Celsius Wallet Opinion. Actual User 4 Month Experience…

The Celsius Network wallet, is a digital asset and cryptocurrency wallet to store your crypto to have it earn weekly yield for you.

There are a few similar options, but is Celsius Network wallet a good one?

In this post, I’ll be going over my personal Celsius wallet opinion, as a Celsius Network user and Ambassador of the platform, for the past 4 months. We’ll be looking at all of the good things I like about it, as well as some of the things that I think need an improvement, so as to hopefully give you, the reader, a better picture of what to expect.

Let’s check it out.  

Celsius Wallet Opinion

My Celsius Wallet Opinion: Disclaimer

So, from the start, this overview of the Celsius Network wallet and my opinion of it, is obviously going to be somewhat biased…

This is because, there is no denying that as of right now, I’d highly recommend the Celsius Network wallet for pretty much anybody who wants to get started earning yield on their crypto…

But on top of that I’m also a Celsius Network ambassador myself, which basically means that I’m actively interested in spreading the word about it to other people who maybe want to get into the crypto yield game, but because it’s a great product, and proposal.

So take that with a grain of salt…

Finally, and as per the title of this article, this is my own Celsius wallet opinion and you’re free to come to your own conclusions about these. 

I for example think that the bugginess of the app is kind of a pretty big deal, whereas someone who’s been in Crypto since 2013, might think that even if the app is a bit buggy, it’s a massive step forward and is thus not considered “bad”.

You get the idea…

So with that said, here’s my opinion on the good things about the Celsius Wallet, and Celsius Network as a whole after using it for 4 months and loving it so much that I’ve decided to become an ambassador.

Celsius Wallet Opinion 3
Celsius Network wallet web app. I prefer to use the phone app, but the web version is a lot less buggy

The Good

  • The app/wallet looks modern and extremely easy to use, which is what is needed for it to be adopted by lots of people. It’s like pretty much like nothing else there is out there in crypto land. 

  • You can open and close loans, easily transfer and withdraw currencies, without any problems. Basically, every action is seamless, and there are NO fees.

  • You get notifications, reminders and warnings on almost everything you do, so as to keep the security high.

  • You get automatic rewards paid onto your wallet without fail every week.

  • You have maximum transparency in the “community” tab. You can see number of users, assets under managment, number of payments made, the most popular coin under managment…and much more. Nobody is as transparent as Celsius, when it comes to this.

  • You get some of the highest percentage yield around (when compared to competitors).

  • There has never been a hack, data breach, late rewards payment or compromise to the platform, in 4 years.

These are just some of the better thing that the Celsius wallet has to offer.

Of course there are tons of other reasons to love the Celsius Network platform and the Celsius wallet, which include a super active community, over 300,000 active users (as of the writing of this article) over 4 years in business, and a CEO that has been doing weekly streams for just about that amount of time, without skipping a beat.

The wallet actually looks pretty modern and has been working, without any security breaches, hacks or late weekly payments for over 4 years

The Bad

Now to the bad part.

Just like everything, nothing is perfect. And Celsius Network is no exception.

Here’s the thing about the Celsius Network wallet and app:

The phone version…is kinda buggy

Like, almost unacceptably buggy, for a company that has as much upside, and has been around for as long as Celsius has.

  • You get some pretty strange loading times here and there, sometimes the main button doesn’t actually appear (depending on where you left off on your last session), sometimes re-submitting your passcode is hard to do if you’re submitting too fast… In fact, one of the main searches for Celsius Network on Google, is the phrase “Celsius Network wallet crashing”. No bueno.

  • Sometimes you’ll want to login, actually be inside of the app, but then have to add your passcode later on, and sometimes you’ll have to click multiple times (especially when choosing a crypto, in the list) for it to register.

  • The actual process of buying coins inside the wallet through the 3rd party provider…is not very intuitive, at all.

  • Another really big issue that the Celsius wallet has, is that there is currently no in-app swap function, which basically means that you’ll have to withdraw your coins onto exchanges, and swap them over, unless you do CelPay with one of your contacts, and figure it out that way. Fortunately, they’re working on getting the in-app swap function ready, which is going to be massive.
Celsius Wallet Opinion 2
Buying coins on Celsius wallet. For some reason, you don’t have the ability to edit each asset as you can inside the rewards calculator, You have to enter the coin amount first, then calculate, not the other way around…

All in all, these are very small issues that could easily be fixed. And there is nothing that is structurally wrong with the company or how they’re running things, that could compromise the safety of your coins.

Personally, I’ve never had any issues with the Celsius Network wallet actually crashing, or losing coins or not paying interest in the 4 months that I’ve used it.

The only issue I’ve truly had, is not being able to take out a loan on my crypto, because of some paperwork issues (which I’m hopefully gonna get fixed).

So, To Recap:

My Celsius wallet opinion…is that it’s an amazing project and product. its easy to use, actually works and actually has a huge community behind it…allbeit having a phone app that, in my opinon, could and should be fixed.

The Celsius Network app, is a massively advantageous tool that you can use, both to gain interest on your crypto, and also bridge the gap with the fiat world, in that you can take fiat loans, onto your bank, by using your crypto as collateral, easily and with very little interest.  

Something like this, is needed, regardless of what it currently looks like.

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Finally, if you’re interested in trying out the platform and wallet for yourself, after reading through my personal Celsius wallet opinion as a user and an ambassador…

You can actually download the wallet for yourself, and get $50 worth of free BTC on your first deposit of at least $400 worth of any accepted cryptocurrencies.

To apply for the $50 in free BTC, follow these steps:

  1. Download the free app or web app here
  2. Apply the code: 110665b3ee as you’re signing up
  3. Deposit (using the transfer option) a minimum of $400 worth of any accepted cryptocurrencies, onto your Celsius Network wallet
  4. Keep your balance for 30 days, after which you’ll get the BTC reward available in your account. 

This will give you some exposure to the app, so that you can test it out yourself, pretty much risk free. If you’re unhappy with the app, you can withdraw your assets at any time, and even take the reward with you after the 30 days.

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