Does GrooveFunnels Have Free Hosting? The Shocking Answer

So does GrooveFunnels have free hosting? Is this something that is even possible? Well, the answer to this question is yes! GrooveFunnels does offer free hosting! 😀

It’s crazy, right? And for those of you who might think “well…that’s not a big deal” here’s why it’s SUCH a big deal.

Unlike many other “all-in-one” digital marketing platforms, website hosting solutions, and marketing software that are out there in the market today, GrooveFunnels allows you to host up to 3 custom domains on their own hosting plans…absolutely for free. 

This is something that is usually only allowed for paid members of the platform, software app or tool you’re using. For example, Builderall, Wix, Kartra, ClickFunnels…all of these tools require you to be a paid customer for you to have anything close to a custom domain hosted on their sites.

That’s because…well…hosting is expensive!

Does GrooveFunnels Have Free Hosting
The websites you’ll be able to create with your free GrooveFunnels account

Well, GrooveFunnels doesn’t care about that (at least for the time being and as of the writing of this article). 

This is an extremely valuable offer that’s probably not going to be around for very long because this means that if you have a domain that you purchase, maybe in a domain registrar like NameCheap or GoDaddy, you now don’t even hosting your site there (or anywhere else for that matter) to start running your websites.

And that’s why it’s crazy…you don’t even have to buy hosting! 

I made a review on Bluehost (elsewhere in this website) and they have some pretty hefty 12, 24 and up to 36 month upfront cost for their hosting plans…which can be fairly expensive (if I recall correctly was around $200 upfront) and there are some additional upsells, upgrades and other fees involved for higher volume of traffic, by the way (in fact, unlimited bandwidth…is a whole nother ballgame).

However with GrooveFunnels, you don’t need that.  

Like we mentioned…they offer free hosting for up to 3 custom domains. You’re basically wasting money if you choose not to use the GrooveFunnels hosting, well…why pay for it, right?

And some of you more knowledgeable folks out there might say “yeah, but what if the hosting is terrible? I don’t want that”.

GrooveFunnels has got you covered there too. 😉

You see…GrooveFunnels has some of the best hosting that money can buy: They’re using the Amazon servers, as hosting hubs for all of the websites.

I personally am already running one of my websites on the GrooveFunnels hosting platform, and as you can see from the image below, the gtmetrix for that website shows that the loading speeds are of 1 and a  half seconds. The site has almost no content, and I’ve not optimized the images…that’s the reason for the “F” score…but even then! 

Does GrooveFunnels Have Free Hosting 2
Site loads SUPER fast with GrooveFunnels hosting, even when the images are not optimized!

This website you are on right now (, has a loading speed of almost 5 second, AND I’m paying for my hosting with Namecheap…but the GrooveFunnels is looking competent and high quality enough, that I might be switching, very soon (in fact…I’m checking it out as we speak, hehe).

Does GrooveFunnels Have Free Hosting 4
Namecheap hosting, with everything optimized…still amost 5 seconds loading speed! What!?

Should You Get The GrooveFunnels Hosting?

The answer to this is pretty much yes.

The fact that you don’t have to pay anything for hosting for unlimited for up to 3 custom domains for free…is just insane. 

Like I said…you’re pretty much wasting money if you’re choosing not to host your website on the GrooveFunnels platform simply because it’s already free. I mean, why not?

Instead of buying the hosting, just buy the domain name, and start hosting it with GrooveFunnels. Easy peasy.

Where Do You Get GrooveFunnels For Free?

To make use of this amazing feature that GrooveFunnels provides (which I’m not sure should be around for very long…) all you have to do, is create a free GrooveFunnels account.

Oh by the way…the free plan also gives you GroovePages lite (which allows you to use the GroovePages technology)

So if you have not yet a subscriber to the craze, I’d recommend you sign up to a free account here.👈 You can also do so by clicking on any one of the buttons throughout the page. 

Regardless, you’ll be taken over to a website for you to create a free account, and you can start hosting your websites that you purchased elsewhere, with a click of a few buttons (by creating a Cname redirect to the GrooveFunnels hosting).

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