Does GroovePages Work? The Good The Bad And The Ugly…

A really common question I’ve been getting as of late, is stuff like “Does GroovePages work?” and “I heard GroovePages is buggy. Is it working properly?”.

Having used GroovePages, ever since it was launched, back in the early months of 2020 (although I’ve known about it since 2019) and having built multiple pages with it…in this post, I thought I’ll go over my own experience with it, and tell you everything you should know.

What Is GroovePages?

If you’re searching for GroovePages, chances are, you’re aware of what it is…but in case you aren’t, let me quickly go through what it is, so that we’re all on the same boat.

GroovePages, is a website, funnel and page builder, created by the company GrooveDigital which was launched back in late 2019, and is now part of the GrooveFunnels all-in-one digital marketing software.

GroovePages allows you to create modern looking, SEO optimized, mobile first indexing compliant and super fast loading pages, from scratch or by using premade templates. 

It’s using a fairly new technology, called Vue.js. It’s a progressive Javascript framework technology, that loads your pages mostly through HTML, without having to “call the servers” to do so, which increases loading speed and helps your Google rankings.

I’ve extensively written about the tool here (I go through literally everything button by button) and I’ve also written extensively about GrooveFunnels as a whole, on my website. Everything from pricing plans, tools, affiliate program,special bonuses…you name it. 

Does GroovePages Work? Yes It Does

GroovePages works perfectly fine.

In fact, it’s been working now, better than ever.

Now, to be 100% honest, In the beginning, when it created…it was a mess.

People were taking 5+ hours to create their pages, which is just not reasonable at all.

I consider myself to have an “above average” website, and funnel building skills, and can pretty rapidly learn to use the new tools that keep popping up all the time…so it didn’t take me 5 hours.

But with that said…GroovePages, was kinda hard to use.

I had issues with selecting boxes and containers, highlighting what I wanted to modify, adding images…

and most importantly…resizing and moving images.

Just thinking about it, gives me the chills.

it was pretty much impossible to resize images correctly, and put them exactly where I wanted to, with GroovePages. Check out the gif, below this phrase, to see what I’m talking about.

Does GroovePages Work?
There was no way to do this before…you had to individually resize them by selecting the box, and changing size on the right sidebar. Yikes

Fortunately, since the creators of GroovePages have decided to create a complete all-in-one digital marketing experience and platform to compete with the likes of Builderall, Kartra, and the likes…

they’ve had to step it up both when it comes to developing new tools that will be included in the platform, and also step it up when it comes to making the first tool they’ve made (GroovePages) even better.

In hindsight, GrooveFunnels was still in beta when I started using it, which means that it was still not ready to be released into the marketplace…

However people had still paid $497 at that time to use it, and even anywhere from $1497 to something along the lines of $3456 to be using it when the GrooveFunnels lifetime option had been announced (I was included in that group).

GroovePages Right Now

Fortunately, GroovePages is working amazingly well now, and I’m once again happy to say that the pages that I build with it…

Look F#@king awesome. ?

They really do.

They’re super high quality, they look incredible (like pretty much nothing else out there), they load fast, and a lot of the bugs have been fixed.

  • You can now actually modify the text and add the links, from within the same box (without having to go to the element section on the right of the screen, for each individual piece of text).

  • The window doesn’t automatically resize as drastically as before, so that you don’t end up accidentally clicking something that you didn’t want to click (has happened to me a bunch).

  • On top of that, there are dozens and dozens of new templates to choose from (which in my opinion are the heart of this software) so that you have more variety, without having to spend too much time coming up with your own designs.

In fact, as of the writing of this article, GrooveFunnels has officially currently launched into the marketplace (worldwide launch) and so, it’s supposed to be working better than before.

One of the bigger issues that I’m having with GroovePages though…

Is that, it has essentially been created for you to use the templates with. To make it simple and easy, for even the beginners. 

The templates have been professionally designed by award-winning designers, and so, unless you’re really really good at creating high-quality pages, it might take you a very long time to get to make something that looks as professionals as maybe some of the more modern looking sites you’ll see around the web.

Basically, you’ll want to stick with what has already been built, so as to save as much time as possible, and still have it look amazing. 

Me playing around with the GroovePages software,

Conclusion: GroovePages Works Better Than Ever!

So, does GroovePages work?

100% yes,

And it’s working better than ever. 

In fact, you can go ahead and start using GroovePages tool, right now, for FREE, without even having to add your credit card to get started.

You can get a FREE GrooveFunnels Base Account here, or by clicking on any one of the buttons on this page, which will take you over to the GrooveFunnels site.

There, you can add your information, create a username, and get GroovePages (lite version), GrooveSell (to sell your own digital products online) and GrooveAffiliate (to create affiliate programs for your the products you’re selling through GrooveSell).

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