Does GrooveFunnels Have An Autoresponder?

So you’ve probably heard the fuzz, about GrooveFunnels being the next big thing (personally, I think it is) but in addition to having all of those amazing features and tools…a very common question is: Does GrooveFunnels have an autoresponder?

Will GrooveFunnels allow you to do email marketing? What about email automation or email templates?

Well…the answer to all of these questions is yes! GrooveFunnels will have all of that!

Actually, GrooveMail will.

GrooveFunnels will have its own integrated email autoresponder called GrooveMail. GoogleMail is one of the 12 tools within its all-in-one digital marketing platform, known as GrooveFunnels.

It’ll be integrated into the backoffice and will be fully functional by July 2020, although currently and as of the writing of this article, it’s not a “stand-alone” product, meaning you can’t actually get it on its own (that might change in the future though).

But let’s get back to business: Why is GrooveMail so exciting? I mean I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited! 😁

GrooveMail is exciting because it’s very similar to something like activecampaign, getresponse, aweber or any one of the other email marketing services but the difference is that it will be allowing you to upload up to 25,000 email contacts on any one of their paid plans (in addition to getting a few of their Groove tools with it, which I’ll be mentioning in a bit).

That’s the fun part, but at its core…it’s very similar to the alternatives.

It’ll allow for the usual tagging, segmenting, broadcasting, autoresponder sequences and behavioral-based email marketing. It will also allow you to upload databases, do a/b split testing, schedule emails, easily create forms by dragging and dropping, and so on…

Basically…it will essentially be a world-class email marketing solution that can compete with the highest level software that are currently out there in the market right now.

Of course, and like we mentioned, this is very basic stuff pretty much every single one of the email autoresponders are interchangeable. You can use one or you can cancel and upload your databases on to the other one.

So where does GrooveMail differ from the other email marketing software? 🤨

  • Well…for one, since GrooveMail is part of the GrooveFunnels platform, it is able to sync with the other tools like the membership tool GrooveMember, the page builder GroovePages for email opt-in pages and landing pages, GrooveSell, to be able to deliver your digital products through mail to your customers…and a few others, which means no API shenanigans and no integrating (if you don’t want to).

  • But also, GrooveMail will allow you to have up to 25,000 contacts on any one of their paid plans, regardless of the plan. You can email up to 750,000 emails per month if that were 1 email per day, and you don’t get charged more for it, and the difference between having 1000 contacts and 10,000 contacts, when it comes to costs…is zero (unlike with the email autoresponders).

Of course, at face value, this seems like it’s a better deal for those people who have close to 25,000 contacts…because otherwise, you’re just wasting money. I mean, at $99/month, it’s almost not worth it Right?

Well…GrooveMail is not a stand-alone product.

This means, that if you buy any one of the GrooveFunnels plans you’ll get Groove mail with 25,000 contacts max…but you’ll also be getting a bunch of other GrooveApps (tools) included. 

Basically…GrooveMail, is PART of the tools you’ll get, for that amount, not the whole thing.

So, for example, the GrooveFunnels Silver plan would cost $99/month and would give you GrooveMail (25,000 contacts) but also GroovePages Pro, with unlimited pages, domains and unlimited everything, GrooveMember for membership sites, GrooveVideo for video hostign and GrooveSell and GoogleAffiliates for selling products as a seller or affiliate.

This is why GrooveMail (and GrooveFunnels in general) is so cool!

If you check the pricing on any one of the other email auto-responders in the industry right now, 25,000 contact will cost you anywhere from 150 to $250 per month to have access to.

This makes it so that GrooveMail is already “worth it” if you have that amount of email subscribers, but you’ll also be getting all the other tools mentioned above…if you don’t.

Does GrooveFunnels Have An Autoresponder

Well, what about if you have more than 25,000 contacts you want to transfer over?

Well, since there is a hard cost associated with sending emails, you’ll have to contact the GrooveFunnels support you’ll be offered a deal.

The CEO of the company Mike Filsaime, as already stated that it will probably cost you a third of what it will cost you to have that many contacts elsewhere…so you are in good hands. 

Another good thing is that if you want to use any one of the other GrooveFunnels tools, but you for some reason don’t want to change your email autoresponder to use GrooveMail, you can do that too. No problemo.

GrooveFunnels does have all the integrations of the top autoresponders in the industry anyways, so you’ll be good to go.

Personally I have canceled my getresponse account and I’m waiting to be able to use GrooveMail. It was a super easy choice in my case. I’m a backer member of the GrooveFunnels platform, and now one of the top affiliates of the company. I think it’s the real deal.

  • If you’re interested in learning more about GrooveFunnels, you can check out my complete review on the product here, where I go over every single tool and, pretty much any question that you might have.

  • Also if you’re interested in trying the platform out for yourself, you can grab a FREE GrooveFunnels account by clicking here, or on any one of the buttons on this page.

  • If you’d like to get the GrooveFunnels platform, at a one-time price, and become a backer member (GrooveFunnels platinum member) and never pay any monthly fees ever again, you can check availability on that offer here. If there are still spots, I highly suggest you get in, because they’ll be closing the offer VERY soon.

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