Celsius Network Referral Code 2022. Get $50 In Free BTC With Our Code

Looking to get your hands on a working, 2022 referral code for the Celsius Network platform, to get a head start when it comes to earning yield on your Crypto?

In this post, we’ll be going over the Celsius Network Referral Code 2022, that is active and working both for first time customers as well as veteran users of the platform.

Let’s check them out.┬á

Celsius Network Referral Code 2022

Celsius Network Referral Code 2022: 110665b3ee (First Time Users Only)

The first example of a Celsius Network referral code for 2022 that you can use, is the code 110665b3ee that our website provides.

This code, is specific to our website bazaarofmarketing.com and our readers, and you’ll not find it available anywhere else.

It’s for first time customers of the platform only, and it gives new users an incentive to start using it. This means that once you create your account, if you’ve not used a Celsius Network referral code, then you’ll not be able to make use of the promo code or get $50 in free BTC. There are still native codes to the platform which you’ll be able to use, but the referral code will not be available anymore.

How To Apply Our Special Referral Code 

To apply the code, you’ll want to follow some steps:

  • First, you’ll want to download the Celsius Network application on phone, or sign up to through the website using this link here.
  • By clicking on the link, you should automatically have the BazaarOfMarketing referral code embedded onto your account, so you don’t have to input anything.
  • Next, create your Celsius Network account and fill in the relevant information.
  • Finally, when you’ve completed your acount, you’ll want to send at least $400┬áworth of any of the accepted coins, and you’ll get your free $50 in BTC rewards, after a period of 30 days.
BazaarOfMarketing CodeReward AmountReward CoinMinimum TransferEligible Coin(s)Lock Period
110665b3ee$50BTC$400All30 days

┬áNOTE:┬áEven though you’re free to take out your funds at any moment in time, without having to pay any withdrawal fees at all, you’ll need to mantain the minimum balance for that 30 day period for you to get your rewards. Also, an eligible transfer must be made within the first 30 days of activating the promo code.

Celsius Network Promo Codes 2022: Native Codes (For Any User)

As of this moment in time, there are also some additional “native” Celsius Network promo codes that are up and working for any users (either first time customers or established customers).

These codes are as follows:

Promo CodeReward AmountReward CoinMinimum TransferEligible Coin(s)Lock Period
HODL10$10BTC$100All30 days
HODL50$50BTC$400All30 days
HODL500$500BTC$25,000All90 days
HODL2K$2,000BTC$250,000All90 days
BNB40$40BNB$400BNB30 days
ADA40$40ADA$400ADA30 days
ADA500$500ADA$20,000ADA90 days
STABLE10$10BTC$50USDC, USDT30 days
STABLE50$50BTC$200USDC, USDT30 days
STABLE600$600BTC$25,000USDC, USDT90 days
CELSIUSCARES$150BTC$5,000All60 days

Source: Celsius.Network

If you’re interested in learning more about the different kinds of Celsius Network promo codes that are available for 2022, you can always check out their official promo codes website section by heading over to this link here.

Stacking Promo Codes

If you have activated more than only one promo code, at any given moment, then you’ll need to make as many transfers (that are eligible) as promo codes that you want to redeem.

For example, if you’ve signed up to the BazaarOfMarketing Celsius Network referral code 2022 and you’ve entered the HODL10 code in your account, you’ll have to make 2 separate transfers to redeem the bonuses, since only one transfer won’t unlock the codes.

Celsius Network Referral Code 2022 2
You can also find the Celsius Network promo codes, inside the promo code section of their website. NOTE: the 110665b3ee┬áreferral code, is EXCLUSIVE to our site, and you’ll not find it anywhere else.

This way, you’ll first need to transfer $400 in any asset, to unlock the 110665b3ee┬áreferral code, and then you’ll need to transfer $100 in any asset onto your account, to unlock the HODL10 bonus code.

Transfering $500 at once will only unlock the first promo code or referral code, and will not additionally qualify you for the next one. You’ll have to do them individually.

How To Get Future Promos

The Celsius Network team is regularly coming out with new promo codes that you can use. These promo codes will be most likley for first time customers, but occasionally, new promo codes (like the promo codes for stable coins, for example) will be emitted.

If you want to learn more about the upcoming promo codes, you’ll want to follow Celsius.Network, on their Youtube channel, for weekly updates.


 Is there any question that you might have regarding the Celsius Network referral code 2022? Be sure to leave them in the comment sections below.

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