Can You Make Money With Builderall? 5 Ways.

Yes, you can make apps with Builderall…you can make websites with Builderall. But, can you make money with Builderall?

In this post, we’ll both answer the question, as well as give you 5 different ways of making money with the platform, that maybe you haven’t thought about before, or simply didn’t know that you could use.

Let’s check em out ?

Can You Make Money With Builderall

How To Make Money With Builderall

Okay, so if you haven’t noticed from the title of this post yet, here’s the answer to the question:

Yes. You can make money with Builderall.

Just me mentioning that Builderall allows for both iOS and Android App creation, should have started to get your gears turning, as to the different ways you can use Builderall to make money, like for example selling an app building service…but we’ll be talking about those in a second. ?

First, and if you’re unfamiliar with the platform. Builderall is an all-in-one online marketing and website building tool, that was created by the brazilian entrepreneur Eric Salgado, as a way to centralize all the tools that you’ll ever need (as a entrepreneur, freelancer or business owner) to create or to grow your online presence.

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It’s an amazing suite of tools, that has been designed to save you money and time, by giving you access to all the tools you’ll need, from domain, hosting, apps, and much more, all in one place and at a fraction of what it could cost you to get ahold of them individually. 

If you want to know more about the platform, we’ve done a Complete Walk-Through in our review here on this site, that you can check out if you want.

But since this article is more about how to make money money with Builderall, let’s get into 5 different ways, shall we?

Can You Make Money With Builderall 2

1 Selling Services Through The Tools

So since we’ve just been talking about the mobile apps…let’s start with the first strategy you can use to make money with Builderall, which is selling the services that the different tools can provide, to potential clients of yours.

Builderall has a bunch of tools available. From Instagram automation dms, facebook chatbot, content sharelocker, watsapp messages tools, video wrappers, mobile phone app builders and so on.

So to make money by using the tools, you’ll want to first master one or more of the tools you intend to have a service created around, and second, you want to sell that service by heading over to an online marketplace like Fiverr or Upwork and present that service. 

This might feel a bit daunting…but there are a lot of people who will be more than happy to take you up on the offer. All you have to do is ask. You can also offer some samples for free (depending on the service), to get some testimonials and get you jump-started too.

The good thing about this, is that you can charge whatever you wish to the clients for your job (a flat fee or recurring payment). But the bad part is…you’ll obviously want to have a certain level of “mastery” of the service, since you won’t want to be selling the service if you’re not confident in your work!

Can You Make Money With Builderall 3
iOS and Android app builder dashboard

2 Building Websites (And Sales Funnels) For Clients

Even though this could technically be considered “using the tools as a service” i chose to put this on another category, because it’s so different, so important and super powerful…that i felt it deserved it’s own section.

So another way that we could make money with Builderall, is by using the pre-made templates inside the website builder, to create and sell websites (of funnels ) to clients.

To do this, we first pick a niche in which there are businesses that sell services. Lets say Plumbers. 

Then, we head over to Google and type in “Plumbers In X” where “X” is an area of your choosing. Your town, a neighbouring town, a big city…whichever you wish.

After that, check the organic spots on the first and second page of Google for that search term, and look for websites that might need a bit of a “lifting”. You’ll find the ugliest things imaginable. ?

If you have any experience online, you’ll recognize these in an instant.

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After that, grab the contact information of the business that is generally on the same page, and either call or send them an email, letting them know of your offer, and how you can help them get more business by revamping the site up.

Businesses in the 2nd page of Google, which you can help get their phones ringing by updating their site to be faster, more responsive and higher quality…will love you.

You can show them a finished look (the website template) and for this you can charge anything from $1K-$5K, depending on the business, and you charge a monthly retainer for maintenance fees too.

If you don’t want to go out and cold call and cold email, you can also set up this service on any of the marketplaces that we discussed in strategy number 1. 

Can You Make Money With Builderall 4
Builderall website Templates

3 Selling Digital/Physical Products With Ecommerce

Builderall recently added a Magento integration to the platform, which allows you to now create your own ecommerce store and sell digital or physical products, by giving you a “store subdomain” (in case you already have a domain, otherwise you can buy one right there).

So for example what i would do to use this feature personally, is to create a store for a specific niche (for example dogs) and i would add different products from Amazon to sell within my Builderall ecom store, and after this, i’d create a blog with search engine optimized articles to fuel the traffic to my site like I’ve Done In The Past from sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

I wouldn’t be making the most out of the Magento integration, because i wouldn’t actually need to fulfill the orders myself, and it’d be a bit more “amazon dropshipping”, but that’s just what i would personally do.

But if you have your own products or your own brand, you can easily set them up in a Builderall ecom store and sell them online, through paid advertising or organic traffic and handle the fulfilment and customer support from within the dashboard, connected to Magento.

Another cool thing you can do, is tap into the people that are using alternative ecom platforms like Shopify, Samcart and Ontraport, and you can recommend them the Builderall-Magento integration, as a cheaper alternative. This is done through the affiliate program, but more on that in method number 5. ?

Can You Make Money With Builderall 5
Builderall-Magento Store

4 Using Sales Funnels Yourself

Another, very powerful way to make money with Builderall, is to use the proven funnel templates from within the platform, to sell your own products or someone elses.

Builderall has a ton of templates for you to choose from. These include store front funnels, ebook funnel, product launch funnel, funnels for memberships, applications or simple video sales letter funnels (VSL) to sell more general products…and a lot more.

To make money with the funnels, all you have to do is select one of the funnels from the backoffice. Next, you’ll import the funnel which allows you to edit it. Finally, you edit and add the copy, you add media and you integrate with a payment processor, and you’re set!

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Each funnel also has a video tutorial on how to use it, as well as a funnel blueprint, which shows you all the different steps throughout.

Can You Make Money With Builderall 6

5 Promote The Platform

Finally, you can also promote the Builderall platform! This is in fact how i made My First $1K online.

If you like the platform, you can promote it to people who need it, and you’ll be compensated with a percentage of the cost of the product, by becoming an affiliate and do Affiliate Marketing.

To do this, you’ll have to sign up through the affiliate site and pay a small fee. As of right now it costs $50/year, and it will give you access to your own affiliate funnels, banners and other resources.

After signing up, you can start promoting it through social media, paid ads, organic post or through cold calling or outreach. Basically…any way you can think of, that allows you to put the tools in the hands of people who need them.

Dentists, real estate agents, restaurants, chiropractors…you name it. Even starter entrepreneurs and freelancers have to have at least a website to get started, and you can recommend them Builderall as a resource. Through whichever means you wish.

The market for people who need Builderall, is very big. Even though their main competitor, as stated by the CEO Eric Salgado, is gigantic (Wix, which has a massive customer base) Eric believes that they can impact the market, by having a superior product and a superior website builder.  

Can You Make Money With Builderall 6


So there you have it everyone. Can you make money with Builderall? Yes 100% I’ve done it myself, and in this post i’ve given you 5 super awesome ways to make money with the platform. They’re all legitimate and ready to put into practice! 

I hope that you enjoyed, and that this got your mind spinning to the possibilities that the platform allows for.

If you want to start using Builderall, but have yet to check it out, make sure to grab yourselves a Free Trial For Builderall Here ?

All the best 


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