What Is The ClickFunnels Dream Car?

Heard about the ClickFunnels Dream Car contest, and want to know a bit more about it? Well, you’re in the right place!

In this post, we’ll be going over what the ClickFunnels Dream Car program is, how to go about winning the Clickfunnels dream car, and how to get started with it for free.

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So What Is The ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest?

The ClickFunnels Dream Car contest, is a program in which the company ClickFunnels, offers to pay your dream car for you, as a bonus for getting customers onto the ClickFunnels subscription service.

The way this works is, you sign up to become an affiliate for ClickFunnels, and you promote the program and software to anyone who could be in need of it.

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Once you get to 100 active customers, you’ll get a $500 bonus, every month, which you can can use to cover the lease payment towards your dream car. Plus, if you get 200 active customers using the platform, you’ll get a $1000 bonus, every month aswell.

This is on top of the recurring $3880/month or $7760/month, that you’ll already be getting by being an affiliate for ClickFunnels, since the company pays you out 40% commissions on each of the plans and products they have available.


The great thing about ClickFunnels, is that it’s a Super Useful Tool, that pretty much any business owner or starter entrepreneur, that wants to sell something online, needs. And so, not only is it a very easy sale (for the right kind of customer), but it’s also the best solution around, wich makes the stick rate huge.

Apart from that, the ClickFunnels affiliate program is awesome, because they have a great affiliate compensation plan in which they give you 40% commissions throughout all their products, and all the resources that you’ll need to make this happen, are included inside of the affiliate dashboard, or on the ClickFunnels affiliate facebook groups.

Most companies don’t reward affiliates, as well as ClickFunnels does…

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Amazon for example doesn’t give you any commission, outside of the purchases that the customer you’ve sent them does, after 24 hours. They certainly don’t give you a cut of that Amazon Prime membership at all! 

ClickFunnels however, gives their affiliates a really solid commission throughout all the value ladder, and they have $6000 programs and $297/month membership plans…yeah.

So, the combination of both, the best product for building sales funnels in the market by far, and a really solid trustworthy affiliate program, makes it a really good choice when it comes to promoting. 

ClickFunnels Dream Car
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How Do I Get Started?

To get started with the ClickFunnels Dream Car contest, you’ll have to sign up to become an affiliate for the company, after which you’ll want to start promoting any one of the products you wish, and ClickFunnels will take care of the rest.

ClickFunnels will both promote and advertise, to the potential customers you refer over to them, and you’ll be credited with the sale, regardless of the product you want to promote, even the free plus shipping offers!

Apart from this, they have what is known as a “sticky cookie”, which tracks the customer through different devices, and tracks back to you, as the affiliate who refered the customer. This is a super cool way to get more commissions as an affiliate, and even a greater incentive to get started promoting. ?

It’s free to become an affiliate for ClickFunnels, and they even give you a some amazing free training that will give you the basic skills needed to promote the platform, or any other program, software or product that you wish. 

I highly recommend you check out The Bootcamp Training for affiliates, first and foremost and if you want to take the ClickFunnels affiliate program seriously.


Because inside, you’ll get access to 15 interviews with different ClickFunnels dream car winners, including the number one affiliate of the software. You’ll be able to learn exactly what they’ve done to achieve their results and get their dream car, which will give you a massive shortcut and insight into what is working the best.

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So there you have it. That is the ClickFunnels Dream Car contest in a nutshell.

It’s a great incentive for you to become an affiliate for the software. ClickFunnels has both a great product that is super robust and pretty much irreplaceable, as well as great affiliate program that comes with it, and you don’t need to pay anything to become an affiliate like is the case with other programs.

To become an affiliate, you can sign up on Their Page, or, you can sign up through the Free Bootcamp Training in which you’ll be trained for free by some of the ClickFunnels Dream Car contest winners, for free. After that, choose 1 strategy or method that you like, and start promoting!

All the best. 

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