Builderall Pricing. What Are The Different Plans?

Ready to start building your online presence with Builderall but are looking for the current Builderall pricing plans?

We’ve got you covered. ?

In this post, we’ll be going over the different Builderall pricing subscriptions, and what each of them come equipped with, so that you can choose the one that is best for you.

If for some reason you’re unaware of what Builderall is, you can head over to our “What is Builderall” article, first.

Builderall Pricing

Builderall Pricing

Builderall has as of this moment, two different subscription plans available. These are:

-Essential Plan $29.90/month
-Premium Plan $69.90/month

They both have a few common feature, but of course, the premium plan does offer many more tools (we’ll be talking about them in a bit) as well as some upgrades to the essential plan too.

Builderall is always upgrading and changing its platform regularly, and it has changed in price at least 3 times already. The “premium plan” used to be $49.90/month (although some of the tools weren’t available at the time), and the cheapest option $9.90/month, has been removed (although veteran users like myself, still have access to them.

For this reason, and since they’re not afraid to change the price, i always recommend to Lock In Your Account early on, so that you can be “grandfathered in”, and can keep your original price, if they decide to raise it again. ? 

Now, let’s go over the different plans!

What Is Builderall 4

Builderall Pricing – The Essential Plan

The Essential Plan, is the “starter” version of Builderall. 

It’ll give you enough that you’ll be able to create your web pages, host them (as well as migrate up to 15 domains over) and have a 10k lead/subscriber cap on their autoresponder (MailingBoss)…but not enough for you to get the whole Builderall experience.

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With the Essential plan, you’ll be able to:

✅ Use the drag and drop site builder
✅ Have unlimited pages and subdomains
✅ Have the ability to share websites and funnels
✅ Connect up to 15 domains, have SSL and CDN hosting
✅ Access to built in autoresponder with up to 10k email leads + a professional email address for your domains.
✅ Create multi-tier affiliate programs
✅ Have lightspeed page loading technology and caching
✅ Daily backup and unlimited visitors and bandwith

As well as some other minor features like 3rd party integrations. This plan is great if you need great hosting and an autoresponder. Honestly it’s in the autoresponder where i think this subscription really shines (because the page builder isn’t the best).

Builderall Review 9

An autoresponder with ten thousand leads, could cost you hundreds of dollars per month to maintain using any of the other autoresponders out there. So that by itself, i think is already worth the price of $29.90/month. 

Should You Get This Plan?

I think you should get this plan if:

-You have a domain but need hosting (and you’ll get the autoresponder on top of that).
-If you don’t have anything and you want to start out online from scratch.
-Or if you want to try out the service as a test.

Otherwise, i’d stick to the Premium plan.

Builderall Pricing 2

Builderall Pricing – The Premium Plan

The Premium plan is the “bread and butter” subscription service option of the platform, and it’s really made to stack up the value, for those of you who want to have access to everything that Builderall has to bring.

Apart from having all the same features as the Essential plan, the Premium plan also allows for:

✅ Upgrade to UNLIMITED subscribers/leads for the MailingBoss autoresponder
Canvas funnel builder (Builderall exclusive) + funnel templates
✅ SEO on page report tool and heatmaps
Ecommerce site builder, scarcity timer, bump sell and one click upsell check out pages
Webinar streamer platform
✅ Facebook Chatbot and instagram autoresponder
✅ Social share locker, social proof popup and autopost manager
VA access for virtual assistants
Blog creation app
Built in CRM and A/B split tester
✅ iOS/Android app builders and membership
✅ Copy script generator, animated vidoes and mockup editors

Plus many more features, tools and apps that they’re building and making available on the go.

Builderall Pricing 3

Should You Get This Plan?

Personally i think this plan is a no-brainer compared to the Essential plan. You get many more tools and apps (some of which you probably won’t use, but it’s good to have) as well as unlimited email leads/subscribers on their autoresponder.

You should get this plan if you want the complete Builderall experience, of if you think that you’ll need any one of the tools, at any point in the future. 

For example…

If you want to build an Ecommerce store, the alternative is probably using Shopify plus a lot of apps like scarcity timers, upsell and downsell bumps and social proof, each of which will individually cost you upwards of $20/month…which will always be more expensive than using the Builderall Premium plan.

Also…webinar hosters are super expensive on their own, heatmap plugins aren’t cheap either (they’re all monthly based memberships too!), not to mention that an autoresponder that allows for “unlimited leads”, will for sure cost you over $200/month… Builderall Premium, just makes more sense, if that makes any sense. ?

So there you have it! that is a review on the Builderall pricing plans that are currently available with the platform, as well as what you’ll be able to get for them.

If you wish to see our complete Builderall review, you can find it on our website Or Go Here ?

If you wish to give Builderall a go, for FREE, you can create yourself an account, Free Of Charge Right Here ?

Happy building!


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