Groove.Cm Bonuses. How I Made 13,958.60 With Groove.Cm. My Exact Strategies.

Looking to get some more bang for you buck, when it comes to Groove.Cm?

In this post, I’ll be going over the Groove.Cm bonuses, that I’ve personally made, for anyone who’s interested in getting Groove.Cm, becoming a customer, but who are also interested in not just using the platform, but also promoting it as an affiliate.

GrooveFunnels Bonus
Disclaimer: Earnings and income are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. These results are not typical and results will vary.

Groove.Cm Is Awesome.

As you may or may not know, Groove.Cm is an all in one digital marketing platform, that allows you to do…a whole lot of stuff.

From email marketing, to creating and selling your courses, to creating websites and funnels and pages, and so on.

I personally bought the software back in May 2020.

I use it, and I love it.

I chose the 6 month payment plan, since I didn’t have the option to buy it 1 time, like you currently do (for as long as the lifetime option remains open, of course)

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And I’ve been a partner of the software, since the beginning of 2020, although most of my commissions, were generated in the last few months, so pretty much anyone can make some good cash by promoting it…and it doesn’t take too long. ?

The product is freaking amazing, and, that you’ll be SUPER glad to get it, and stoked to promote it, because of just how good it is.

Groove.Cm bonuses
It’s actually over 21K in commissions by the end of 2020. Also made sales throughout 2021 of course, but didn’t go in as crazily.

Groove.Cm Bonus: Housekeeping:

Alrighty, before I dive straight into the Groove.Cm bonuses that I’ve got lined up for you, I just wanted to go over some little, very important things.

The First Thing: 

Usually, and in my experience, when someone is looking for “Groove.Cm lifetime bonus” or “Groove.Cm bonuses” or pretty much any combination of the “Best x product bonus” online, particularly when it comes to digital marketing…they’re usually coming from the “affiliate marketing” side of things.

And they want to learn how to make money by promoting the software.

So as a result of that, I’ve tailor-made my bonuses, for people who’re interested in not only using the platform, but also promoting the platform


If you’re NOT interested in promoting the software, then this bonus is NOT the best one for you. Feel free to shop around elsewhere. You’ll be better off getting another type of bonus, like templates or coaching, etc.


Even though I’ll be showing you exactly everything you need to do, for you to possibly start making some interesting income with the Groove.Cm affiliate program…there is obviously no guarantee that you’ll even make anything at all. It really depends on you.

With that said, everything will be laid out for you.  


Unlike other Groove.Cm bonuses, or Groove.Cm lifetime bonuses that you might encounter out there…

I’m NOT going to teach you “to sell Groove.Cm to someone who can sell Groove.Cm, who will teach someone else how to sell Groove.Cm…”

I’ve made most of my commissions (probably 95%) by selling it to BUSINESS OWNERS, and not to affiliates.

In fact…pretty much every single affiliate that has “initiated payment” with Groove.Cm through the links here, has either canceled, refunded, or spammed the living crap out of everyone with a bajillion links, and in the end, haven’t paid for the software.

Those aren’t serious people, and if you’re one of them, please stay away.  

What I will teach you though, is how to think a bit outside the box, and sell Groove.Cm to the best prospect ever: The person who is looking to use Groove.Cm because they NEED IT.

And I’ll be doing so, without you having to go out there and convince, talk to, bother or beg anyone. Not one person.

There is no interaction here.

In fact, people will come to YOU, and you STILL won’t have to talk to them (although I’ll throw in a Facebook strategy there, for you extroverted people).

With that said…let’s look at the bonuses.

Groove.Cm Bonuses #1: My FaceBook Traffic Strategy

Groove.Cm Bonuses 3

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The first Groove.Cm bonus, is a 7 video series training course, on how to get bucket-loads of FREE traffic from FaceBook, over to your Groove affiliate sites…or pretty much anywhere you want.

This is the exact strategy that I’ve used to make my first $1k online, and with which I can now pretty much instantly get hundreds of eyeballs on my offers, and make money…pretty much guaranteed, and when I want.

It’s a course that I create a while back (so it’s not 100% targeted for Groove.Cm) and I’ve only ever given this out to around 50 people, tops (so pretty much nobody).

Inside, I’ll be showing you how to: 

  • Optimize your Facebook profile to get clicks and sales, without you doing anything.
  • Find people who actually want what you’re selling.
  • Build a super-profitable friends list.
  • “Hack” the Facebook algorithm, to pretty much force them to give you free traffic.
  • How to CORRECTLY make posts.
  • And make a bunch of money with your posts (works 90% of the time)
  • ALL of the tricks, hacks, and even secret codes that I use that I’ve not shown elsewhere.

I even go over a few strategies that I’ve come up with myself, that have made me money within the first 24 hours of applying.

Groove.Cm Bonuses #2: My Google GoldMine Strategy

Groove.Cm Bonuses 4

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This is the main course, the “piece de resistance“…if you will.

In this 30 minute video, I go over the strategy that I’m currently using right now, to bring in daily traffic, sales and sign-ups, on complete autopilot, and that has been responsible for me making up to $3,200 in a single day, with Groove.Cm.

It revolves around creating simple pieces of content, that will soak the pretty much endless (and currently growing) traffic for Groove.Cm, from around the web, and that’ll stay there.

Not only that, but it’s about the highest converting traffic out there.

In this video, I’ll be showing you how to:

  • Create the traffic hub, that will host your content.
  • What (free) tools you need to plug-in.
  • How to easily connect your hub with the search engines and how to pop-up there FAST.
  • How to obliterate the competition by taking advantage of what they’re not doing.
  • Show you EXACTLY what to create.
  • Show you exactly HOW to create it (for maximum exposure). 

Groove.Cm Bonuses #3: The Google Ads Strategy

Groove.Cm Bonuses 5

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This bonus is all about Google ads, and how to make extremely cheap and super powerful little ads, to promote Groove.Cm, and hopefully make some good cash.

Right now, is an absolutely great moment to learn about this because Groove.Cm is letting you bid on their keywords (which is something that ClickFunnels or kartra, or other softwares of this caliber, don’t allow you to do).

In this 22 minute video, I dive head-first, and show you step-by-step how to:

  • Set up a kick-ass campaign in 4-5 minutes.
  • Get absurdly cheap clicks for Groove.Cm (with live example in the video).
  • Avoid the #1 mistake in Google Ads, that EVERYONE and their dog is doing.
  • Get humongously high CTRs, and lower your cost a bunch.
  • Find the exact keywords that you need to target.

I even show you my PERSONAL campaigns, which have made me 4 figures, at less than $100 to run. that you can copy and use for yourself, with my exact keywords.

Groove.Cm Bonuses #4: The Viral Site Strategy 

Groove.Cm Bonuses 6

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This bonus, is a bit more…rebellious.

Inside this 16 minute video, I combine the former 2 strategies, with a viral content building method that will help you flood the interwebs, with virtually unlimited number of your affiliate content.

I’ve personally paid $497, to learn EXACTLY what I’ll be teaching right here. No joke.

In this bonus, I’ll teach you how to:

  • Find unlimited content for Groove.Cm.
  • Create thousands of your own affiliate pages, within minutes (yes, really).
  • Get even more traffic to your affiliate links, with 1 little tweak.
  • Gain a MASSIVE advantage, when promoting other programs too.

IMPORTANT: How To Claim Your Groove.Cm Bonuses!

To get your bonuses, all you have to do, is:

  1. Click On This Link Here, or on any button on this page.
  2. Choose any Groove.Cm lifetime plan you want.
  3. Make sure to check that the referrer is: olbap12 (this would be mine).
  4. Purchase your software.
  5. Then, send me an email to: pablop-12 (at), with the subject “groove bonuses” letting me know under which email you created your account. 
  6. I’ll check, and I’ll send you over yourGroove.Cm lifetime bonuses, in 24-48 hours time, max.

And that would be it! ?

Looking forward to having you onboard the Groove.Cm choo-choo train!

If you have ANY questions AT ALL, be sure to leave them in the comments section below ?

All the best.

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  1. Sent you an email. Looking forward to learning this!

    1. Bonuses sent to you Susan. Welcome to Groove ?

  2. Hello.

    How much does it cost to implement the strategies in this bonus? I understand that the ads can be expensive, but other than that, is there anything else I should worry about?

    1. Hello Clarinda.

      I’ll try breaking it down:

      Bonus 1:

      This is a free strategy. It only takes a bit of time to build a friends list, but other than that, no additional money.

      Bonus 2:

      This is also a free strategy, apart from costing you $12/year (or $1/month) for your domain, and around $3/month for hosting, which is very cheap.

      You do get free hosting with Groove, but you’ll be needing something different (I go through everything in the training). You can also outsource this strategy, which can get expensive, but you can also do it yourself.

      Bonus 3:

      Obviously, this strategy is paid ads, but I show you how to get veeeery cheap clicks (I also get a $0.11 click on my ads, live in the video on a super-profitable and targeted keyword). Also, you can tighten your budget to where you’re spending less than $5/day, if you want. I go through that in the video too.

      Bonus 4:

      This is probably the most expensive because it requires some tools in addition to what you need in bonus 2. It costs around $200, but you don’t actually need to use it to see results (just watching the video, can give you a bunch of ideas that you might not have thought about before). I’ve added it here because, 1) I’m using it, 2) It works, 3) It’s scalable, 4) It’s awesome with bonus 2 and 3, plus, you can use it with any product out there, and not just with GrooveFunnels.

      Hopefully that helped answer the question.?

        1. Thank you so much!? Much appreciated.

  3. Adrian Ramos says:

    Sounds absolutely like something I’d like to learn how to do!

    Email sent out to you. Please check. Thanks


    1. Awesome. Welcome to Groove! 😀

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