Builderall 14 Day Free Trial. A Myth Or Reality?

If you’re reading this page, chances are you want to know if there is a Builderall 14 day free trial or not. Correct?

Well, in this post we’ll answer the question and we’ll show you where you can go ahead and grab a Builderall free trial, so that you can start using the platform as soon as today. 

Builderall 14 Day Free Trial

So, Is There A Builderall 14 Day Free Trial?

The answer to this question is:

Yes! And you can get access to one Right Here

This is one of Builderalls very first changes in 2020, that has now come into play and will be set into action starting right now. Super exciting! ?

Builderall as a company, has been around for a while, but has actually been recently introduced into the American market (it got launched in late 2017, if i’m not mistaken) and for as long as it has been available it has been changing and updating basically all the time, although the length of the trial had pretty much been the same ever since. Certainly since 2018 mid. 

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Because of the nature of the platform, and all of the tools it has, the “7 day free trial” was simply not enough for you to get the most of it (less techy users aren’t able to master even one of the tools, in that time frame). It was unreasonable to think that you would be able to go through everything, in that short amount of time. 

Plus, many of the Builderall competitors, had a 14 day free trial available. This gave their user a lot more breathing time to get to know the platform, and to make a decision of whether or not to stay or to leave.

Because of this exact fact, it just became pretty dumb not to give a potential user of the Builderall platform, a chance to have similar amount of time to get to know the platform. Specially since Builderall has even more tools, features and apps than most of their competitors anyways. 

Builderall 14 Day Free Trial 2
Builderall 14 Day Free Trial. Now available!

As a result, this is exactly what ended up happening, and i personally think it’s 100% a great decision. I did make the prediction that it would happen…but honesly, it came down to reason. Builderall has a steeper learning curve and more tools, why does it give less time for you to learn the platform? It just didn’t make sense.

Back when i decided to start using Builderall myself, there was only the 7 day free trial available, and that certainly felt like a stretch. It was kind of nerve racking, to be honest. ?

I remember having to learn how to use the pixel perfect builder, and having to focus mainly on that tool, pretty much that whole week (thankfully, they now also have the Cheetah page editor) and i essentially didn’t have enough time to go over all the tools, as much as i would have wanted to (and i consider myself pretty tech savvy too).

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The 14 day free trial, will hopefully give you more breathing space, for you to venture out and actually be able to get a grasp of a bigger set of the tools, or to double down on one to see if the platform is worth it or not.

The trial works exactly the same as the one before it. With a Builderall trial, you get full access to all the Builderall tools you could use, that a premium Builderall account would give you access to.

This means, you’ll be able to use the Cheetah website builder, the Mailingboss autoresponder, apps like the webinar builder, instagram automation tool, facebook messenger bot, webinar builder, script generator, mobile app builder, and so on… with the upside that now you’ll have a LOT more time to get familiar with the tools.

Builderall 14 Day Free Trial 3
All the different tools available with Builderall. Hard to master them all in 7 days! 😀

Similar to how it’s been in the past, you don’t need to add your credit card details to get access to your free account, and so you don’t need to worry about ever having to cancel it either. 

If you decide to keep using the platform, you can choose to purchase the plan that you want from within the same dashboard of your account. With either credit card, or paypal.


Builderall is an awesome all in one marketing platform that pretty much any established business, any small business owner, startup entrepreneur or freelancer, needs and can use to establish their online presence or to build one from scratch and from the ground up, without too many issues.

The platform, used to have a 7 day free trial available for a very very long time. However since it’s always changing, they’re always open to suggestions and in tune and up to date with how the market is working, they’ve decided to bump the trial up to a very relaxing “industry standard” 14 day free trial.

Do note!: that since Builderall is changing all the time (more changes are already in the horizon) there is no guarantee that the 14 day will not revert back to a 7 day trial at some point in time (it had been established for a while, so they can easily go back).

I had originally predicted this change, and therefore know, that every change Builderall does, is negotiable, so make sure to keep that in mind. ?

If you want to know a bit more about the Builderall platform, you can check out our review here. 

All the best, and happy building!


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