Celsius Network Bonus. How To Get $50 In Free BTC In 3 Simple Steps

Looking to get the most out of your Celsius Network account? Hear about the Celsius Network bonus, but are confused as to how to go about getting it?

Well, in this short post, I’ll be going over exactly what to do, to get that sweet additional bonus onto your accounts.

So, let’s check it out.

Celsius Network Bonus

What Is Celsius Network

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably somewhat aware of what the Celsius Network is, and what it does.

With that said, that might not be true for every reader, which is why I’ll briefly go over the Celsius Network company and how it works. If you’re already familiar with the platform and what it does, you can skip through this section, and go straight to the next one.

So…What is Celsius Netwok?

Celsius Network, is basically a bank for your crypto. As easy as that.

With Celsius, you can:

  • Deposit your coins onto the platform to gain interest, which is paid weekly onto your Celsius account.
  • You can withdraw your digital assets whenever you like, to whichever account you want.
  • You can also borrow money in the form of stablecoins like USDT, or straight fiat in dollars (in the future, different currencies will be available) by using your different assets as collateral for the loans.
  • You can send digital assets and coins through CelPay to your contacts, without fees.
  • You can buy different coins through the app, without having to go through trade exchanges.
  • And you’ll eventually be able to swap between different coins, by using the CelSwap feature (not available as of the writing of this article, but will soon be a feature)

Just to name a few…

Celsius Network Bonus

The great thing about Celsius, is that it’s been built, with the user in mind, first and foremost (as opposed to other companies, that have to extract money from their customers to report back to their shareholders).

Celsius makes money, by lending out their coins (which we provide for them) to institutions, and by charging premium interest.

They also have multiple other income sources too, so that there is not one point of failure, and which makes them more profitable than their competitors.

Off of the revenue that they generate, they’ll keep 20%, and 80% gets redistributed to the users, depending on the amount of assets each person has, as well as the type of assets (some coins have higher APY, and some, lower).

In addition to this, Celsius also has some of the highest interest APY rates in the industry. Anywhere from 2% to almost 17.8% (current APY for the coin Synthetics, if earned in Celsius token) which is paid out weekly to it’s users, every monday. 

Celsius Network Bonus. $50 In BTC And How To Get It. 

Alright, so after this very brief overview of the Celsius Network and some of what it can do,  let’s look how to get a little bonus for using the app. 

Celsius offers its users, different incentives and promo codes from time to time, but the main Celsius Network bonus offer that is available, is what is known as the “New User code”.

This promotion, will give you $50 worth in BTC, when you, as a new user, make your first transfer of $400 or more using the referral code, at the time of the sign up.

Here’s how to get your $50 worth of BTC, in 3 simple steps:

BazaarOfMarketing Celsius New User Promo Code. Active For 2021:

  • Step3: Transfer at least $400 or more worth of any one digital asset you wish, over to the platform, and get your rewards in your app, 30 days after your deposit.

That’s it! 😁

That’s literally all you need to do to get that boost of $50 onto your account (which will immediately also start earning you interest).

When it comes to the transfer, a pretty safe bet and what I think is best practice, is to either send some stable coin like USDT or a high yielding digital asset like SNX (current APY of 17% to Cel token, or around 14% in kind), since these are the options that are currently going to be growing your portfolio the most, in that 30 day period.

***IMPORTANT: Your Initial deposit, has to be held during that amount in your account, for the code to work. If you withdraw any amount, the code might not work as intended. Also, assets fluctuating in price, will not affect the initial deposit amount and thus, will not affect the promotion.*** 

Celsius Network Bonus
To make use of the Celsius Network Bonus, make sure to add the referral code (110665b3ee) upon signup, as shown in the image


So there you have it everyone. A stupid simple way to add a little bonus onto your Celsius Network app, using the Celsius Network bonus promotional code for new users.

This will allow you to both get some additional funds onto your accounts to start earning you interest, or, to get your first set of coins so that you get more comfortable with the platform and become a regular user.

The Celsius Network has a lot of things going for it, and it’s a very wise idea to be part of the journey, even if you won’t be using it to the fullest capacity. So any little step you give in their direction, is a good bet in my eyes.

With that said, let’s sign off.

Also, be sure to be on the lookout for further promo codes and gifts. The company is constantly giving its users discounts and offers, to make the community and company as a whole, even stronger.

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