How Much Does GrooveFunnels Cost? Pricing And More.

How much does GrooveFunnels cost?

In this article, weโ€™ll be going over the different GrooveFunnels payment options, the GrooveFunnels monthly pricing plans, the cost of GrooveFunnels and GrooveFunnels Platinum lifetime option, so that you know exactly what to expect, before picking it up.

Let’s check it out.

Alright, so what are the Groovefunnels monthly pricing plans? How much is GrooveFunnels monthly and what payment options do you have?

Well, GrooveFunnels has a few payment options available to you, that will be different depending on the amount of tools you’ll be using or that you’re interested in getting…just like pretty much every other SAAS company out there, nowadays.

The current available plans, as of the writing of this article, are the GrooveFunnels Silver plan, the GrooveFunnels Gold plan and the GrooveFunnels Platinum plan.

Let’s look at what each of these will cost you:

  • GrooveFunnels Silver is going to cost you $99/month and will give you access to the “base tools” which include the email marketing platform (GrooveMail) the website and funnel builder (GroovePages) the membership site creator (GrooveMember) the digital product selling interface (GrooveSell) the video hoster (GrooveVideo) and the affiliate marketing solution and marketplace (GrooveAffiliate).

  • GrooveFunnels Gold is going to be priced at $199/month and it will give you every single tool available in the former plan (silver) but will additionally also give you access to the help desk tool (GrooveDesk) the quiz builder (GrooveQuiz) the survey creator (GrooveSurvey) the blog tool (GrooveBlog) and also the calendar tool (GrooveCalendar).

  • GrooveFunnels Platinum will start at $299/month and will give you every single one of the tools in the two former plans, but will also offer a few other powerful tools, which are the webinar builder (GrooveWebinar) as well as the website builder for Shopify (for you to integrate within your store, if you have one).

So as you can see, the platform will start at $99/month, and will go up to $299/month depending on the tools that you are interested in getting.

In case you are using alternative tools you will be able to integrate them within the platform since GrooveFunnels will have integrations to most of the more common alternatives out there.

Also…as of right now the tools will not be able to be purchased individually so you’ll have to buy the complete package but that might change in the future in any case, weโ€™ll have that updated.

Even though these prices seem to be fairly expensive, the platform in of itself is cheaper than all the other tools combined, if you were to get them elsewhere. 

Just look at the image below! (comparison with the lifetime price, which we’ll be mentioning later).

GrooveFunnels cost 2
NOTE: The $1,897 option, was rolled out after the deadline ended, but by popular demand…GrooveFunnels decided to keep the lifetime option at $1,397. That’s $591 off of the 4 payment plan, and $500 cheaper that what it should have been at ($1,897).

For example for the silver plan, not only will you be getting a world-class funnel builder (which already cost $97/month) but you will also be getting an email autoresponder with up to 25,000 contacts that you can mail for free (amongst other tools) 

If you were to look up what that would cost you to have that amount of contacts, in some of the main email autoresponders, it would probably be around 150 to $200/month.

That’s already almost $300 in value in just 2 tools, and you’ll of course be getting more than that.

How to upgrade to GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime?

So, in case you’re unaware, there’s also an option for you to upgrade to the lifetime membership of the GrooveFunnels platform, which is called the GrooveFunels platinum lifetime.

This will allow you to never have to pay for any monthly subscriptions, And we’ll take the long-term GrooveFunnels cost, to 0 (not including the one-time-price of course).

GrooveFunnels Cost

This is a very limited offer, and so for you to be able to upgrade to the lifetime membership all you have to do is check availability which you can do here.

In this case, and barring any future changes, the cost for GrooveFunnels would become:

  • $1988, if you choose the 4ย payment plan of $497.
  • $2328, if you choose the 6 payment/monthly plan at $388 each.
  • $2988, if you decide to take the 12 month payment plan of $249 per month.
  • $1397, if you go straight for the 1 time payment option.

In the beginning of September 2020, GrooveFunnels had scheduled to update the lifetime price, from $1,397 to $1,897, thus increasing it by $500. Because of the feedback, of the amount of people who could not get into the deal (hence why you should purchase your copy if you still haven’t) they decided to keep it at $1397 one time, while increasing the price for all the other plans.

As a result, the GrooveFunnels platinum lifetime 1 time price option, is $500 cheaper than it should be, AND, instead of saving $100 (when compared to the 4 payment plan, which used to be 3) you’re now saving $591…an absolute steal.

In any case, make sure to check if the lifetime option is still available to you, and if it is, I’d highly suggest you picking it up.

It’s an offer that’ll not be around forever, and it can be compared to buying an alternative like ClickFunnels, before it became a monthly subscription service.

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