you that these are my own personal opinions on the product. We might disagree on the price, the potential, the upsells and so on…so make sure to take it with a grain of salt. 

With that said, let’s go over the pros and cons of the product!


Here’s what I liked the most about the software:

✅ First off, Artoon Gallery Cash Empire, is absurdly easy to set up. I’m talking…you upload a photo, you type in some descriptions, and you click some buttons. Literally 60 seconds or less.

I know it’s been said all over, and for years and years…

But I think this time…it’s ACTUALLY true for once: It really is about as simple as it can be.

✅ You literally need nothing at all, to make this stuff work. You do not need: A website, coding skills, you don’t need to have an email list or pay for ads or do dropshipping, or creating your own private labeled product or deal with suppliers or learn anything at all…it really is super simple. 

✅ Another thing that I like a lot…is the fact that there is pretty much no limit to the amount of images you want to upload, whether that be 50, 100, or 150 images. It’s up to you (although you might not be able to upload them all at once).

✅ And also, on top of that, the product is evergreen. The canvases are massive and of super high quality. It’s not your “run-of-the-mill” POD product.

Artoon Gallery Cash Empire Review 7
Artoon Gallery huge canvas.

✅ There’s a TON of people buying canvases, all over the world, in multiple niches. This creates a huge opportunity for people like you and me, to completely flood the market, and leverage both Amazon, and the Artoon store (printing, fulfillment and so on).

✅ The payout and earning potentials are huge! You only need 1 sale to make back the investment of this product, and the rest is profit.

There are very few products out there of this style, that give you $500 per sale, and if you think about it…that’s 50% of the price, of the physical product going to you! This is unheard of for physical products!  

✅ Finally. You don’t have to sell, anything. Amazon does the heavy lifting for you, when it comes to promoting the product, and plus, you might even get Amazon partners promoting the canvases for you, because of the high commission payout that they themselves may get. 

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When it comes to downsides of Artoon Gallery Cash Empire, I can honestly only see 2 main issues:

? The first is that the image sizes, are really big. I had to look deep within my personal photo gallery, and filter through them, to find one that matched the description.

Once I found an image, I then had to resize it on, so as to fit the description size.

This is a bit annoying…but definitely not the end of the world or a deal-breaker by any means. You can simply set the dimensions on canva, and edit the image. And you’re set

? The second, is the fact that the 2nd upsell is a monthly subscription.

I’m not very fond of the idea of having such a high cost to pay per month. I think that the 2nd upgrade is super powerful, and very much worth it…but it might be a bit too expensive for most people.

On the flip side, you can purchase the subscription for 1 month, crank out a BUNCH of images and create a ton of canvases, to test the waters, and see where it takes you. ?

If you can then start making $500 every few days off of those canvases, your monthly costs would be paid for and you can, re-subscribe to the service and go all out and create a ton more canvases to sell.


That is it everyone, that would be my Artoon Gallery Cash Empire review, I hope that you enjoyed it.

The Artoon Gallery app and product is very unique, super interesting and has the potential to make you a bunch of money, very easily. 

I know I’m personally going to be using the app in a very cool niche (which I can’t disclose, for obvious reasons ?) in the following months, since I see there is massive potential for profits here.

I review, and check out a lot of products out there…and very rarely do I get as excited as I did when I checked out this app.

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It’s just super simple, cheap, and has a huge upside.

And I also can’t believe I’m saying it, but…you really literally have to do almost none of the work (which is super rare actually). It’s just uploading an image.

There are hundreds of thousands of products and ways out there on how to make money online, and the hard work that comes with actually making money online…can be very real (I would know, I had real struggles myself).

That said, with this app, you can skip all that and create your own high ticket product in 60 seconds, without having to have any inventory, run ads, talk to suppliers…none of that.

Artoon Gallery Cash Empire is absurdly cheap (you can make back the investment with 1 sale), and the income potential is huge.

So if you’re interested in getting $500 per sale on a product that you don’t have to make, fulfill or almost not even be a part of…then Artoon Gallery Cash Empire, is a very very solid option.

If you have any questions, make sure to leave them below!

All the best.

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