Best Builderall Alternative? Here’s What We Found

Looking for the best Builderall alternative around? Maybe the platform didn’t quite fit your needs, felt a bit too complicated, too clunky or overall just a bit too much. 

In this post, we’ll go over some of the tools that you might find useful to substitute, some of the more sought after features of the all in one platform.

Let’s check em out.

As you might know, Builderall was made to bundle up all the tools necessary for you to start or grow your online presence, in one place and under one roof. This means that if you want to stop using the platform, you’ll have to individually find each tool inside that was included in the platform, elsewhere (which is not the easiest thing to do).

Regardless, in this post, we’ll going to be leaving some links to different resources that might be able to replace certain functionalities of the Builderall platform, the most sought after ones at least: Websites builders and autoresponders.

Website And Funnel Builders

When it comes to website builders, Builderall has a powerful drag-n-drop pixel perfect editor that looks fairly good, and which they’re also very proud about. However they also know this is the one tool that has confused a lot of its users the most (and they’re right!).

Some alternatives when to the website builder, can be platforms like (which is one of Builderalls direct competitors). It has 109 millions of users worldwide as of right now, and you can start creating websites with a free account (although it has limited functionality of course).

Alternatively, you can easily create websites and funnels, using a combination of wordpress and wordpress plugins like elementor, Thrive architect or instabuilder. The awesome thing about wordpress in particular, is that you can download complete websites templates with all the plugins for different stores and pages (astra starter sites is AMAZING).

As for funnel builders in particular, ClickFunnels is the go to software. It’s the most powerful funnel builder in the market, made specifically for creating funnels (although it also can second as a website builder, for simple websites).

Best Alternative To Builderall
Elementor page builder. This plugin is awesome. ?


Builderalls integrated autoresponder, MailingBoss, is in my eyes, one of the primary reasons to use the Builderall platform. Everybody needs an autoresponder and having access to unlimited subscribers, on the premium versions of Builderall for the same amount of money was really awesome.

However, if you felt tht tools was a bit clunky too, i can’t blame you either. It had a very weird feeling to it, and the workflows in particuar were very strange.

So when it comes to autoresponders, there are a ton of other options out there, but a really good one, that is also free for the first 2k subscribers, is Mailchimp. Mailchimp has a great feel to it, it’s super easy to use, and looks a lot better than autoresponder services that have been around for ages. They’re a bit more tight when it comes to affiliate marketing, for example, but they’re great for things like ecommerce.

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Alternatively, you can go for the more old-school options in Aweber or Getresponse. These increase in pricing for the amount of subscribers you have, but they’re a lot more “everything goes”, they’re affiliate friendly, they have 24 hour support, and have been around for a bunch of years.

They’re super cheap, and start at around $15/month. Both also have a 30 day free trial for now, so you can test them out. Out of the two, i prefer getresponse because of the workflows you can create, but other than that, they’re pretty similar. 

Higher end autoresponders, are softwares like Sendlane, Drip and Convertkit. These allow for more segmentation, have improved deliverability, flexible API and a lot of other features that i won’t necessarily get into here. They’re a bit more expensive, and they have their own pros and cons. Go ahead and check them out!

Best Alternative To Builderall 2
Convertkit pricing plans

Alternatives To Other Tools

Since most people use Builderall for mainly the website and funnel builder, and the autoresponder, i decided to show alternatives to these tools, without going too much in detail around all the other 30 or something tools that the platform gives you access to.

But to make this post a little more complete, here are some alternatives to some of the remaining tools, that i found by making a quick google search. Make sure to do your own due diligence when it comes to choosing software.

Some of the alternatives to other Builderall tools, include:

Messenger Automation Alternative.

Manychat. Manychat is awesome, i’ve used it in the past and it’s very simple to get started with. It does take some time to get used to, but there are a lot of things you can do with this tool. From broadcasts, to ads, to adding widgets on your pages…and so on.

Ecommerce Platform Builder

Shopify is THE ecommerce platform of choice right now. It’s essentially built on wordpress, and has all the information you need, to keep track of products, customers, sales and revenue and much more. 

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Since it is built on the back of wordpress, you can actually find wordpress themes with woocommerce, that function very similarly to shopify, although you’ll have less integrations and of course, no real support, if you decide to go the “build my own shopify store by myself” route. ?

E-Learning E-learning is huge, and it’s a great opportunity to get started creating your courses (as soon as possible) on the teachable platform so that people can find it easily. This is a great alternative to the Builderall e-learning platform, because you can leverage the already created platform. is also a great platform to add your online courses to, because they also promote on your behalf. They do take a significant cut from sales though, so that is something to consider.

Android and iOS App Builder

GoodBarber looks to be a dedicated app building service that simplifies the app building process to just 7 steps. You don’t need to know how to code at all and you can get the apps published on the Google store front (which i’m not sure Builderall allows). Apart from this, you get a domain name with SSL and SEO optimization. It is a subscription service though, starting at $30/month.

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Okay everyone that would be the end of this article, and there is your best Builderall alternative…although it’s not only one, obviously, because there are so many tools. ?

I hope you enjoyed the articles, and i hope you go out there and do your own reasearch too!

There are literally dozens of different apps and tools that can substitute the ones inside Builderall, so you’ll for sure have to dig deeper. 

When it comes to websites and funnel builder, i’d suggest wordpress with elementor, since it’s so awesome and so incredibly simple to get a hang off. For funnels, ClickFunnels is the way to go, without a doubt, even at that price. Heck, ClickFunnels is probably better to create a website with (although not the cheapest).

When it comes to autoresponders, you’ll be fine with mailchimp in the beginning (at least to store your first 2k without paying anything), after which you can choose to go with any one you like. If you’re going to take it super seriously, any one of the premium autoresponders would be a safe bet.

If you’re not going to be doing email that much, having access to the more simple well known autoresponders like Aweber or Getresponse, is fine.

The rest of the tools…that’s a bit more up to you!

Have a great one!

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