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ClickFunnels Free Alternative: A Hidden Gem!

I get it, ClickFunnels can get a little pricey. I mean, spending up to $297 per month on a bunch of tools, isn’t exactly budget-friendly for most of us… Especially if there is a ClickFunnels FREE alternative out there already that does a similar job.

In this post I’ll be going through the best free ClickFunnels alternative out there, that we’ve been able to find, so keep on readin’!

Also, keep in mind this is a completely FREE software, and thus it will be HIGHLY limited in it’s ability to replicate the more robust softwares like ClickFunnels itself. Don’t expect to get an absolutely absurdly great alternative, it’s an “okay ” ClickFunnels alternative…you dig? ?


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Free ClickFunnels Alternative: LeadSanity

The free ClickFunnels alternative software is called LeadSanity.

It’s a cloud-based, drag-n-drop landing page and funnel builder that has three different plans, one of which is free, (and the paid versions aren’t even all that expensive either, at $9,90/month and $19,90/month).

With this free version of LeadSanity, you are limited to only 2 landing pages and 10,000 monthly visitors, which is fine but not amazing. You also have access to 10 templates and email supports as well as the ability to add pop ups, a nice little add on indeed.

It wasn’t too hard to create a landing page utilizing the templates. I highly recommend starting by using the templates first, if you’re new to the software, because it can be a little hard to get a hand of. It’s just until you get more comfortable with it. 

There is also what looks to be a built in autoresponder, which looks very interesting, but then again it’s only for the paid versions.

Here are the different plans:

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As you can see, fairly straightforward. And like i was mentioning, you get some pretty neat features for a free version, and the paid version isn’t all that expensive, but can add on unlimited pages and full support as well as more templates and other cool stuff.

I noticed however, as i was creating my account, that, LeadSanity looks to be very similar to a wordpress plugin, called Instabuilder (at least, it reminded me of it).

What you’ll appear to be getting with the free version of LeadSanity, is a subdomain of their site, with access to the funnel builder plugin, for you to create your landing pages in, if i’m not mistaken.

Now, this is fine for a free funnel builder… but one of the problem with it, is that there si no way to have your own domain be the URL of the landing page (unless you upgrade), which makes it kind of ugly because you can’t brand your own websites with it.

Still, if you don’t want to go over the hassle of buying your own domain, getting hosting and adding a funnel builder plugin, LeadSanity is a great free option, and well worth it (i mean, it’s free right?).

LeadSanity Funnel Builder Features

Lead sanity allows you to create simple landing pages by dragging and dropping. The pages are fairly competitive looking, and you can create them without needing to know how to code and with just a few minutes of your time. 

The page builder has a lot of features some of which include:

  • Title elements
  • Text elements
  • Image elements
  • Optin forms and custom HTML
  • Comments and Social shares
  • Split testing
  • Countdown Timers 

You can also customize the background, color images margins and paddings. Also, if you have an autoresponder, LeadSanity integrates with some of the most famous ones, meaning you can now add the optin forms and create a subscriber list!

LeadSanity is actually extremely customizable and easy to use. Aesthetically it does look a bit outdated but it still has a lot of functionality that other page builders would charge premium for or maybe wouldn’t have available in some of the cheaper plans.

This, makes it a great free ClickFunnels alternative as well as a funnel Builder alternative (although it’ll be hard to create a complete funnel in the free version, with just 2 pages).

Here is a landing page i created in a few minutes, using LeadSanity. I added one of the templates, changed the title and added a little video of mine. The button of this template, activates the pop up which you can also modify. Pretty cool ey? ?

You Can Check Out The Page Here, if you want. I’ll leave it there for you to see what it looks like. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t like that i don’t appear to have any control over the mobile version, since it looks pretty ugly in mobile.

Also, i hope there is also funnel templates in the paid versions, otherwise the time it’ll take for you to create whole funnels and test them out one by one…will make it not worth it.   

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Not Bad At All 🙂

 My Advice…

LeadSanity, is a great free ClickFunnls alternative, that allows you to have the basic page builder.

But you won’t get very far (lets’ be honest)

With only access to 2 landing pages for the free version…it’ll be hard to even create 1 funnel out of it. 

However, in the long run, ClickFunnels is just the best funnel building software out there, hands down, and the price is very well justified. With free alternatives, you will neither be getting all the same features as with ClickFunnels nor the same looks as it. They Have A FREE 14 Day Trial Anyways , so you can test the waters with them too.

However, like we’ve seen here, LeadSanity is a great free ClickFunnels alternative, that can be of use if you’re on a tight budget and you can use in the beginning without any issues, before upgrading to more poweful, More Robust Softwares.

Regardless, there’s is  now literally no excuse to start building your capture pages online now! 

Hope you enjoyed!


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