Celsius Network Coupon Code $100 In Free BTC: 110665b3ee +HODL50

Looking to crank up the heat with Celsius Network, and make use of one of their awesome coupon codes aka promo codes?

Well, in this short article, I’ll be showing you how to apply our special Celsius Network coupon code, for an additional $50, an additional $100 and I’ll show you what you have to look out for, to make potentially even more with this awesome platform (as well as showing you step-by-step how to apply the codes).

Let’s check it out. 😁

Celsius Network Coupon Code

So if you’re reading this article, chances are you’re already familiar with the Celsius Network platform, you’re ready to get started and you’re interested in getting a little bit of a boost to make the most of the experience.

Well, it turns out, that by using our special Celsius Network coupon code (AKA promo code), as well as using the Celsius Network new users promo code, you can get $100 in free BTC on your first deposit.

Plus, you can make even more…if you keep your eyes peeled for new coupon codes.

You can do this with what I call “static” and “dynamic” coupon codes…

Here’s how it goes:

Static Celsius Network Coupon Code: 110665b3ee + HODL50

The “static” Celsius Network coupon codes, are those codes that for the most part don’t change over time.

  • Our special BazaarOfMarketing static new members referral code (110665b3ee), is the same, and gives new users $50 in free BTC.Β 

  • On the side of Celsius, they also currently have a new users referral code (HODL50), that has been available and hasn’t changed for a pretty long time (I’ll keep it updated) which allows $50 in free BTC that you can apply in tandem with ours.

Let’s now go over the steps you need to take to get that free $100 in BTC using the “static” Celsius Network coupon codes.

  • First, you’ll want to download the Celsius Network app or desktop version here. This should automatically apply our special referral code (110665b3ee)
  • Next, you’ll want to create an account. Fill in your personal information and verify your identity. It’s free and it shouldn’t take long at all.
  • If the BazaarOfMarketing referral code (110665b3ee) has not been applied upon signup…you can paste it into the referral code section.

  • Once you log in, go to your profile, and go to the Promo CodesΒ button.
  • Click on the “enter a promo code”, and enter the promo code HODL50
  • Once the code is applied, you’ll want to make a deposit of at least $400 worth of any accepted cryptocurrencies, and hold for at least 30 days.
  • Once the 30 day period is up, you’ll have the rewards available to you in your wallet.


Celsius Network coupon code “static” for new users. Apply the code HODL50 in the promo code section

Dynamic Celsius Network Coupon Codes: 

In addition to the “static” Celsius Network coupon code that is specific to our website, (and that only the readers of this site has access to)…

Celsius Network also has what I call “Dynamic coupon codes”.

These are codes that the company periodically comes out with, that work, regardless of whether or not it’s your first deposit…as long as you meet the requirements, of said coupon code or promo code.

So for example, every few weeks or so you might get a promo code that gives you $20 dollars in free BTC, if you deposit $200 for at least 90 days (this is one they actually came out with some time ago).

-Or, you could get some free BTC if you take out a loan within a specific window of time.

-Or you might get free stable coins on a stablecoin deposit.

And so on and so forth…

Celsius Network Coupon Code 2
Example of “dynamic” celsius network coupon codes or promo codes. You can apply them in your profile account, and if you meet the requirements, you can claim the rewards.

In the case of these promo codes, you’ll want to either check out their youtube channel, and watch the weekly AMA’s to know if there are any new deals, or, you can regularly check their website, regularly for updates.

So when it comes to dynamic codes, is good to always keep an eye out for opportunities to get some free tokens or discounts, here and there.

Hope that was useful.

If you have any more questions regarding the Celsius Network coupon codes and promo codes, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Cheers 😊

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