Best Website Builder For Nonprofit. My #1 Choice

Getting started with building websites online, can be a daunting task (especially if you’re new to it) and moreso with all of the different options that are available in the market today. I mean, with all those options, which one is the best?

And make no mistake, all businesses need a good online presence. They need a good, fast, modern and up to date SEO optimized website…and your nonprofit is no different.

In this post, I’ll be going over what I consider to be the best website builder for nonprofits (in particular, but not exclusively) so that you can start building out your website or the website of the company, with ease.

Let’s hop straight into it.

Best Website Builder For Nonprofit
Best website builder for non profits

So…what do I think is the best website builder for nonprofit organizations, both large and small?


GrooveFunnels is an all in one digital marketing platform, created by the company GrooveDigital in late 2019, and it allows you to do pretty much anything you want (and need) when it comes to creating your online presence.

Now, the reasons I would recommend GrooveFunnels over pretty much any other page or website builder out there (that you might have seen in the ads of your search) like, Weebly and Squarespace…are a few actually.

“Jack Of All Trades”

For one, GrooveFunnels has been built…to be more than just a website builder.

You see, whereas most of the common website builders out there, focus solely on the front-end web design (and they do an okay job at it too, don’t get me wrong) there is little to no focus on anything outside of that.

Nothing on the back end.

Nada. Zero.

This means, you’ll probably find yourself needing other tools, especially if you’re a serious business (“probably” being an understatement…you will need more tools).

  • To start off, you’ll most definitely need some sort of email marketing autoresponder to send out broadcasts to your subscribers and none of the common website builders offer this.

  • You might need a sales pages and checkout pages generator…something to sell your products or services through. Like an online cart with delivery.

  • You might also need to have custom hosted videos (not on Youtube) that convey professionalism while also giving you statistics and data on your viewers to see 

And all of this, you can find included inside of the GrooveFunnels platform, for half or even a quarter of the price, that all of these would cost individually.

And these are just some of the tools that are available within the platform. There is also survey creators, blog builders, a webinar builder, membership site portals…and much more.

It Gives You Free Hosting…Seriously

The second reason I recommend GrooveFunnels over all of the other alternatives out there, is that it currently and as of the writing of this article, allows for FREE hosting on up to 3 websites.

This is something that I’ve also rambled about all over my website, and I still can’t believe is a thing.

Hosting, allows your site files to be “live” on the web. Think of it as having lights, running water and gas in your house. It’s pretty much essential.

Now, most of the common and “cheap” website builders out there…will either give you a subdomain (which looks unprofessional as heck) charge you a bunch for the hosting (Squarespace is particularly costly) or will direct you to an actual hosting company like Bluehost which will charge you hefty fees upfront. 

GrooveFunnels on the other hand, offers to host your site for free, and you can do it within a few clicks, inside of the dashboard.

There is literally no other company out there, that I’ve seen, that can say that they’re giving free hosting…even with their website builder being “free” (I’ll get to that later on too).

There just isn’t.

Best Website Builder For Nonprofit 2
GrooveFunnels pre made website template.

SEO Optimized Pages For High Rankings

You know that for your site to be found and seen in the search engines, it’s supposed to follow some pretty strict guidelines, right? 

Your site is supposed to be fast to load, easy to navigate, and show the user exactly what they’re searching for, at pretty much all times (as well as a bunch of other things). 

And here’s where GrooveFunnels comes in handy.

You see, their website builder, generates pages that are super SEO optimized.

They’re using a new technology (which most other platforms out there just aren’t built with) which allows pages to load very fast on the search engines, and the first of their kind, to follow the “mobile-first indexing” Google guidelines, which means their pages are optimized for mobile traffic first and foremost. 

When it comes to loading speed, fast loading pages are CRUCIAL to ranking in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and staying there.

If your site takes a long time to load (we’re talking maybe 4 or 5 seconds tops) you can kiss your rankings and traffic goodbye.

A lot of people have fallen victims to the web service “scam” (it’s not a scam…per se, but the markup on the price difference is insane) and have let smaller companies deal with and charge them thousands of dollars for a dead slow, ugly looking, non-Google compliant web services.

Little do they know…that if you knew you could switch over to GrooveFunnel pages and templates…they’d probably be out of business.

And that’s not even the best part…

GrooveFunnels Is Free

That’s right! GrooveFunnelss has a free base account. 100% free.

There is no credit card required for you to create a free GrooveFunnels account, and start making your own websites from scratch easily or by using some of their premade website templates.

Of course, you won’t be able to get every single one of the tools for free, like the email autoresponder, video builder, and membership site builder…but you’ll still get a bunch of wiggle room.

And by “wiggle room” I mean you’ll get the best website builder for nonprofit (or anything else, really) for free, for up to 3 custom domains, with free hosting, that is faster, better looking and more optimized for the search engines…than anything else out there.

So in essence, you’ll be able to get a world-class website builder, like Wix or Squarespace, with the opportunity to get other very crucial tools like an email marketing platform, for free, with unheard-of ranking speed and free hosting.

If you want to learn more about GrooveFunnels, or try out the GrooveFunnel base account, you can click on this link here or on any one of the other buttons of this page.


So what is the best website builder for nonprofits? In my opinion, it would be GrooveFunnels at the moment in time.

GrooveFunnels is great for all kinds of people: Writers, podcasters, artists, small businesses, big businesses, entrepreneurs and the list goes on and on…

It’s a great solution, because it mashes together all of the different services that you could ever need to build your nonprofit website on the paid plans but also gives you tremendous flexibility and value on the free plan.

Unlike most other free website builders out there, with GrooveFunnels you can host up to 3 custom domains for free, on top of the builder.

Yes, you won’t be able to get every single feature of the page builder on the free plan (just like with other services like Wix or Squarespace) but the SEO benefits, mobile-first indexing, pre-made templates and fast loading speeds, are 100% for free.  

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