Celsius Wallet Transfer Fees. Save Hundreds Of Dollars With Celsius

In crypto, one of the most annoying facts (at least, what I personally find most annoying) is that you’re usually going to have to spend a bunch of your hard-earned money/crypto, on fees to move them around.

In this article, I’ll be looking at the Celsius Wallet transfer fees, how much they cost, and how you can go about saving a bunch of money on transactions, simply by using the Celsius Wallet.

Celsius Wallet Transfer Fees

Celsius Wallet Transfer Fees: How Much Does It Cost?

So how much are the Celsius wallet transfer fees?

Well…they’re actually free. There are no costs to transferring your coins out of the Celsius wallet.

Yep. That’s actually right.

There are no transaction fees, no origination fees, no transfer fees, no withdrawal fees or termination fees.

This means, you don’t have to spend any money or coins, to get your digital assets out of the platform.

You might have to spend money to get your coins into the Celsius Wallet (out of something like Binance) but to actually get them out of the Celsius wallet, that costs you nothing at all.

“How is this even possible?” you might be asking.

Surely, nothing is free. Right?

And even though that is correct, and there are actual network costs to move around your coins…Celsius has managed to offset these costs, and they’ve been able to provide this service, which pretty much no other company of this kind out there is doing.


Celsius Wallet Transfer Fees 2
No fees of any kind

Celsius Network Foundations

The reason the Celsius Network can offer fee-less withdrawals, forever, is because of its foundations.

As opposed to many other companies and programs of this kind, Celsius was built with its users in mind, first and foremost.

The idea here, is to create a “win-win” scenario, for everybody. And when you build your company this way, without trying to extract the most money out of your customers but instead by giving more to them, you get the Celsius Network business model.

Celsius is a crypto lending platform, that lends out coins to institutions, charges a premium interest on them, gives away 80% of their revenue to their customers, and keeps 20% for themselves.

With such a high incentive/payout for its customers, you create a cascading network effect that compounds, but also, since your business model isn’t revolved around charging your customers for every transaction or trying to make your investors happy (but instead focus on your customers) you can afford to offer certain services for free, for example paying for the network transactions.

Pretty much, no other company in the space, is doing this.

Check it out:

Celsius Wallet Transfer Fees 3
You’ll most likely not find a company in the crypto sphere, that is as transparent as Celsius. The community tab, shows you assets under management, total users and total gas fees covered by Celsius…amongst other things.

Celsius has been lurking in the shadows, since 2017 and has been building its foundations, organically, since then. It’s playing the long game, whereas, many of their competitors have been built with the “milk your customers” mentality from the getgo, and is hard, (if not, nearly impossible) to change.

Celsius is also working on a swap features as we speak (might be available by the time you’re reading this, be sure to check) that is taking a bit of time to implement, because the CEO of the company wants to make it work, with zero fees too.

Use Celsius: Save A BUNCH On Fees

Apart from not charging you any transaction fees and withdrawal fees…Celsius also has what is called the CelPay.

CelPay, essentially allows Celsius Network users, to send payments and receive payments, from and between each others, easily, quickly and of course…

Fee free.

This is yet another reason to start using the Celsius Network, to save on all those transactions, in case you’re one to move your crypto around a lot.

I know I am.

If you’re interested in trying out the Celsius Network platform, to start gaining interest on your coins from day 1, to have the possibility of taking out loans against your digital assets and to be able to transact, withdraw and move around your crypto, fee free, you’ll definitely want to become a Celsius Network member, if you’re still not one.

To become a Celsius Network member:

  • I suggest you heading over to this site here, and signing up with our BazaarOfMarketing code for the Celsius Network platform (it’ll already be assigned to you when you create your account).
  • Set up your account by adding in your information.
  • And transfer some coins over to the platform.

Feel free to move your assets in and out of the platform, in case you need further proof that there are no Celsius wallet transfer fees at all.

Also, if you decide to sign up through the link, you’ll be given the ability to earn $50 in BTC on your first deposit, if it’s worth at least $400 or more.

To qualify for the $50 in BTC, send your deposit to your wallet, and be sure to leave it there, for at least 30 days.

After the 30 days are up, you’ll be getting $50 in free BTC added onto your wallet.ย 

To learn more about the promo codes, make sure to head over to our article on the Celsius Network promo codes, here.


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