Celsius Network Referral Code. $50 In Free BTC. Active And Working For 2022

Looking for a Celsius Network Referral Code that is currently working, to get some additional coins to play around with? 

We’ve got you covered. 😉

In this short post, I’ll be going over exactly what to do, to get started with the Celsius Network and how to go about getting some free coins to give a little boost to your portfolio. We’ll be going over how much you can get, how to go about doing so, and what the process it like, from start to finish.

So let’s check it out.

Celsius Network referral code

What Is The Celsius Network?

So if you’re searching for a Celsius Network referral code, chances are that you’re already aware of what the Celsius Network platform is.

If you’re already aware, then you can easily skip over to the following part of the article.

But for those of you who are a bit newer, let’s briefly go over what the Celsius Network platform is, and what it does.

The Celsius Network, is basically a yield-producing platform, for your cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

It’s basically a bank for your crypto.

It’s a company that was created in 2017 by the CEO Alex Mashinsky, and it basically makes money by lending out the cryptocurrencies and digital assets that its users deposit on their platform, to bigger institutions. Essentially, you deposit your assets on their platform, and you gain a weekly payout (depending on the number of coins that you have, as well as the type of coin that you have) onto your account, either in kind (the same coin) or in the Native token, CEL token.

Celsius Network referral code 2
Celsius Network current yield on some of the more common tokens and stablecoins. Hundreds of times more than what you’d expect to find in banks.

The difference between something like Celsius, and pretty much any other bank, is that the APY (annual percentage yield) are huge. 

So instead of making 0.51% per year on your money in a bank, you could deposit some money in the form of USDT stablecoin onto the Celsius Network, and instantly start gaining 50 times that much (at the current rates) which is paid out weekly. 

In addition to giving you interest on your assets, Celsius also allows you to buy cryptocurrencies on their website, they allow you to take out loans against your assets (with interest as low as 1%, anywhere from 25% to 50% LTV), and in the near future will allow you to swap coins and will even have a credit card available. 

Celsius Network Referral Code: How To Get Free Coins. $50 In BTC!

Alright, so…now for the fun stuff: How can you use a Celsius Network referral code, to get some extra coins on your deposits.

So the main Celsius Network referral promotion, is the one that is available for new members that have not yet deposited anything onto their Celsius Network app. The new members promotion, works as following: 

This promotion, will give you $50 worth in BTC, when you, as a new user, make your first transfer of $400 or more using the referral code, at the time of the sign up.

Currently, the amount you’ll be getting, is $50, although that might change in the future.

To get your free $50 in BTC, you’ll have to do the following:

  • Step 1: Sign up to Celsius through this link here and register (create a complete account, it’s free to do)
  • Step2: When prompted, go ahead and add the following promotional code upon sign up (110665b3ee):

BazaarOfMarketing Celsius New User Promo Code. Active For 2022:

  • Step3: Deposit at least $400 or more worth of any digital asset you like, over to the platform. After 30 days, you’ll be able to see your rewards ready in your Celsius Network app account.

And there you have it! That’s all that you need to do to get your free BTC deposited on your account.

Celsius Network referral code 3
Add the BazaarOfMarketing referral code (110665b3ee), when signing up to the platform, as shown in the image above. 30 Days after your initial deposit, you’ll receive your free BTC, in your Celsius wallet.

Important Notice: Do Not Change Your Deposit

It’s important that you do not change the amount available to you in your Celsius network app, during that period of time, for the promotion to go through.

Although the value of your coins might change (unless they’re stable coins) with price changes, you should not change the amount of coins that you have, at any point during those 30 days, so do keep that in mind.

It’s also very important that you add the Celsius Network referral code, or promo code, BEFORE you decide to transfer the amount. Otherwise, the promo will be void.

In fact, once you add the promo code, you’ll be prompted to continue with the transaction, to be able to actually go ahead and redeem that code.

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