Fade To Black Review By Joey Xoto. A Sneak Peek

Hey there and welcome to this Fade To Black review! In this post, we’ll be going over the amazing new video course blueprint, created by none other than the amazing Joey Xoto.

We’ll be going over pricing, features, upgrades, pros and cons, as well as a lot more stuff, that you’ll probably not see mentioned anywhere else and much more, so be sure to give it a good look.

So If you’ve ever been interested in video creating and editing at all, and are also smart enough to know that you should learn from the best of the best, then this Fade To Black review, is where you want to be.

Let’s get cracking! ?

Fade To Black Review 1

What Is Fade To Black?

So first off, what is Fade To Black?

Okay, so we’ve been mentioning that it’s a video training course. Right?

Well…it is.

But it’s also way more than that. ?

It’s the “insiders secrets” (in video format) to what has helped Joey Xoto, go from broke and in dept, to over 30 million dollars in online sales. 

Inside the training you’ll be taught by the master himself, all the methods, tactics and strategies that he used and uses, to:

  1. Create the video content that was presented in some of his earlier info products.
  2. Create the amazing and highly engaging documentary style videos that made him famous in the first place.
  3. AND that he used to create some of the videos of the sales pages for the famous Viddyoze app (of which i’ve also done a In-Depth Analysis in this blog too) that has now made over 20 million dollars in sales.

Fade To Black covers everything video production related, that you can possibly think of…

From the actual production and fundamentals, to scripts and psychology of music, video editing, lighting and angle, hooks, stories and storyboarding, location, equipment and more.

It’s a video creation bible with of over 80 videos of high quality content, that you won’t find elsewhere.

Fade To Black Review 2

Your Instructor. Who Is Joey Xoto?

Joey Xoto, is no stranger to the video industry. In fact had already launched his first successful video course back in 2013…But before he had his breakthrough, he was in the worst of spots imaginable.

He had lost his job and was heavily in dept…

Out of desperation, and relying on nothing but his video editing skills, he was able to get a hold of a camera and started creating videos for a successful online marketer in the UK.

The quality of what Joey Xoto created, was like nothing nobody had ever seen before (it wasn’t just “a bit better”…it was miles ahead of anything) which very quickly made him become, one of the leading authorities on video in the IM space. 

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Since then, he also created the groundbreaking Viddyoze app, which has since become one of the best selling, most popular and more impactful video apps ever, used by over 100 thousand customers worldwide, and also some companies like Tesla, Pepsico and Vodafone.

Fade To Black, is the amalgamation of all the skills necessary to replicate Joeys success, which he’ll personally be teaching you, after being absent from the space for 5 years. 

Make no mistake…Fade To Black is going to be both a complete success and a highly sought-after and in demand product, and everything from video editing to million dollar video scripts, tricks and strategies will be taught.

Fade To Black Review 3

What Will You Learn Inside Fade To Black?

Inside Fade To Black, you’ll learn about the following themes and categories:

✅ Video Scripts.

What if you’re video scripts flop? What if you think they’re amazing, but your customers thinks it “sucks”?

Well Fade To Black will teach you the proven and repeatable method to create persuasive scripts, which will hook viewers and convert them into buyers of whatever it is you’re selling.

This is the same strategy that Joey himself used to generate 6 figure promotions and multi million dollar sales.

✅ Video Production Fundamentals.

Building a house, starts with laying the first brick and without a solid foundation of the basics of video production, you’re as good as toast.

Fade To Black will teach you the fundamentals of exciting and breath taking videos, so that you can be confident that every video you create, from here on out, is on point.

Joey dissects his strategy to the core, and once learned, you’ll be able to apply this knowledge forever, ensuring the most positive and profitable result.

✅ The Psychology Of Music.

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of video creations, that is also amongst the most important ones!

The type of music you choose for the specific type of video you’ll be shooting, will set the mood, it will hook viewers and it’ll drive your video. The music you choose can make or break your video.

Joey spends hours on choosing the perfect music for his videos, becuase he knows the importance of the psychology of music in them.

As he mentions… the right music = money in your pocket, and he goes over exactly how he does it, inside Fade To Black.

✅ Video Editing Mastery.

Video editing used to take a hell of a lot of work…until now.

In this section, Joey dives deep into his most powerful and most sought-after video editing techniques (that more than one has tried ripping off) so that you can quickly and masterfully make your video content incredibly engaging and interesting.

Mastering video editing takes a LOT of time, and getting the best guidance in this area, will allow you to shave years off of the learning curve.

✅ Don’t Want To Appear On Camera? No Problemo.

Not everyone wants to appear on camera, and that is A okay.

Joey has created a complete section, within the training, that is specifically created for those who don’t want anything to do with being in the spotlight.

Plus, Joey even shows you how to create videos, without needing to record even your voice.

So no. Being on camera, is not a must by any stretch of the imagination, and the training is not “less great” because of this.

✅ Lights, Camera, Audio…Everything In Between.

Fade To Black goes over the whole pipeline when it comes to creating exceptional and one of a kind video content. From top to bottom.

In the course, Joey goes over, in great detail, topics like choosing location, getting great lighting, storyboarding, framing shots, and much more.

Basically…Fade To Black, is everything you’ll ever need, when it comes to video creation, that you can also access from anywhere at any time (even while shooting a video!).

It is THAT good.

✅ Video Angles, Settings And Concepts.

If you’ve ever owned a camera, but haven’t been fully aware of what exactly every feature does…that is what this topic covers.

Fade To Black teaches you to harness the power of your equipment, and will leave you feeling completely competent, regardless of which camera you’re using.

From now on, and after going through the course, you’ll not only be exceptional with your own equipment, but with any other camera at all, as you’ll know how to make the most of it.

Fade To Black Review 4

Fade To Black Pricing And Upsells

As of right now, Fade To Black is priced at an absurdly cheap $47 one time, with two complimentary and completely optional upsells/upgrades.

The upgrades are Fade To Black Lightspeed, which comes ar $197 and Viddyoze Black Edition, also at $47.

I don’t have too much information on what each of the upsells are yet (and i’ll be updating as we go), but personally, $47 is pretty much nothing for this information. 

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I’ve personally spent up to $2000 for courses online that weren’t half as good as this (or coming from such a reputable source like Joey Xoto).  So in my mind, it’s a complete no brainer and a steal to be honest. ?

Remember, like i said: This training is coming to you from a complete industry leader, with millions of dollars in sales, hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide and that is also ACTIVELY in the trenches making videos.

Joey is NOT some fake, amateur wannabe, locked in a cave somewhere.

He is THE person to learn this from.

Fade To Black Review 5

Fade To Black Pros And Cons

No Fade To Black review (or any other review for that matter) can be complete without the all too critical “Pros and Cons” section.

I wish to remind you though, that these are my personal opinions, and as such, don’t necessarily mean that you’ll have the same.

Price of the product, is usually a really good example of this. 

I might think that the price of this particular course is very cheap for the amount of information that you get (not to mention slicing the learning curve in half) whereas you might think it’s not, so take it with a grain of salt. ?


✅ The course is beginner friendly.

Extremely cheap cost for the amount of content that you actually get (a lot of other courses can cost MUCH more and deliver MUCH less).

✅ 30 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk involved.

✅ Creators have a proven track record of amazing products. This is not your everyday “run-of-the-mill” online course.

Around the clock support. The company Viddyoze, has 100 thousand happy customers, and 40+ support staff members (not all infoproducts launches can say they have support to back it up).

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? You need to actually apply what you’re taught, for you to see results. It’s not a plug-n-play software like in the Matrix.

? The content cannot be found anywhere else (which can also be considered a good thing!) and nobody else has the insight that Joey shares. Trying to replicate his mastery and expertise without hearing it straight from him…might take you a WHOLE lot more time.

? You’ll get the most out of the course, if you have your own equipment and gear. Essentially…it’s tailor-made for video creators who are “in the trenches” or are thinking about getting into the game, so to speak.

Fade To Black Review 6

Is Fade To Black Worth It?

Here’s the thing…i’m not a video guy, so i don’t consider myself to be much of an authority in the area.

However, i do know this.

If you ever get the chance to invest, into getting the information that someone else spent years of their lives to learn, you should always go for it. When is that ever not going to be a smart idea? Only when you have no interest in the area at hand, (which if’ you’re reading through, is not the case).

As Warren Buffet said:

“It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.”

Information from the right people, is crucial to shave off a lot of unnecessary mistakes and a whole lot of wasted time, since there is nothing worse than climbing a mountain (learning a craft in this case) just to realize that you were climbing the WRONG mountain.

Joey Xoto, is the guy that learned how to climb the correct mountain, and built multiple videos, courses and a software company that today is being used by 100k people and brands such as Tesla, Pepsico and Sony.

So if you’re going to learn from someone, this is probably the person you want to listen to… ?

So basically, if you’re at all interested in going into video production, and learning from someone who has made it to the top of the food chain, coming from broke to over 30 million dollars in sales…then Fade To Black, is more than worth it.

Fade To Black Review 7

Why Buy Fade To Black Right Now, And Not Later?

Because you need it…like Yesterday.

If you want to be successful in video creation (or in anything else in life, really) you simply do not compromise on acquiring the knowledge, the guidance or the expertise needed to help you level up and better yourself.

You just do not compromise on proper expertise. Ever. Period.

And at $47? 

Pff…c’mon now. ?

Another reason for picking up Joey Xoto’s Fade To Black now, and not later, is because… like we said, he doesn’t launch products very often, and the price for the product might be bumped up at any moment in time (and i always keep my review up to date).

So if you feel like this training can give you an edge, in any way, you should pick it up asap.


So there you have it everyone, that would be my Fade To Black review, by Joey Xoto. I hope that you enjoyed.

As you have seen, this is NOT your everyday video training course, on how to make videos. This is the entire repertoire and years of experience, from one of the most successful video content creators around at this moment.

Fade To Black is the newest and most complete training, on how to meticulously create high quality video content, that even beginners can fully utilize, to explode their potential.

As you’ve seen, it’s not just a video course, it’s a complete repeatable and replicable system, with over 80 individual videos to learn and apply from.

Joey Xoto has returned to the game after 5 years of abstinence, with a product that is so high quality, that it’s practically unrivaled. 

It definitely is something else, and if you’re into video creation at all, and are interested in learning from a complete master, you cannot go wrong with Fade To Black.

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