AutoStore Review. Is This Program Really Worth It?

Hey there everyone, Pablo here, and welcome to this AutoStore Review! I’m genuinely SUPER excited (it doesn’t happen to me often) to be talking to you about this brand new AutoStore program today.

If you’re interested in ecommerce, Shopify dropshipping, Print On Demand (POD) and the likes, you’re going to love this new product/service, because AutoStore is a completely foolproof way to start your own online store with a LOT of the work done for you. 😉

In this AutoStore Review, we’ll be going through what AutoStore is, how much it costs, the features, benefits, and so on, so as to see if this program is worth it or not, and for you to see if this is something that you might like (I’m very sure you will).

Let’s check it out! 

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What Is AutoStore?

So first and foremost: What is AutoStore?

AutoStore is a product that will be launching to the public in October 2020, created by the owner of GearBubble, Donald Wilson, that is everything you need to kickstart your online endeavours in the ecommerce/dropshipping/POD space

It’s a completely done for you “business in a box” service, that gives you access to 2 complete ecommerce websites, called “AutoStore stores”.

These websites are done and set up for you stores, with integrated, proven to convert products, by one of the most interesting and least well know Shopify competitors around called GearBubble, who will set everything up for you.

This AutoStore service also guarantees results, sales, traffic and also gives you a $1000 credit.

But a little more on all of that later…

The only way that they were able to put together something so crazy amazing, is with literally millions of dollars in development, years and years of testing and tweaking, and also over 100 million dollars in sales through the platform.

So, yeah, I’m excited.

You should be too! 😃

How Much Does AutoStore Cost?

The AutoStore product, will cost $1997 at the launching price, for October 2020.

As of right now, there is no other upgrades or add ons, no monthly fees or other additional costs.

Just a one time cost of $1997, and no payment plans available either.

AutoStore Review 2

What Is Included In AutoStore?

Okay, now to the fun part. We’ll be going over every individual feature and benefit of this program. One by one.

As a part of this program, you’ll be getting a few different things:

2 Complete Done For You Ecom Store

First off, you’ll be getting access to 2 AutoStore licenses, which will be hosted and created by the company GearBubble.

These licenses will give you access to the GearBubble platform (pro version) without you having to pay any monthly (or yearly!) subscription at all. You’ll just get access to the software right away, which normally costs $3,564 per year.

This platform is designed to create the highest converting stores around (that have out converted Shopify stores left and right) without you having to lift a finger.

AutoStore Review 3

This platform…it’s no walk in the park!

They’ve processed over 100 million dollars in sales, they’ve got tons of customers currently using the platform, store owners doing $1m each month with it, they’ve been around for a long time and have no intention of going anywhere, for a long time either.

These stores are also auto-updating stores. 🙂

This means that the GearBubble team will set up the SSL certificate on your store (basically secures your site), and will preload it with 50+ proven to sell products,


They’ll also be pushing product in, every so often. These are products that already have had sales and reviews in the past, which is extremely important.

Also, you’ll be able to easily modify anything from the backend of the platform: 1 click imports, subscriptions, bundles, customer reviews, exit popups, timers…etc etc.

AutoStore Review 4
These are just some of the different features you’ll be able to add to your stores

Done For You Pushed Products 

Apart from getting the already proven to convert products, like I was briefly mentioning before, you’re also going to be getting products added to the stores automatically every month or so, and also during holiday seasons.

This is huge, because it’s completely hands-off, and the products are high converting (crucial).

There are GearBubble store owners, that have had massive increase in sales, during holiday season in particular, all thanks to the influx of newer, high converting products that have gotten added to their store on autopilot.

Also, you’ll also be getting the FaceBook targeting audiences, for each of the new products, so that you can create your ads accordingly.

Later on, I’ll be mentioning the importance of high converting products and getting the done for you targeting audiences (in the “pros and cons” section).

You Get Traffic And Guaranteed Sales

This is where it gets spicy.

So if what we were mentioning before weren’t enough…the guys over at GearBubble, will also be sending traffic to your stores and making sales for you.

They are guaranteeing sales and traffic to your stores, which is kind of unheard of for these types of products, to be honest (at least to my knowledge, but then again, this product is like nothing else around, period).  

They have an in house media buyer, who runs traffic to all of the people who have stores with them. They’ll guarantee at least 1 sale for you (likely more, but guarantee of at least 1). 

You’ll also get help setting up your pixel and seasoning it up. This is really important because it could take some time to season it, if you’re brand new to advertising, specifically on FaceBook.

Speaking of help…

AutoStore Review 5

You Get Training

So obviously, getting everything done for you, is massively beneficial (specially getting the right products added to your site…as I found out the hard way myself). 

But having everything done for you, can only take you so far…

You also have to learn to fly on your own! 😉

Plus, you have a 2nd store license remember? Would you want to learn how to create a successful store on your own too?

So in addition to everything else, you’ll also get the training needed to replicate another store, to guide you and fortify your newly acquired skill, as well as how to create and run FaceBook ads, which is the other part of the equation.

You’ll be learning from the creator of the AutoStore and GearBubble website, Donald Wilson, plus, from some of the sellers inside the platform, who are already running 1 million dollars per month stores, which is priceless in of in itself.

First $1000 In Order Credits

Finally, as part of your package, you’ll get access to your first $1000 in order credits.

This means that as you sell products, the “base price” of whatever good you’re selling, will be deducted from that balance first, and you won’t have to pay for the products. 

It’s all profit!

This bonus is great, and it’s like pretty much nothing I’ve seen before. 

It’s great for a couple of reasons, the main one being that it’ll allow you to focus on selling. It’s like an incentive. You’ll want to “push yourself” to make the most out of that money so that I doesn’t go to waste.

I think that it’s an ingenious idea, and something that’ll really benefit you immensely, that you should not overlook.

AutoStore Review 6
AutoStore Review

AutoStore Pros And Cons

No AutoStore review (or any other kind of review for that matter) would be complete without the all important “pros” and “cons” section.

Please do remember that these are just my opinions on the pros and cons of the program, based on my own personal experience with ecommerce and dropshipping, which does not mean that you’ll find them to be the same…

So do take everything with a grain of salt. 😊


✅ You don’t need to create any store from scratch (which can be a pain in the ass, for sure). All you have to do, is connect a PayPal account. That’s it!

✅ You already get 50 proven to convert products uploaded to your store, with more products added each month, which will make up for the cost of testing stuff out on your own, for sure.

This part is SUPER important.

One of the main problems that comes with having an Ecom store, specially if you’re starting out, is not finding that “one winner”.

You NEED to have a product, that you can make sure sells like hotcakes, because you can easily “test out” 10, 20. 30 plus products with different adsets and different targetings without finding anything that sells.

And nobody wants that…

AutoStore Review 7
Me “testing” products out…almost $700 down the drain. You NEED to sell products that are selling, to people who want to buy. That’s where AutoStore comes in play 😉

You might get discouraged, buy spy tools that you don’t need (or even worse…give up, like I did) because you’re unable to find a winning product.

With the AutoStore program, you get products AND targeting, which saves you (believe me) multiple HUNDREDS of dollars in testing and tools, a ton of time finding the correct audience to target, and a load of unnecessary headaches.  

✅ You’re in great hands. This is not new and the people over at GearBubble have out converted Shopify and made more than 100 million dollars in total sales using this platform. This is not a flash in the pan, they’re here to stay and they’ll give you the support that you need, not like some other people out there.

✅ There are no more expenses. Other than actually running traffic to the products, there are no more fees and you can add as many plugins/apps as you like to your websites free of charge, which would cost you hundreds of dollars additional, per month, in other cart platforms. 


🚫 The stores look a bit strange. Personally, I don’t think they look that great…but then again, I’m a perfectionist, so there’s also that.

Here is an image of a sample store from AutoStore, so that you can see what it looks like:

AutoStore Review 8
AutoStore profitable and high-converting store example. Top products make anywhere from 8 to 10 thousand sales, which can be up to 250K in sales, in some cases.

As you can see, they’re fairly simple. No distractions and with a plain white background. This is the style of store you’ll be getting with your purchase.

Quoting the creator of the AutoStore program, and GearBubble software:

“They may look a bit more complex, with sliders, banners, images, more print on demand-focused…but this is the general look and feel of the stores.”

You’ll still have the ability to customize your store at will however, so in case you don’t like them, that’s no problem either.

Personally, Shopify stores look a bit more crisp and slick to me, however the latter is proven to be more high converting and lead to more sales, which at the end of the day is all that matters, am I right? 😉

AutoStore Review 9
Looks a bit too plain for me. Still…you can’t argue with results: It sells better than Shopify.

🚫 The Price. The price is a bit on the expensive side. I understand. Fortunately it’s made in a way where it’s actually worth it for once.

  • You do get a lot of the job done for you, which is very important.
  • You get actual assets, in the form of your websites. It’s not just information. They’re YOUR websites
  • You get that $1000 price offset in store credits.
  • You get proven to convert products and targeting 

Even getting the right products and targeting, is worth a LOT of money. It’s make or break in my opinion, and I like how Donald Wilson also agrees with this.   

Now I’m not doing dropshipping/ecommerce anymore…but this is a huge huge opportunity to get in and have tones of advantage over other people, like me in the past, who’ll fail miserably by trying to do everything the “cheap way”. So in a sense, $1997 is not much.

🚫 Even with the store already created for you, you’ll have to send paid ads to it, to make more sales. For this reason I wouldn’t solely rely on it being 100% automated, because it isn’t.

This requires you learning to do FaceBook ads, which can seem a bit daunting if you’re starting out.

Fortunately you’ll be taught how to run ads by the AutoStore team, you’ll get that $1000 credit for when purchases are made, and you’ll also be able to take advantage of the done for you targeting, which will allow you to already have the best chance to make sales from the getgo.

Yes, having to learn to run FaceBook ads, can be a little bit scary, but it’s made a heck of a lot easier, when you know what to sell (because the products convert) and who to sell it to (because you have the targeting). Think about it.

AutoStore Review 13
Facebook targeting can get complicated as hell… AutoStore goes straight to the jugular and keeps things absurdly simple (something I wish I had learned about before)

AutoStore Bonus Birthday Special 🎁: Trends On Demand

To make your AutoStore experience, a little bit more awesome…

I’m going to be hooking you up with a special AutoStore bonus training, if you get the AutoStore product from this page, by clicking here, or on any one of the buttons on this page.

This is a VERY special bonus. It’s an addition to the program (that I’ve never had the chance to offer before) by the creator of GearBubble, Donald Wilson, with the occasion of it being his birthday a few days back.

Because of his birthday, he’s allowed me to include the $1997 Trends On Demand premium training series for anyone who wants to invest into the AutoStore program, as long as it remains open.

Trends On Demand (Current Value Of $1997)

Trends On Demand, is a complete, over the shoulder bonus video training series, in which the creator of GearBubble will show you how to find winning products, how to create winning designs, how to create ads, how to scale, how to distribute your products to other platforms…and a bunch of other things.

This course has a real value of $1997, has been bought by hundreds of people and includes, coaching calls, strategies, techniques and even 5 different successful 5 and 6 figure campaigns that he himself ran, as well as exactly what he did to scale them and exactly how he scaled them.

Inside of Trends On Demand, you’ll learn how to:

  • Correctly plan your calendars for the upcoming sales seasons (available in the AutoStore group training as well).

  • “Success-jack” and research winning product ideas. Even though you also get this done for you within AutoStore, this course will teach you how to go out there and research and come up with your own ideas.

  • Create a winning design, from proven and tested concepts. You’ll be taught how to go to places like Fiverr, but also how to create possible 5 and 6 figure designs, yourself.

  • Hybridize your store. You’ll be taught how to sell more than just print on demand products on your GearBubble stores. This is in case you want to dropship from China, if you want to sell physical products, your own branded products, and so on. This allows you to get more flexibility off of your store.

  • Create winning ads. The AutoStore program already gives you done for you ads, but if you’re interested in learning how to make your own winning ads, you’ll be taught the exact strategies that 5 and 6 figure earners are using, in this 60+ minute long video. 

  • Scale your winning ads. and Unicorn scaling video. These are what I consider to be, some of the most important videos you’ll find on this training. This is 90 and 16+ minutes of pure strategy to scale winning ads and products. This will show you the criteria to increase budget, when to duplicate, how, why, what to stop running and so on, as well as a 3000 unit/day sales campaign case study.  

  • Distribute to Amazon. This video will teach you how to add Amazon, as a distribution channel for your winning campaigns and products, to increase profitability and to make more money.

AutoStore Review 13
Trends On Demand. A $1997 complete training on how to scale campaigns, with step-by-step case studies.

Trends On Demand Additional Content

  • FIVE different over-the-shoulder case studies. As I was mentioning before, with the Tends On-Demand training, you’ll also be getting some live case studies. These case studies give you an in-depth look on 5 different 5 to 6 figure winning campaigns, from start to finish. You’ll be able to see the product, the targeting, the ads, the interests, the ad campaigns numbers, the scaling strategies, budgets, duplication…and so on.

    This takes out all of the guesswork and distills the “art” down to a “science” so that you can copy the strategies and not feel like you’re shooting in the dark.

  • Group Coaching recordings. You’ll also get 6 different recordings of previously made coaching calls, so that get some additional guidance, helps, tips and tricks. There are almost 5 hours of question and answer content, on this video resource alone.

  • Additional Resources. Finally, you also get some additional resources like Ad templates, Quote Maker and their list of designer services.

How To Access Your AutoStore Bonuses?

To access your AutoStore bonuses, all you have to do is:

  • Get the program from here or from any one of the buttons on this page
  • Once you’ve bought your license, your Trends on Demand bonus, will be waiting for you on the “customer success page”

And that is essentially it…

If you have any other problem, or can’t access your bonus, make sure to reach out to me through my email pablop-12 (at) 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: How much budget do I need for advertising?
A: You’ll need a few hundred dollars for testing. Ads can be run, for as little as $5 per day (although you’ll be taught to run with $25/day). Fortunately, the way it’s all set up, you’ll most likely see returns, the same day.

Q: How long will this offer be open?
A: The AutoStore offer, will be open for 1 week, since the launch date. After that, the creators will close the doors, and will be working with the students.

Q: How long does it take to make money?
A:  The way the ads are run, getting sales on the same day (the pixel seasoning helps a lot here too) is very likely.

Q: Can I sell my 2nd-lifetime license?
A: You’re not allowed to resell the licenses, but you can use them to create another store. 

Q: Can I add my own products to my store?
A: Yep. You can

Q: What Is The Refund Policy?
A: If you set up the store, follow every step, and don’t make at least 1 sale, within 90 days…you can ask for a refund.

Q: Do I need any additional tools?
A: Nope. You don’t need anything else, however, you’ll need your own domain (website name) which you’ll have to buy for yourself (costs around $13 per year). 

Q: Do I need to learn how to use FaceBooks ads?
A: Yes. Fortunately, the ads are dead simple to set up. There is no complex targeting or split testing going on. It works amazingly well.

Q: I live outside the states. Does this still work for me?
A: Yep. 

Q: How do I use the credits that are given to me?
A: Once you make a sale, the cost of the item and shipping, will be subtracted from the credits.

AutoStore Review Final Verdict: Is AutoStore Worth It?

Personally, I think it’s 100% worth it.

I’ve done dropshipping and print on demand myself in the past, and like you’ve witnessed from some of the screenshots…

It was a disaster…

This is because I was brand new to the game, and had basically no help at all, and had no idea what I was doing.

A done for you store like this, with the guaranteed results included, and more importantly, the correct products to sell and the correct targeting, would have been a dream come true. It’s JUST what I would have wished I had, back when I got started.

AutoStore Review 11
Autostore gets my “stamp of approval” 😀

And yes, the price is a bit on the more “expensive” side, but if you really think about it, it’s actually pretty reasonable for what you’re getting.

I know this, because I’ve personally spent $2200+ on 1 specific course before (just information), that was absolute garbage compared to what you’ll be getting with this.

You’re at least investing in an actual asset (well 2 of them really). It’s not just fairy farts and a magic pot of gold at the end of the rainbow we’re talking about here, like in the case of courses and infoproducts.

It’s something with value, that you own.

Worst come to worst, you can still create organic content to rank in the search engines for different products, you can work on them a little more and sell the websites individually for a profit on sites like, or you can completely switch the website into whatever you want with it.

It’s having those kinds of options, that make it worth it.

AutoStore Review 12
Everything you get with the GearBubble online training and course


Alright everyone, that would be my AutoStore review. I hope that you enjoyed! 🙂

AutoStore is an absolutely great opportunity to get involved in the dropshipping and POD universe, even as a beginner, with a LOT of the leg work already done for you.

You’ll get access to:

✅ 2 completely done websites (which you’ll own)
✅ $1000 in store credits for when you make sales,
✅ Done for you high converting products (that also auto-update) and specific audiences to target
✅ Training from sellers doing 1M/month in sales, to

And a lot, lot more…

It really is a one of a kind product the likes of which I personally, and if you’re at all interested in getting into ecommerce, dropshipping and Print On Demand at all…this is a great place to start.

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