Celsius Wallet Referral Code For $50 In Free BTC: 110665b3ee

Looking to get $50 in free BTC with your Celsius account, by making use of a special Celsius wallet referral code? 

In this short article, we’ll be going over where to get the code, to go about applying it, what the proceedure is like and what the requirements are,  as well as a step-by-step guide, so that you can make sure everything is set correctly and you start your crypto yielding off with a bang.

Celsius Wallet Referral Code

Celsius Wallet Referral Code: What Is It

The Celsius wallet referral code, allows you to get up to $50 dollars in free BTC, deposited as a reward onto your Celsius Network wallet, as long as you make a valid deposit, of at least $400 dollars worth of any accepted crypto asset onto the wallet and leave the balance unmodified for at least 30 days.

The idea behind the referral code, is to incentivize new users to get involved in the platform. Basically, it’s a reward for you to trust the Celsius Network company with your coins.

If you’re not happy with the platform, you can withdraw your funds at any time, no questions asked.

If you withdraw your funds before the 30 days are up however, you do risk not getting your rewards. With that said, you can also leave your assets on the platform for 30 days, gain 4 weekly interest payments on your coins, get your free BTC rewards and withdraw all of the assets, plus interests, without issues.

This referral code (110665b3ee) is only valid for new users, on first deposits and only one time, so make sure you make use of it, if you haven’t!

Celsius Wallet Referral Code 110665b3ee “How To”

To make use of use of our special Celsius wallet referral code, and get access to your free $50 free BTC, you’ll have to follow a the next steps in order:

  • First, you’ll have to create yourself a new Celsius Network wallet of your own. You can do so by either downloading the web app or the phone app here (depending on which device you’re using).

  • In the first sign up window, you’ll be able to add your Celsius wallet referal code. Enter the code 110665b3ee to activate the code. If you signed up using the buttons on this page, the code should automatically be applied.

Enter the referral code 110665b3ee, upon signing up to your Celsius wallet account. Gain $50 in free BTC as a reward, after depositing a minimum of $400 in assets, and not modifying your balance for at least 30 days.
  • Next, you’ll want to fill in your personal information for KYC and AML purposes. Make sure that you create the account with an email address that you’re actually using and that you can access.

  • Once you’ve created your account, and verified it, you’ll want to make your initial deposit. For this, you should deposit at least $400 or more worth of any of the accepted crypto assets within the platform. You can either buy coins in app, or transfer them using the transfer buttons, from external wallets or exchanges.

  • Finally, you’ll want to keep your initial $400 balance intact (you don’t want to withdraw) for at least 30 days. During that period, you’ll be earning weekly interest on your main transfer, and once the 30 days period is up, the $50 reward will be deposited into your account. You’re free to take your assets out at any time, but you risk not getting your reward, unless you complete the 30 day period.

The rewards will pop up either in wallet balance (click all transactions) or if you head over to the BTC coin and see transactions there. *Update, you’ll see $50, as of 8/3/2021, referral rewards is $50, it used to be $40!*

And there you go! You’ve now applied your Celsius wallet referral code, and should be able to see your pending rewards, if you head over to your Celsius Network wallet balance, or on the BTC asset (since you’ll be getting the reward in BTC). 

As long as you don’t modify your initial balance to be less than the initial amount you put in, you should be golden. 😁

If you’ve got any questions about this, feel free to leave them in the comments!


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