Celsius Network Minimum Deposit? Here’s The Answer…

Looking to have your digital assets and cryptocurrencies start generating you weekly yield on the Celsius Network platform, and want to know what the minimum deposit is? 

Well, in this brief article, we’ll be going over exactly what the Celsius Network minimum deposit amount is, and we’ll also give you an idea as to how to go about getting some free BTC, if you bump up that minimum deposit…just a wee bit.

Let’s check it out.

Celsius Network Minimum Deposit

The Celsius Network Minimum Deposit Is $0.

So what is the Celsius Network minimum deposit? What is the minimum amount of money you need to deposit within the platform, to start earning yield on your cryptocurrencies and digital assets?

Well, the answer to that quesiton…

…Is $0

That is right. There is no minimum deposit needed, for you to start using the platform.

This means that you can literally transfer, whichever amount you have available to you, and still get all of the features on the platform (maybe not the borrow option, for that, you’ll need a bit more).

This is because, Celsius Network, has the communities best interest in mind.

There are no withdrawal fees, no gas fees, no minimum deposit, no origination fees or inactivity fees, no credit checks on loans…none of that jazz. All of this, to be able to give up to 80% of the interest they earn, to their customers.

Celsius Network Minimum Deposit 2
The Celsius Network minimum deposit, is $0. At the bottom right, you can see I’ve not got $15.20 worth of ETH, which I transferred from Coinbase.com. I’ve also transferred $10 of USDC to test out the wallet address, after getting it up to the $349.45 that you see there.

With that said…if you’ve not deposited any amount onto the Celsius Network platform, there is a chance for you to get some additional free BTC on your first transfer.

Here’s how:

Bump It Up A Notch…Get $50 Of Free BTC On Your First Deposit.

If you’re a new Celsius Network user, and you’ve not deposited onto your account before, you can get (currently and as of the writing of this article, might be more or less in the future) $50 worth of FREE BTC by depositing at least $400 worth of any one of the accepted cryptocurrencies, within the app, and having that balance stay on your wallet, for at least 30 days.

To do this, you’ll want to follow these steps:

Step1: Create a FREE Celsius Network account, here.

Step2: Add the referral code 110665b3ee when signing up to your account. (if you signed up usint the links on this site, the promo code will have automatically been applied).

Step3: Complete your account information.

Step4: Make your first deposit on the Celsius Network app, of at least $400 dollars. You can either buy the coins in app, using a third party provider, or you can transfer the coins over from an external address (cold storage, exchange, or anything in between).

Once you’re done with your deposit (if you want to get some free BTC) you’ll have the rewards available to you in your wallet balance, and it’ll be released to gain interest, after a 30 day period. You can still withdraw at any time.

And there you go! You can now check your address balance, for the $50 in free BTC, that will be available to you within 30 days.

NOTE: You should not change the deposit amount, if you want to still be eligible for that $50 reward. If you do change it, you might not be eligible.

Either which way, you can still withdraw any amount of your assets, at ANY time, for free, in case you’re unhappy with Celsius Network.

So to recap: The Celsius Network minimum deposit is $0, and you can deposit, withdraw and transfer for free. However if you’re interested in trying Celsius Network out for the first time, you can deposit a minimum of $400 worth of any supported cryptocurrencies onto your wallet, by using the promo code 110665b3ee and after 30 days, you’ll have that amount available to you in your wallet, to gain you weekly interest.

You can also withdraw at any time, or even just deposit $400 for the free BTC, and after the 30 days are up, you can leave the platform, if you don’t like it,.

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