Crypto Underworld Review. How To Find The Next 100X Crypto

Welcome to this Crypto Underworld review! In this review, I’ll be going over this brand new course that is all about crypto. I’ll be looking at prices, otos, what the offer is about, the creator, the launch date and much more.

As a crypto user myself (who has been earning passive yield on my crypto for 8 months now) some of the things taught within this couse, are a complete must for you to know (even though yield is secondary to the course).

If you want to both find potential great projects that might allow you to get multiple X’s on your investments, as well as learn everything and anything you need related to crypto yielding, setting up wallets, using decentralized exchanges and trading…then this is a great place to get started for sure.

So without further ado, let’s dive in…

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Crypto Underworld Review: What Is Crypto Underworld?

Crypto Underworld, is a cryptocurrency training course, created by Todd Spears that launched November 17th 2021 of the marketplace, and basically teaches students how to generate profits through flipping DeFi tokens on the PancakeSwap defi swapping platform.

In addition to this, the Crypto Underworld course, also offers some interesting bonuses that teaches students how to become liquidity providers through yield farming, as well as how to go about creating yield on their coins using some underground yield-generating platforms.

Also, the Crypto Underworld program, includes special access to a proprietary alerts software (only for mastermind users) that can help students get a massive advantage when it comes to knowing which tokens to get involved with, as well as giving them access to mastermind training and on-going vidoes, updates and so on.

The Crypto Underworld course, is thus, a great way to get your hands dirty with crypto, and DeFi platforms.

Not only that, but you’ll also be learning a LOT of the advanced technical stuff like opening wallets, using metamask, finding good projects and coins, and more.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at what’s included within the Crypto Underworld course. 

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Crypto Underworld What’s Included:

So how much does the Crypto Underworld training course cost and what’s included in the course?

Crypto Underworld Front End: The Crypto Underworld β€“ Price $37 – $57

This is the main training within the Crypto Underworld course, and the idea behind this course is to teach you how to go about finding DeFi (decentralized finance) tokens that are about to launch, before they go mainstream, so that you can first buy them and sell them for a profit.

This training goes over everything from how to use metamask, how to use your Trust wallet, how to vet tokens, find scams, how to know if a trade is good, how to use pancakeswap, how to use the Binance smartchain wallet…

Pretty much…anything and everything you need to know.

The early bird price for the course, is $37, but will  be increasing up until the $57 dollar mark throughout the week,

OTO1: Crypto Staking And Farming – Price $47

This OTO shows you how to go about getting access to 2 additional underground crypto methods, that gives you hands-free profits. This OTO will teach you how to go about generating extra tokens (rewards) without having to add additional efforts.

I know first hand, that this is possible and pretty lucrative (I’m currently doing this myself).

Staking my crypto. This is the “safe” non-yield farming version to get 10% on stable assets. I highly recommend this strategy

I wouldn’t recommend yield farming perse, because the percentages are extremely volatile, but you can do crypto staking (on specific platforms) without having to worry about your coins getting stolen. 

Regardless…Todd will be teaching you how to get 10%, 100% and even 1000% APY on your tokens in some cases. You’ve also got to know when to get out…but you’ll be taught exactly how to go about doing that too.

AUTHORS NOTE: Forget anything else you heard in crypto, and get this oto. Staking your crypto for passive income (and crypto gaming) will be the name of the game. If you want your money to make you money, you’ll want to get this upgrade. 

OTO2: Crypto Underground Exchange Hack – Price $47 

This specific OTO, deals with slippage on the decentralized swap protocol PancakeSwap (all will be explained within the course), which can really eat into the profits you’ll be making with the methods taught in the course.

For that reason, this OTO is build to teach you a hack, that can take slippage down to as little as 1% all the way from 15%, which will save you a ton of money, and hundreds of dollars.

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PancakeSwap, where most of the crypto magic inside the Crypto Underworld training happens.

OTO3: Crypto Underworld Mastermind – Price $97/Month

This OTO upgrade includes on-going video updates and case studies as well as access to a state-of-the-art alerts software that is only available to exclusive users. Todd has created an alerts software that notifies you of tokens that are volatile, so that you can respond in real time, instead of having to spend all day in front of the graphs.

This upgrade also includes access to the mastermind training and additional upgrades for serious Crypto Underworld users.

If you want, there is also the $597/year plan, which allows you to get help from Todd, as well as ongoing training from him, for a whole year at half the price.

OTO4: DFY Crypto VPS setup – Price $297

This final OTO, allows you to get your crypto trading setup by Todd and his team, through a VPN to automate the trading for you using bots and ai technology. It’s a good upgrade for those of you who want a more “hands-off” approach. It also keeps your computer more secure.

This OTO is $297 for the first year, and $47/month for each month after the first year.

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Crypto Underworld Coupon Codes:

As mentioned before, there is an early bird price for the course which will be $37Β untilΒ 12 AM EDT.Β Β The early bird price will continue to increase every day, througout and until the end of the launch.

With that said, there are special coupons that you can use, to decrease the price of the course (coupons will expire at the end of the launch).

  • Crypto Underworld Coupon for Day 2: crypto5 decreases the price 5%
  • Crypto Underworld Coupon for Day 3: crypto7 decreases the price 7%Β 
  • Crypto Underworld Coupon for Day 5: crypto10 decreases the price 10%

Crypto Underworld Review Conclusion

Unfortunately, there is not much more that I can add to this Crypto Underworld review, without giving it all away. πŸ˜‰

Todd Spears has been in the industry for a long time, has been involved in trading, in building mining rigs, done staking and has experienced the pitfalls, the ups and downs and so on…

Fortunately he’s also come up with a kickass strategy that allows you to find good projects and tokens BEFORE they get launched into the more common exchanges like Binance and the likes, allowing you to swoop in and catch them before they pop.

Not only that, but you’ll be learning what I consider to be the more interesting feature of crypto at the moment, which is how to earn stable yield (and…unstable yield) on your coins, plus, you’ll learn really useful stuff like creating your wallets, trading, bot trading, how to find good projects, how to operate decentralized exchanges and much more.

So who’s the Crypto Underworld for? Crypto Underworld is for those of you who’re tired of seeing others making crazy gains on their crypto, while you stand there not making any money at all.

Β If you’re serious about crypto, then this is a great program to be involved in.Β 

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