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Builderall Review 2020 (A Monstrous Comeback)

Hello hello everyone! Welcome to my Builderall review.

In this post, we’ll be going over the amazing Builderall 3.0. We’ll be discussing which updates it include, talk about some of the tools (it has almost 30!) and how they work, the pricing, as well as offer the brave ones a free trial for the platform.

Sound good? Awesome. 

Now, i’ve been using Builderall ever since August 2018 to this day, and i’ve loved it (for the most part). But in the first quarter of 2019, Builderall 3.0 was launched. And, holy moly…

It’s a monster.

Many things have changed for the best (once again). And obviously, with new updates comes the need for creating newer, more up to date Builderall review! 🙂  

So, let’s dive in!


What Is Builderall?

Builderall is an all-in-one internet marketing platform. It’s built with the goal of compiling all the tools that are needed to create an online presence, that anyone and everyone should have. Small businesses, bigger businesses, beginner entrepreneurs and anyone in between. You’ll need these tools, in one way or another.

Basically…it’s like the swiss army knife, for building your online assets, regardless of what you want to do.

Do you want to build a blog? You can. Do you want to sell a product? You can. How about build a mobile app? Yup. 

Without wanting to hype it up too much…It really is everything you’ll need to get going for an affordable price. It includes any of the tools that you’ll pretty much ever want to have access to, in one dashboard. (A bit more on that later).

Builderall is what is known as a “SAAS” (software as a service), which means everything is cloud-based and there is no download needed. You create an account, and login!

It was created back in 2011 in brazil by CEO Eric Salgado, and even though the company has been around for a while, it was only in late 2017 when it made way into the north american marketplace. Pretty sleek.


Builderall Review

Why Choose Builderall?

“Okay so we get it” you might be thinking.

“It has all those tools. That’s nice. But why should i get Builderall, i don’t really NEED all those tools”.

I understand perfectly. You might not need most of the tools now, but it’s amazing to have them available, it really is. You never know when you’ll need to use them!

Well let me tell you a little story...

I remember when i first started online, i very quickly understood that i absolutely needed a website and a domain (at the very least). But because of what i was specifically going to be doing, a funnel builder and an autoresponder were also needed.

After researching, i discovered, that i was now looking at around $150 per month in expenses, to have the all the tools running. Um, no thanks…i had already wasted enough money online, and i needed something a LOT cheaper. 

The timing was perfect however, because after learning all of this, my jaw dropped when i heard of Builderall.

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It was like a dream come true, becuase Builderall had ALL those things, and a lot more stuff just added as a bonus on top of that…for like a third of the price.

And i didn’t need most of them. They just… came with the product.

But guess who ended up using facebook chatbots, instagram automation, the script generator, the image builder and like 4 or 5 other tools i can’t remember, but that i was CERTAIN i didn’t need?

This guy. 

So simply put: You should choose Builderall, if it can replace a few of the tools you might need (because it can) and the rest is just gravy. Enjoy it! 


Builderall Review 2

What Can You Do With Builderall?

Okay, now for the fun part.

What can you do with Builderall? More like…what CAN’T you do with Builderall? (Too cheesy right? 😐 yeah, my bad).

But seriously. With it, you can create your own blogs, your own websites, sales funnels, landing pages, images, infoproducts and courses, membership sites, emails and sequences, videos, heat maps, and a bunch of other stuff.

They have a personalized integrated autoresponder (called mailingboss), an app builder for smartphone apps (if that’s your thing) and even script generators for email creation too (for when you’re not feeling creative).

How about a webinar builder? That’s right! You can also create your own webinar inside of the platform.

In regard to apps, you’ll have access to features like browser notifications, apps that integrate with directly with instagram, facebook chatbot, watsapp automated messages, social share-locker and even roulette apps for online stores. 

There is of course also a tool to build funnels and websites, but in particular, they’ve come out with a tool called “Builderall Canvas”, which allows you to build and interlink sales funnels easily, with the drag and drop pixel editor (which they’re also known for).

To top it off, and since they also have their own dedicated servers…you can get your domains and host them right then and there in the platform. Neat-o!

I’m missing some features of course, to get the complete details of what’s included, You Can Go To This Page Here.


Builderall Review 3

What Are The Highlights Of Builderall?

So clearly, Builderall has a lot going for it, even though this amazing tool, is not considered to be The Best Product In The Market.

I’m not going to go over absolutely everything single one of the tools in detail here… but let’s go over some of the flagship tools that Builderall has to offer, shall we?

Drag And Drop Builder

One of the hallmarks of the Builderall platform, this is a HTML5 site builder that gives the user a pretty unique control over the website building experience, as well as the overall aspect of it, on desktop, tablet and mobile.

With this tool, you can create either three different styles of websites, depending on the device where the website will be viewed in (pixel perfect), or you can create them in only one style across all devices (responsive).

With this tool you can add to your pages, features like popups, texts, banners, button, images, videos, custom HTML code, pixels…you name it. There is also a library of icons and images you can use too! Very useful indeed.

You’ll also find a whole array of different templates that are ready made, that you can easily modify as much as you want, for any particular device. From landing pages, sales pages and everything in between…there really is a lot of stuff you can choose.


Builderall Review 4

Ecommerce And Elearning

Builderall enables you to create your own ecommerce stores for you to sell your products online, while also allowing you to add features like coupons, pop-ups, discounts and more.

Apart from that, Builderall also has an integrated membership platform for you to create your own trainings or courses on. You can then add teachers, students, create tests and quizzes, set triggers for specific lessons and much more, while also giving you the opportunity to sell unlimited copies of your own courses, if you want!

MailingBoss Autoresponder

This is the Builderall automated email messaging feature. With MailingBoss, you’re able to add your own contacts, and tag them or send emails out to them, like you would on any other autoresponder.

You can send out unlimited campaigns, and monitor and analyze the data, and depending on the Builderall plan you are working with, you can have up to 10,000 or even unlimited contacts which makes it basically “pay” for Builderall all by itself.

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Builderall Canvas

Building sales funnels can be a bit complicated, however, with the Builderall Canvas, you now get a clear overview of the funnels, and you can now drag and drop the parts, as you see fit.

The Canvas tool, a style of funnel building that wasn’t really available in the markeplace until Builderall built it and brought it into play, so kudos to them! It actually looks somewhat similar to Funnelytics which an absurdly useful (and fairly expensive) tool, which increases the value that Builderall brings to the table.

The Canvas is a very fun and easy way of creating funnels. With it, you’re able to see every page and part of the process, with a “birds eye view”.

You’re able to then add email follow up sequences, popups, upsell and downsale pages, and of course the checkout pages too, with much ease. Very neat!

Builderall Review 5

Builderall Pricing

The Builderall pricing is as follows: Currently, there are 2 packages to choose from and this is one of the MAJOR updates to Builderall 3.0 (as well as the canvas and compensation plan). These plans are:

The Essential and The Premium

Both plans have some features in common. They both include features like a support system, SSL for domains (up to 15), the ability to transfer over websites, the drag and drop builder and access to the autoresponder.

The Essential Package: $29.90 Per Month

With this plan you have access to 3 different website builders as well as the mailingboss autoresponder (up to 10k leads). This plan works wonders for a basic online presence, and is excellent for beginners.

With the essential plan you’ll have the ability to create fully functioning sales funnels and landing pages although you’ll have restricted access to the higher tier functions and apps.

Builderall Review MailingBoss

Bearly by looking at it from the “price of the autoresponder” point of view… it costs around $25 per month to have access to only 1K leads in a getresponse or aweber account and $65 to $70 per month to have access to 10,000 contacts.

This means that the monthly hosting, the website builder and the rest of the tools, would “be free”. So it’s pretty valuable.

-The Premium Package: $69.90 Per Month

Here’s where Builderall really goes nuts.

The premium package, although a bit more expensive, obviously has a lot more going for it. With the premium package you’ll get access to:

  • Unlimited Email Leads 
  • Builderall Apps (notifications, whatsapp, chatbot)
  • Canvas Funnel Builder
  • Webinar Builder
  • Unlimited Pages and Subdomains
  • Elearning Platform
  • Ecommerce Magento Installation
  • Streaming Platform
  • Magazine Builder
  • Android App Builder
  • ​​Builderall Business Community
  • Mockup Studio

Just to name a few.

I mean, it literally has a bunch more stuff that i could fit in here that i didn’t, either because i don’t know much about what it is, or it didn’t stand out to me personally, and becuase the list would be absurdly big… but really, there is a lot more. You can check out the Rest Of The Features, Here.


Builderall Review 6

Which Plan Should You Choose?

Okay, now you’ve had an overview of what Builderall is, and you have some idea of what it can do…but maybe you’re not sure which plan you’d choose, to maximize the amount of value you get with the product, without having to overspend.

Luckly since there are only two plans, there isn’t too much to ponder, and usually the option is clear: If you necessarily need a tool that is included inside the premium plan, and you rather not overpay for it by getting it somewhere else… get the premium plan, otherwise, go for the essential plan. 

Personally, i think there is no doubt that the essential $29.90, is more than enough to start off and test the waters with. If you’re brand new and if you don’t have too much experience or even a website, then this is perfect.

It’s also a great way, like a mentioned, to get a feel for the platform itself really. Especially since later on you can upgrade or cancel without too much risk involved.

The premium package does include some awesome things. I mean, even an unlimited email subscriber autoresponder, it’s already worth it for $69.90 per month, and you’ll get everything else just added on top.

Check out Chads video review on the product. He goes more in depth on the tools too. ?

Builderall – Pros and Cons

The end of this Builderall review is right around the corner. However… a Builderall review (or any other review for that matter ) would not be complete, without a “pros and cons” list. Amiright? 

So let’s go over what i think some of the pros and cons of the new Builderall are.


  • A crazy amount of tools. It has just about everything you’ll need to work online.
  • It saves you a LOT of money by bundling together everything. Even if you don’t use them, not having to “go buy them” is great. 
  • Awesome support and a library of tutorials to learn how to use the platform.
  • Extremely solid company. Great helpful community.
  • Getting updates all the time. The platform keeps updating and tools and features get added VERY regularly.

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  • Because of all the tools, it WILL be overwhelming at first. You need some time to get used to the platform (It’s pretty unique). 
  • The autoresponder is a bit…strange. MailingBoss is not for everyone, it’s a bit complicated to understand where everything is and how everything works. The layout looks awkward. 
  • The down time. Builderall has a tendency to have it’s servers go down from time to time. It can be a bit annoying. 
  • Bugs. Being so multifunctional, there are some bugs that’ll happen too. It’s just part of the game.
  • There are a lot of tools. Usually “the more the merrier”. The problem is, some of the tools have gotten more attention, which leaves some other tools in the dust. Very likely, with time, they’ll all get better. 


Builderall Review 7

How Can I Make Money With Builderall?

In classic “Builderall style”… I think there was a registered 78 ways to make money with it (who’s counting these things?) but of course, i’m not going to be going over all of these strategies in this review, otherwise i’d be here all day.

I am, however, going to point out and discuss only a few, just to get creative the juices flowing ? : 

  1. Building and selling funnels for businesses on a monthly retainer or one time fee.
  2. Creating your own courses and selling them on the platform.
  3. Selling other products from other members the platform through the marketplace.
  4. Selling designs or animated videos.
  5. Building websites for local businesses/clients,
  6. Selling ANY of the services that any of the tools provide.
  7. Promoting Builderall yourself.

If you want to know more about some of these strategies, i actually go over my favourite 5 ways to make money online with Builderall, in a bit more detail on another blog post, here.

For those of you who want to promote this kickass platform, there is also a complete article i created on how to promote Builderall yourself using my top 3 favourite methods. The three methods inside, are proven and tested by myself and others, and work amazingly well to make money with Builderall.

Sp to recap: 

There are literally tons more ways to make money using Builderall, but like i mentioned, this Builderall review is more centered around the broad aspects of the software, and not so much the aspect of monetization…but i hope you can see that there is a LOT of stuff to do with Builderall, it’s crazy exciting. 

A really fun way to make money with Builderall, is by promoting the software itself (which would be #7 on the list), and you could earn commissions as an affiliate. The software is super high value and useful Therefore, it’s an extremely easy product to recommend to anyone. It basically sells itself.

Builderall really is a great product that works, that has potential to be better and really cares about their users. It has already gotten so much better since its previous versions, it’s ridiculous.

Builderall Review 8

Frecuently Asked Questions 

Q: Is Builderall A Scam?

A: Nope. The software has been around for well over 10 years. Back in 2018 there was a period where the platform was offered as a business opportunity where a lot of people made false claims, which gave the company a bad rap. The business opportunity was erradicated for Builderall to be legal worldwide, which it now is.

Q: How Is Their Support?

A: Their support is awesome. In fact, one issue a lot of people were having, is that there was no chat support for a while. As a result they added 24/7 chat support in multiple languages, just like that.

Q: Is There A Free trial?

A: As of right now, there is. You can get it by creating A Free Account Here. There is no credit card required either 😉 . 

Q: I Already Have A Domain. Can I Still Use Builderall?

A: Yes. You can migrate up to 15 domains to the Builderall hosting servers, without a problem. You can’t get the hosting without one of the two plans, however (you used to be able to do it).

Also if you don’t have a domain, you can buy one in the Builderall dashboard. I got my personal domain within the dashboard and had no troubles whatsoever.

Q: Are My Builderall Pages SEO Friendly?

A: Yup. Using the Builderall on page SEO tool, you’ll have control over the optimization of your pages to keep them healthy in eyes of the search engines, and to help rank them.

Q: Is Builderall The Best Funnel Builder?

A: Personally i think there are More Robust Options in the market, but Builderall is just an absolutely excellent tool if you intend on having more flexibility. In the end, more options does give you more power.

Builderall Review 9


That would be all for now folks! I really hope that you enjoyed this Builderall Review.

It really is an amazing software that is only getting better and better with time, and there is no guarantee that it’ll get any cheaper (they already raised it a few times). So hopefully i convinced you to “grab a copy”.

With all these crazy updates like the Magento ecommerce integration, the facebook messenger bot that can now compete with Manychat (which is an awesome bot software), the revolutionary Builderall Canvas and so on… Builderall really has a high ceiling.

So if you’re looking for a really awesome all in one solution to your marketing, Builderall is the way to go.



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