Autoresponder In GrooveFunnels. The Good The Bad And The Ugly…

One of the main selling points for the GrooveFunnels platform, has been its autoresponder (well…together with the page builder of course, which is awesome) it’s been highly anticipated, and the release of it has been pushed back a few times, because it was not ready of fully functional.

Thankfully that time is long gone, and in this post, I’ll be going over the autoresponder in GrooveFunnels, how to use it, and how to get a copy of one.

Autoresponder In GrooveFunnels: GrooveMail

So the autoresponder tool inside the GrooveFunnels platform is known as GrooveMail.

It’s essentially like any other email automation software, in that you can generate and create lists, you can create email sequences, create broadcasts, create automations, and of course, send out emails as well as store contacts (up to 10,000 contacts) see analytics like opens, clicks, unsubscribe…and so on and so forth.

Now, I’ve actually extensively covered both the complete GrooveFunnels platform in this post here, as well as the GrooveFunnels autoresponder tool here, so if you’re interested in getting into the details on a more granular level, since I won’t be converting absolutely everything in this post, you can check those posts, at your own pace.

As a side note, I’m both a GrooveFunnels backer member, a lifetime account holder and an affiliate for the software. 

I’ve been following the company since it was only the GroovePages project, back in late 2019, and I’ve bought the lifetime membership in May 2020.

As such, I’ve been waiting for a long, long time, for the GrooveMail email autoresponder to come out…and unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed.

As of the writing of this article, It’s…pretty basic.😐

Autoresponder In GrooveFunnels
Current GrooveMail dashboard. Fairly basic, to be honest. It’s not very informative, and it’s really missing in the features department, but hey.

It currently doesn’t allow for many features, as some of the alternative email autoresponders out there (the Getresponses and the Awebers) do.

Some of the little things I’ve noticed, that I didn’t quite like that much, are:

  • The default dashboard shows you: subscribers, opens and clicks. Right off the bat. That’s nice ad all…but for what campaign? What list? 
  • For the life of me, I’ve not been able to find the “import list” function, which is one of the reasons I switched to GrooveFunnels (as well as the price).
  • I’m not sure I’ll be able to add the optin forms, to a website page, that is NOT built with GrooveFunnels. I guess if you’ve got GrooveMail, you already have GroovePages (a bit more on that later).

As you can see, it’s a bit lacking in the features side of things. It’s just missing some meat to it, to be honest, but I’m sure they’ll be adding more to it as time goes on. GrooveFunnels is currently in beta mode after all…

Can You Get A Trial For The Autoresponder In GrooveFunnels?

Another really common question that I’ve been getting from potential customers that are interested in the GrooveFunnels platform, is the age-old: “Is there a GrooveMail trial?”.

As of right now, there is not exactly a trial that you can get for any one of the platform tools. They’re all bundled up together in the different GrooveFunnels pricing plans, and so you can’t get GrooveMail, for example, without getting GrooveMember, GroovePages, GrooveVideo…and so on.

The cheapest you can get GrooveMail for, is the GrooveFunnels Silver plan, which costs $99/month. Not only do you get the autoresponder in GrooveFunnels, but like we were mentioning, you also get some of the other tools, which included the very popular GroovePages, which will allow you to create the lading pages and websites, where the GrooveMail forms are going to be, which is of course, awesome.

At that price we mentioned before, you’ll be able to get up to 10,000 contacts within the autoresponder, in addition to the other tools, which kind of already makes it worth it seeing as an autoresponder like GetResponse, could cost you close to $100/month for that amount and the most popular landing page builder ClickFunnels, costs $97/month…so you’re getting the other tools “for free”.

Autoresponder In GrooveFunnels 2
Playing around with GrooveMail a little more. If available, you can get a free trial, here

But maybe you just want to get the GrooveFunnels autoresponder…and not any one of the other tools.


There has been a rumor running around (from the people working in the company), that the company intends on creating a separate trial for each of the tools within the platform. This could be an awesome opportunity for you, since you don’t need to spend as much money, and a great strategy for them, since it’ll help get the word out… 

but I think that that is still a long ways away.

If that were the case, I’ll be sure to come in and edit this post and update it.

In fact, I’ll just leave a link below this paragraph, so that when and if there eventually is a GrooveMail free trial, you can go ahead and get it.

Get a GrooveMail free trial here.

My Recommendation…

If you’ve read through this post, you’re more than likely interested in getting GrooveFunnels, already have it, or simply want to know more about the autoresponder.

My recommendation, is that you de one of two things:

  1. Head over to my complete GrooveMail review here. I go over every little detail that might be missing from this post. I review all the GrooveFunnels tools, in great detail, so if there is anything missing, it’s bound to be there.
  2. Click here, to get a GrooveMail free trial, if it is at all available.

If the GrooveMail free trial is not available, you’ll probably be prompted to create a Free GrooveFunnels base account instead. 

This account, costs nothing, and it gives you GroovePages lite, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate for free. You can create complete websites, web pages, sales funnels, complete checkout pages with pricing and sell your own (or someone else’s) product online, with up to 3 custom domain integrations…

and you don’t even need to add your credit card to get started.

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