GrooveFunnels Discount Code. Where Can You Get One?

GrooveFunnels is a very expensive tool for most people, and it’s understandable that not many people will want to buy the tool for that price but will however still be very interested in using it.

So the question arises: Is there any GrooveFunnels discount code available? If not, what are some alternatives? Can you get GrooveFunnels for a cheaper price? 

In this article, we’ll be going over if there is a discount code available for the Groove Funnels platform, and we’ll be going over some of the alternatives.

GrooveFunnels Discount Code

Is There A Discount Code For The GrooveFunnels Platform?

Unfortunately at this moment in time, there is no discount code available for the platform…

That is not to say that there won’t be sometime in the future, but for now, an actual “discount code” is simply not something the team at GrooveDigital, have been considering.

Womp, womp. ?

But hey…there are still a few alternatives options that you might be interested in instead (the second of which, I’m sure will float your boat, especially if you want to get the complete software).

These alternatives, are the following:

GrooveFunnels Free Base Account

Have you had a chance to look at the GrooveFunnels free base account? Did you even know that that was a thing?

GrooveFunnels allows you to get some of their tools, for free (and I’ve heard they will be giving out free base accounts, for ALL of their tools…but I can’t be certain of that yet).

The GrooveFunnels free base account will give you:

-GrooveAffiliate: Which will allow you to sell other people’s products online and will give you access to promote GrooveFunnels (without having to qualify to do so) and will also give you access to the marketplace with tens of thousands of products.

-GrooveSell: A tool that will allow you to create your own digital products to sell online.

-GroovePages Lite: The website and funnel building tool which will allow you to create your own websites, pages, funnels and more.

NOTE: By the way, as of right now GrooveFunnels is allowing up to 3 custom domains even on the free plan. This is absolutely crazy, because this means that you will not be paying for any hosting. After buying your domain you can plug it into the GrooveFunnels hosting plan, for free, by just having free account.

Get a Free GrooveFunnels base account here?

Yes, you won’t get the complete platform…but it’s an option I thought you might be interested in, if you’re not sure about the product as a whole yet.

But let’s get to the best of the options…shall we? ?

Save 35% with the one-time price

$100 Off The GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal (One-Time Price)

So even though there is no “GrooveFunnels discount code” available for the platform, as of this moment, per se, I guess the closest thing to a discount code, would have to be the GrooveFunnels one-time price option.

This is an option that was recently added  (I personally, didn’t have this option when I bought GrooveFunnels) that allows you to get the GrooveFunnels platform, for a $100 discount.

This means that instead of getting the software for 3 payments of $497, for a total of $1491 (the cheapest option), you can instead get it for $1397.

The GrooveFunnels Lifetime option might not be available as of right now, since it’s a VERY limited time offer that was available after the launch of GrooveFunnels in June 2020, but if it is…you can:  

Get A $100 Discount For GrooveFunnels Here ?

This link will take you to straight to the upgrade page, where you’ll be able to choose fro, the 4 different pricing plans. All you have to do, is check the last option, add your info and you’re set!


As of right now, there is no actual wait for you to get a straight-up GrooveFunnels discount code, that you can enter into the checkout page (I’ll be updating this post if there ever is).

There is, however, a way for you to access the complete software, at it’s cheapest price point possible, by upgrading to the one-time price (AKA GrooveFunnels platinum lifetime).

This is a very special offer (I personally didn’t have the option to get it when I upgraded) that will shave off an additional $100 from the price tag, and give you all of the benefits.

You should act quickly though, because the life-time price, is a very limited offer, that will be going on for a while after the GrooveFunnels launch, so be sure to check availability here and get it as fast as you can to save yourself an additional $100 bucks.

All the best.

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