GrooveFunnels Review. The Ultimate Guide

Hello everyone, and welcome to this Groove.Cm Review! In this post, I’ll be going over absolutely everything Groove.Cm related. From the different apps available, the pricing plans, the features, upgrades, future updates…and everything in between.

Groove.Cm is an amazing platform. It’s brand new, it’s super high-quality, it has a ton of things going for it and a great future ahead or it.

There is much to talk about, so let’s get cracking! 

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Table Of Contents

What Is Groove.Cm?

Groove.Cm is a highly robust, super high-quality, all-in-one digital marketing platform, that allows online entrepreneurs and anyone who is interested in building an online business, access to all of the apps and tools needed to do so, in one single platform, under one roof.

It’s essentially your “swiss army knife” (if you will) when it comes to digital marketing tools. All the “GrooveApps”, work separately, and also integrate and work with each other, to give you the complete “all in one” experience.

So from page builders, to autoresponders, membership sites, funnel builders, video hosting platforms, webinar builders, membership site builders, product funnel creation…and everything in between, Groove.Cm has it all.

It’s what’s considered to be a SAAS (software as a service) and is owned by GrooveDigital.

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What Is GrooveApps?

GrooveApps, was the original brand name for all the apps that were created under the “Groove” umbrella or ecosystem.

The brand was in the beginning intended to be called “Groove.Cm”, but the creators weren’t able to get the domain, and so GrooveApps was the name of the brand for some time and because of this, there might be some confusion. 

Fortunately, the creators were able to finally get ahold of the domain, and as of right now and going forth, GrooveApps will be retired, and Groove.Cm will be the brand name.

Throughout this Groove.Cm Review, I’ll be mentioning the different “apps” that are available in the platform as being the “Grooveapps”, although they technically aren’t called that. ?

What Is GrooveDigital, Inc?

GrooveDigital, is the parent company of all the Grooveapps. It was introduced into the market with the launch of the eCommerce platform and online selling tool called GrooveKart, a direct Shopify competitor.

After being unhappy with some of the “old ways of doing things”, the creators of GrooveKart (which we’ll mention later) decided to take things into their own hands, and create an all-in-one platform, which is now Groove.Cm.

GrooveDigital includes Groove.Cm and GrooveKart, but they also have other services available like GroovePay, GrooveAds, GrooveKon…amongst others, which can all be found inside of the Groove.Cm members area.

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Who Created Groove.Cm?

Mike Filsaime

Mike is the co-founder of GrooveDigital, has been a pioneer in the software and marketing tool industry and has generated over $125 million dollars in sales of revolutionary online tools for online businesses from all around the globe.

He was also one of the original founders of one of the leading online marketing platforms called Kartra, as well as having an important role in other Softwares like WebinarJab (both of which he intends on replacing, with the Groove.Cm technology).

You can learn more about him through his website, here.

John Cornetta

John Cornetta is the second co-founder of GrooveDigital, and one of the “OG’s” when it comes to online commerce and print on demand in particular.

John has been in the online industry for multiple years and it’s his knowledge in the e-commerce industry in particular, that is to give Groove.Cm and GrooveDigital, a massive edge over more traditional tools and platforms like Shopify.

He has 20+ years of online business experience, and has been involved in developing over 50 companies. He also teaches actively teaches eCommerce himself. 

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Mattijs Naus

Mattijs is the CTO of Groove.Cm, and has extensive knowledge in building and coding software products for online marketers, entrepreneurs, startups and online business owners.

Matt Serralta

Matt is the co-founder and COO of GrooveDigital. His past experience in e-Commerce also make him an integral part of the team. He has been involved in some of the biggest digital product and marketing tool launches in the past years, and also has over ten years of experience in executive-level management and sales.

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What Does Groove.Cm Include?

Groove.Cm is an exotic amalgamation of different online tools that will allow you to everything you need when it comes to building your online business (and if not, it’ll probably be updated, revamped or created by the users…a little more on that, later).

Here are the different apps or tools included in the Groove.Cm suite, as well as their release dates, since Groove.Cm has plans to add features and apps, well past the year 2021 (if no due date is mentioned, it’s because it’s already available): 

  • GroovePages
  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveMail  
  • GrooveMember  
  • GrooveVideo  
  • GrooveBlog 
  • GrooveDesk 
  • GrooveCalendar 
  • GrooveSurvey  
  • GrooveQuiz  
  • GrooveKart 
  • GrooveWebinars   


Groove.Cm Review: What Does Each Tool Do?

Let’s look at every single one of the apps/tools, one by one, and go over what they’re about and what they can do:


GroovePages is a website and funnel building software, that allows you to create super crisp and beautiful looking funnels and complete websites, from start to finish. 

It uses a super powerful technology to get this done. A progressive Javascript framework, called VUE.JS, which is miles ahead of anything else out there today (and is a lot newer than a lot of the site builders that are using Bootstrap and are over a decade old).   

GroovePages also allows you to publish your sites on HTML, which drastically lowers the page loading times and massively enhances SEO.

It’s also the first of its kind, in that it focuses on mobile-first indexing, (which is essential for ranking on Google) and plus, it also uses the best hosting servers that money can buy: Amazon servers. 

GrooveFunels Review 5
GroovePages website builder dashboard


GrooveSell is a sales platform for everyone and anyone who’s interested in selling their products or service online, whether that be eBooks, courses, coaching, training, and so on.

It allows you to create your product, add checkout pages, upsells, downsells, enable affiliate programs, and much much more, and without having to pay any fees to do so!

It’s will also allow for a marketplace in which affiliates will be able to find your products and promote them for you, essentially working as a replacement for, JVzoo or PayKickStart.

GrooveSell product creation dashboard


GrooveAffiliate is basically an affiliate platform and marketplace like JvZoo, WarriorPlus and ClickBank, where you can as an affiliate, sign up to promote high-quality, high-converting products that the sellers will be adding.

GrooveAffiliate is actually a sub-section or “sub-division”, within the GrooveSell app we mentioned above. It’s a super clean app, that has everything you need in terms of tracking, commission amounts, refunds, clicks and the likes.

This platform is great for affiliates because it’s easy to understand, navigate, use and also, since it doesn’t charge sellers any transaction fees to sell their products…it might become more mainstream, which is a great thing.  

GrooveAffiliate (counterpart to GrooveSell)


GrooveMail is a CRM automation tools or email autoresponder like MailChimp, Getresponse, InfusionSoft, etc, but it’s actually a little bit more powerful.

It allows you to send automated broadcast emails and follow-up emails, but also allows you to do behavioral-based email marketing, as well as tagging. Plus, you’ll also be able to do text and voice broadcasting. ?

GrooveMail is comparable to something like ActiveCampaign, where you can apply functions such as “if x then do y”. So like, if the person saw a page, then send this email. Or, if they were on the webinar, send this SMS or send this voiceblast…etc.

With any of the Groove.Cm paid plans, you’ll be able to have and mail up to 25,000 contacts for FREE. This is really crazy, and if you look at what it would cost you to mail that amount of people, every day, in some other autoresponder like Mailchimp or SendGrid…it could easily cost you $199/month on its own. 


GrooveMember is a very powerful membership platform/CMS (content management system) that allows you to deliver your content in a locked-down members area.

It’ll allow you to create free accounts, upgradable accounts (silver, gold, platinum), it allows you to drip content, create beautiful themes, drag and drop publishing features, have videos and downloads and so on.

Also, GrooveMember will work with GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate, so that you don’t have to look for a membership site or a sales platform elsewhere, and you can easily list products for sale and have affiliates to promote for you, as well as deliver the membership access, right there.

In the long run, GrooveMember will also have certification options, and if you don’t want to use GrooveMember, Groove.Cm will still integrate with all of the other membership platforms out there. 


GrooveVIdeo is a video hosting app, which can be comparable to a premium version of Vimeo or Wistia.

It’ll allow you to upload your videos, split test videos, see analytics, control the player controls, the player skins, add tags, modify the thumbnail…and so on.

Essentially, GrooveVideo is your very own video uploading and hosting application, for all of your videos. How awesome is that! Another absolutely great feature of GrooveVideo, is that it integrates with the rest of the tools, which means you can do tagging.

So for example, if you have a timestamp at a certain moment in time in the video, you can then send a follow-up email via GrooveMail depending on what the person did or did not do.


GrooveBlog is a very robust blogging tool that will allow you to create blogs, WordPress style.

Mike Filsaime and the team at Groove Digital, wants you to be able to ditch WordPress completely (which is a brave and bold move) and GrooveBlog will be the way to do it.

It won’t be as powerful and as flexible as WordPress, but it’ll both get the job done, and give WordPress a run for its money. GrooveBlog uses some of the elements of GroovePages, so it’ll allow for excellent SEO, that’s for sure.

We’ll have to wait a little longer for more information on GrooveBlog, since it’ll be out by the end of 2020, but it looks very promising!

GrooveFunels Review 6
GrooveBlog. SEO friendly CMS. Available end of 2020


GrooveDesk is a built-in help desk system. Basically, this will allow you to see and manage any tickets that might come up, and from there you can either resolve the ticket yourself or have someone of your team, do it for you.


GrooveCalendar will allow you to create calendars for setting up appointments. So it’ll allow you to set up your yoga classes, coaching sessions, your music classes, your meetings, you can have people book times to speak to you, sell consultations, etc. Pretty simple and straightforward.

It’s a very cool calendar, and of course, when people register to contact you through the calendar, you can set up automatic emailing and follow-up sequences with GrooveMail for example.

GrooveFunels Review 7
GrooveCalendars. Coming in 2021


GrooveSuvey allows you to create and integrate surveys to your different sites and funnels. GrooveSurvey is a ways away, so we’ll have to be a bit patient. More to come!

Coming In 2022


Similar to GrooveSurvey, Groovequz allows you to create online quizzes to add onto your landing pages, funnels, websites and more digital assets. GrooveQuiz will be available in 2021, so for now, there is not much more information on it. We’ll keep you updated!

Coming In 2022


GrooveKart is the original app of the GrooveApps series, and it’s basically an online cart or selling software, and an alternative to the Shopify platform.

It allows you to do all the same things as Shopify does: It has funnels, bumps, retargeting, analytics, social proof, timers, and all of the other tools needed to sell physical products online.

The free verison of Groove.Cm, gives you up to 1 free online store that you can build and also charges you a percentage of the transaction fee. The Groove.Cm platinum members, are allowed to create unlimited stores, pay no transaction fees on store sales, and also have the ability to import complete stores (in case you have a shopify store that you want to migrate over).

GrooveFunels Review 8
GrooveKart. Stand-alone eCommerce kart.


GrooveWebinars is one of the more exciting apps (personally I think GrooveMail and GroovePages are the most exciting) because it’s a combination of 2 different apps: GrooveWebinars Live and GrooveWebinars Automated.

These apps are exactly what they sound like, automated and live webinar platforms. ?

If you’re familiar with platforms like Stealth Webinar, or EverWebinar…this these are kind of just like those.

These are very expensive platforms, and GrooveWebinars intends on being better and cheaper

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Other Groove Services

Apart from all the awesome digital tools that the platform has to offer, Groove Digital also has some really interesting services available for you too.

These are separate from the tools, and as such must be bought individually. These services include:


GroovePay allows you to create merchant processing accounts that help you protect your Stripe and Paypal accounts, and still sell your products with ease.

It’s a great solution for those who want to protect their accounts (PayPal and Stipe), who have bad credit, who live in a country that doesn’t allow for these types of accounts…etc, at very competitive rates.

Groovepay has: No Application fees, or monthly statement fees, or monthly PCI fees, or annual Fees, or minimum monthly processing fees, or cancellation fees.

GrooveFunels Review 9
GroovePay. GrooveDigital merchant processing solution


GrooveAds is, as the name suggests, an advertising service.

This is a complete ads management service, that will manage your Facebook, Google and Youtube ads, and charges a percentage of your ad spend (10%) on a minimum of ad budget per month (minimum of $2500 per month).

Alternatively, there will also be an option for a $5000 per month ads service, in which the agency will create your funnels, create your sales copy, create your email sequences…and a few more things.

GrooveAds was born as part of a partnership between the GrooveDigital, and a specific ads company, and even though there is not much more information on the specifics at this time, there is more to come in the future!


GrooveSolos is a solo ad “marketplace” where you’ll be able to easily create an account, and start buying email traffic, for as little as 250 clicks, to over tens of thousands of clicks.

This is a great option if you have an affiliate product to promote, a product of your own…or basically if you just need fast, and high-quality traffic sent over to somewhere. You can even send it over to your affiliate links, if you wish.

GrooveSolos, is actually a collaboration between Groove.Cm, and the traffic agency/company Traffic4me with what I believe is a discounted price, although currently you’ll not be able to get less than 250 clicks (this might change in the future).

Other Things “Groove”

These include other modalities, that are of more “miscellaneous” in nature, but also available within the Groove.Cm members area.

GrooveKon (Live)

GrooveKon is a special conference event hosted each year for connecting, masterminding and networking. The cost of admission for this event is $497.

You can also get a GrooveKon ticket for free, if you decide to take part of the MarketersCruise, which is an event created by Mike Filsaime each year, in which marketers from all around, hop on a cruise ship together, to talk business and have fun (30% work 70% fun, as they like to say).

GrooveFunels Review 10

GrooveFest (Live)

GrooveFest is the afterparty for the very well known Traffic & Conversions summit event, held each year in San Diego California. 

GrooveWorkshops (Live)

The GrooveWorkshops are free live workshops events that are held with Groove.Cm partners Dave VanHoose and Rey Perez. These occur 4-6 times per year. 

GrooveDigital Academy

GrooveDigital Academy is a marketing resource section. It’ll contain live and recorded webinar training, articles courses and other cool resources. 

Every member, can create a free account and sign up from within the dashboard.

GrooveFunels Review 11
GrooveDigital Academy. Free marketer resources.

Groove.Cm Pricing.

There are currently just 2 paid options available for the Groove.Cm platform. These are Groove Platinum Plan, and the Groove Platinum Lifetime Plan.

A third option available to you (which is not really a paid option) is the FREE Groove account, which gives you most of the tools of the platform, but at a lite version.

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This plan is the free option to Groove.Cm. It will give you access to the free/lite version, of many of the apps in the platform.

With this account, you’ll get access to:

  • GroovePages – Up 10 Free pages per domain. Up to 3 custom domains.
  • GrooveSell – % fee for transaction & limited payment processors.
  • GrooveAffiliate – Limited version.
  • GrooveMail – 500 Free contacts.
  • GrooveMember – 1 Free course.
  • GrooveVideo – Up to 15 videos.
  • GrooveBlog – 1 free blog.
  • GrooveKart – 1 free store & transaction fees.

With the free Groove.Cm plan, you can create digital products to sell, sign up to promote products as an affiliate and create websites, host your own websites, create a blog with videos and images and even capture leads and send these people over to your articles videos and trainings. 

You can create your landing pages, squeeze/email capture pages, product pages, sales pages, checkout pages, checkout buttons, sales funnels, and much more…

All with a FREE account

NOTE: As of very recently, you’re now allowed to have up to 3 custom domains added for FREE with this account. This means that you don’t even need to pay any hosting by having a free account!  

That’s pretty crazy, and there is most likely no other company out there that is doing this. If you don’t have access to a free Groove.Cm account, you can create one for free by heading over to their official site, here? .

Groove.Cm Platinum Plan ($299/month)

Groove.Cm platinum option, is the monthly subscription plan that  will give you access to the whole suite of apps inside of the platform (the available ones and the ones that are up and coming) at a premium status. 

So essentially, you’ll have the upgraded version of all of the apps that you can get on the Groove.Cm “lite” plan, or free account, except with more functionallity, unlimited  uses in some cases a bump in mail contacts as well as future updates.

The tools included in this plan are

  • GroovePages PRO – Unlimited pages & domains
  • GrooveSell PRO – All sales processors
  • GrooveAffiliate PRO – No limits or restrictions
  • GrooveMail PRO – Up to 25,000 contacts and 25,000 email/day sending quota
  • GrooveMember PRO – Unlimited lessons/courses
  • GrooveVideo PRO – Unlimited videos
  • GrooveBlog PRO – Unlimited blogs
  • GrooveKart PRO – Unlimited stores. No store fee & store import feature

And additionally, you’ll also get:

  • GrooveQuiz
  • GrooveDesk
  • GrooveProof
  • GrooveSurvey
  • GrooveCalendar
  • GroovePipe CRM
  • GrooveWebinars
  • GrooveStream
  • Groove Conference
  • GrooveFunnel Mapping

All at the PRO version.

NOTE: Some of the tools have yet to be created as of the writing of this article, but will be available as time goes on for all platinum users.

Groove.Cm Platinum Lifetime Plan

The Groove.Cm Platinum Lifetime plan, is the lifetime option of the Groove.Cm platform.

This is a special offer, which will allow you to get the complete Groove.Cm platform, will all of the tools at pro version, for only a one time price, instead of a monthly price.

There are three different payment options for this offer.

  • The EZ Pay option – This one costs $699 per month for 3 months for a total of $2097.
  • The Best Value Option – This is a one time payment of $1997 for the Groove.Cm platform.
  • The2x Pay Plan – This plan, costs $999 divided into 2 monthly payments for a total of $1998. Just 1 dollar more than paying in full

Any of these options, will allow you to get full access to the complete Groove.Cm platform, any of the upcoming updates, all the tools at PRO status, all of the upcoming tools and features of the platform that will be rolling out in the years to come, and even some more bonuses (like tickets to the GrooveKon).

The Groove.Cm Platinum lifetime option, is a great option, for those who are interested in using Groove for a while, and would rather not to have to pay monthly subscriptions for the software.

NOTE: This offer will ONLY be available until December 2021. Make sure to check availability of the lifetime plan, here

Groove.Cm Review 12

Groove.Cm Partner Program

GrooveFunnel also has a partner program. This program allows you to share, and let other people know about the Groove.Cm app and platform, and for each customer that you bring to the platform, you get rewarded accordingly.

  • If you are not a Groove.Cm paying customer, you’ll earn 20% of the revenue generated by your referrals (and 0% on tier 2).

  • If you are a Groove.Cm paying customer, you’ll earn 40% of the revenue generated by your referrals (and 10% on tier 2).

The Groove.Cm partner program is free to sign up for.

You can sign up as a Groove.Cm Partner Here.

I’ve also created a complete walk-through of the Groove.Cm partner program here where I go over all the details.

GrooveFunels Review 13
GrooveFunnels Partner Program.

What Is The Groove.Cm Platinum Lifetime Plan?

The Groove.Cm Platinum Lifetime plan, is an option that allows you to purchase the complete Groove.Cm software suite, from GroovePages, GrooveMail, GrooveVideo and everything that has yet to come out, as well as future upgrades and updates for a one-time price.

It’s a LIMITED time offer, that is only to be available until shortly after the 2021 black friday launch. From thereon out, Groove.Cm will be a monthly subscription service, because the company has its expenses, and as such simply cannot keep it open forever.

So if you have the chance to get in, at a one-time price, I highly suggest you do so!

Check availability for the lifetime option here (updated at all times).  

How much does the Groove.Cm Platinum Lifetime plan cost?

To get the Groove.Cm Platinum Lifetime, there are a few different options available, that you can choose from.

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4 Month Pay

First, you can pay $0 today, and starting in 14 days from your purchase, you’ll pay $497 for 4 months (total of $1988), and never pay again for any future updates or upgrades.

6 Month Pay

This option gives you GrooveFunnels lifetime, for 6 monthly payments of $388. (for a total of $2328) starting today, after which you’ll never have to pay again for any future updates or upgrades.

12 Month Pay

You can also get GrooveFunnels Lifetime plan for 12 monthly payments of $249 starting today (for a total of $2988) and you will never have to pay again for any future updates or upgrades.

NEW: 1 Time Pay ($591 off the original price)

Lastly, you’re now able to get the complete GrooveFunnels platform, for a literal 1 time price of $1397, and you’ll not have to pay any monthly installments! ?

This is a option is probably the best one, since it’ll allow you to hit the ground running with GrooveFunnels, and you’ll not have to worry about installments at all!

In fact, this price had been scheduled to go up to $1897 after the deadline on August 30th (and for a brief time did) however, because of popular demand, and because of the fact that many people missed the boat on the GrooveFunnels lifetime option, the team at GrooveDigital decided to keep it at the $1397 one time price, but increasing the rest of the payment plan options.

The one time price is then, probably the best option, if you have the funds upfront, since it’ll allow you to shaves off another $591 bucks from the most popular 4-month payment plan…which is absolutely crazy. 

So after you decide to pay for the GrooveFunnels platinum lifetime offer, either with the one payment plan, or with any of the monthly plans, you’ll get GrooveFunnels for life, and won’t have to pay any monthly fees ever again.

To get GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime, create a free Groove account, and click the “upgrade” button, once logged in, and chose the plan best for you.

Alternatively, you can go Straight To The Upgrade Page By Clicking Here ?

You should arrive at the following:

GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Upgrade (check availability here). Get everything for a one time price.

Pros And Cons Of Groove.Cm

Now let’s take a look at what the PROS and Cons of this platform are, because no GrooveFunnel review would be complete without it.

Before we continue however, do note that these are my personal opinions on the subject and they might not necessarily be the same as yours, so please take them with a grain of salt.

With that said, let’s check out the pros and cons 


✅ Off The Charts, Absolutely Crazy Valuable

I’ve heard some people say this, and I believe this to be true myself too…I’ve not seen anything come close to the value of this software platform, around, period. 

Personally, I’ve been waiting for something that is THIS powerful, fresh, modern and high quality for a long long time, and if this is not the platform to be using, I don’t know what is.

And to think that they’re offering the one-time price, and allowing you not to pay monthly (for a brief period of time) is just crazy good. I also think that they might be letting you add custom domains to the free plan too (free hosting too? What?). That should tell you something. 

✅ Robust Software Technology

GrooveFunnels has some of the most incredible and gorgeously looking software apps around. The pages created with GroovePages, for example, really look unlike anything out there. 

I mean, have you seen the pages? 

The apps are sharp, they’re clean, they work, the user interface is spot on and the design is breathtaking. 

✅ All-In-One Software Platform

Obviously this is a huge pro. Having every single tool needed to create an online business in one single place is great.

The apps interact and integrate with each other, meaning you’ll be saving yourself a lot of money in the long run as well as time, because you don’t have to hop between software services, companies, and whatnot…everything is there, in one single place.

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Top-Notch Team

GrooveFuennels has one of the most amazing teams there is out there, when it comes to online SAAS platforms. Mike Filsaime is, after all, the co-founder of Kartra (which is a very similar platform) and so there is massive experience behind this software platform. 

Long-Term Vision

A lot of SAAS companies of this nature out there, simply do not have the same visions, projections and drive, as GrooveDigital does.

GrooveDigital and Groove.Cm IS NOT your typical “churn-n-burn”, “run-of-the-mill” SAAS company or platform. They actually have years and years of schedule ahead of them. They have the funding, the team, the resources, a fan base…and their product is super high-quality and very affordable and needed.

GrooveFunels Review 15
Groove.Cm products.


Fortunately, I was able to find very few cons when it comes to Groove.Cm (as of right now). I’ll however mention those little instances, that maybe bugged me a bit, though.

Of course at this moment in time, some of the apps aren’t available, so I’ll only talk about those which I’ve been able to use, and once again, this is totally my own opinion on the matter.

? GroovePages Learning Curve

For one of the main Groove.Cm apps, which is GroovePages, there is somewhat of a learning curve involved.

For the most part, this will not be a problem because of the templates, but if you want to master the app, there is some getting to know it.

There are a lot of options available and the tool is fairly different from some of the other tools out there, so it requires some getting to know it.

I was honestly expecting it to be, maybe not so complex. I’ll have to watch the tutorials and put in the work, no way around it.

Future Apps Are A Bit Far Off…

Some of the features will be available way too far off into the future (in my opinion).

GrooveBlog for the end of 2020? Being able to create your blog with the power of GroovePages, stood out to be one of the most exciting things about GrooveFunnels to me, and having to wait multiple months for it to happen, is a bit offsetting. ?

For instance in my case I have no interest in using the future webinar apps or the quiz app, for example. But some people might. They might and they’ll have to still use their own quiz software or webinar softwares for a while, before being able to use their respective GrooveApp.

This means, potentially buying a subscription (or lifetime deal) of GrooveFunnels that won’t allow you to trash the old software…which is the whole point.

It’s exciting, but it’s also kind of a bummer.

GrooveFunels Review 16
GroovePages Wireframes…A bit overwhelming, and takes some time to get used to.

Groove.Cm Alternatives

Now let’s take a look at what are considered to be the best GrooveFunnels alternatives out there, in case you’re interested in a similar type of platform, and want to survey all your options.

It’s hard to find perfect substitutes to GrooveFunnels, because of how different all the services out there are, however some options that are similar, serve some of the same purposes and have some of the same tools are the following: 


ClickFunnels is a very well known funnel building software, that was created by Russell Brunson in 2015, and has been the learning software, when it comes to online funnels, ever since.

Although ClickFunnels might have a simpler interface when it comes to funnel building, it has some issues, one of which is that the pages render on the ClicKFunnels servers, which really slows things down. 

The base price for this software is $97/month, and allows for a very limited number of funnels and visitors, after which it’s $297/month (GrooveFunnels gives you unlimited funnels for an extra $2/month PLUS GrooveMail, video and member).

It’s probably the best sales funnel builder around, but it doesn’t have many of the features that GrooveFunnels does, like an integrated autoresponder and a video hosting platform. Plus, ClickFunnel pages are really hard to get ranking on the search engines, which is a total pain in the butt.

They do sales funnels very well…but that’s about it. 

If you want to learn more about ClickFunnels, check out our ClickFunnels Platinum Review Here. 

I’ve also gone a bit more in-depth, and have compared both of the platforms, in regards to features, pricing and anything more I can think of, which you can find in my GrooveFunnels VS ClickFunnels article, here.

ClickFunnels Platinum


Builderall is also another all in one marketing platform, that was created by Eric Salgado and has been around since 2010.

Builderall has a lot more tools (currently) compared to GrooveFunnels, like mobile app creator, Instagram automation tools, photo editors, mockup studio, Facebook chatbot and much much more.

Builderall is also a lot cheaper than GrooveFunnels (starting at around $19.90/month)

The big issue with Builderall, is that the tools are extremely clunky, buggy and difficult to use, having been at the top of their game in 2018 and early 2019.  

I’ve personally used and been a member of the platform, and left because it was constantly changing and the tools became a bit too clunky. It’s still a great, cheap, “on a budget” option.

Having been a customer of both, I’ve created a complete comparison article on them, which you can checkout in my GrooveFunnels VS Builderall article, here.

It’s biased. GrooveFunnels is better, and there is pretty much no way around it, but if you’re interested in comparing them, I’ve gone through everything I could think of, there.

If you want to learn more about Builderall, check out our Builderall 2020 Review Here.

What Is Builderall 2


Kartra is probably the one that is most similar to GrooveFunnels in both quality and functionality, of the former two. It has membership sites, agency features, leads features, pages, email, helpdesk, calendar and more. 

It does lack automated webinars though and the design of the platform looks fairly old and awkward (it could use a facelift). Apart from this, the pages are known to load pretty slowly…which nowadays is kind of a big “no-no”.

Mike Filsaime, the CEO of GrooveFunnels, actually co-founded Kartra, and so he knows the technology in and out. In his words, Kartra is now fairly outdated compared to GrooveFunnels.

I’ve also created a comparison article, between both of the platforms, if you’re interested in checking it out. It’s actually a bias biased (because I think that GrooveFunnels is clearly a lot better) but I’ve gone over absolutely everything when it comes to GrooveFunnels VS Kartra, there.

If you want to know more about Kartra, you can check out Their Website, Here. 

GrooveFunnels FAQ’s

In this section, we’ll go over some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to GrooveFunnels (in no particular order).

Q: Does GrooveFunnels have free hosting?

Yes! (oh, and also unlimited bandwidth and storage too).

You’ll now also get free hosting…on the FREE GrooveFunnels account anyways. So it’s literally in your best interest (since you’ll be saving money) to grab a free account, and host your sites there for free.

Q: Will my pages have a FREE SSL?

Yep. You’ll get a free SSL certificate, by syncing up with a CloudFlare account, which you can do for free.

Q: Will I be able to import Funnels with GrooveFunnels?

Yes you will. Whenever you’re creating a page with GroovePages, you have different options available to you. One of these options is an exclusive GrooveFunnels technology, which allows for the integration of ANY page on the web.

If you can prove you own the domain of that page, this option will import images and text as is, otherwise, placeholder images and dummy text will be added in its place, and you’ll be able to change that.

Q: Will I be able to share funnels with GrooveFunnels?

Yup. Just like some of the other platforms out there, you’ll be able to share your link directly or through email.

Q: Is GrooveFunnels a website builder?

GroovePages is a page and website builder, GrooveFunnels is the all-in-one software platform that includes the page builder.

Q: Is GrooveFunnels Really Worth It?

I’ve actually covered that issue in this article here, but to make things easy for you. Yes, it’s 100% worth it to get GrooveFunnels.

Even the most basic paid plan (Silver plan) you’ll be getting the complete funnel builder, the video hoster, the membership site builder, the seller and affiliate account, and an email autoresponder with 10 thousand free contacts…for a price that you’ll NOT get anywhere else.

To put things into perspective…only the funnel builder and the email autoresponder BY THEMSELVES, could easily cost you $400/month ($297/month for ClickFunnels and $100/month for Getresponse) elsewhere, which would cost you almost $5000 per year. 

In fact, GrooveFunnels replaces a bunch of tools (I’ve made an article showing at least 26 tools it can replace here). As you can see from the image below…it’s pretty much a steal to be honest.

Save Up To $591 With The GrooveFunnels Lifetime Option
Q: Will GrooveFunnels have reporting?

Yep. GrooveFunnels will have reporting. And very robust reporting at that.

Q: Will GrooveFunnels have split testing?

Yes it will. Not straight after launch, but within a few months of the launch, the split testing option will be available.

Q: Does GrooveFunnels do webinar? Will GrooveFunnels be able to host webinars?

Yes it will, that would be GrooveWebinars Live, which will be available in late 2020.

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Q: Will GrooveFunnels have Automated Webinar Software?

Yep. This one is called GrooveWebinars Live, and it will be available in late 2020.

Q: Will GrooveFunnels have a blogging platform?

Yes. It’s going to be called GrooveBlog. It’ll be available in 2021 though, so we’ll have to wait a bit for that.

Q: What are the future products of GrooveFunnels?

These products are:

-GrooveWebinar (live and automated) for later in 2020

-GrooveBlog and GrooveDesk for the end of 2020, and GrooveCalendar, GrooveQuiz and GrooveSurvey, for 2021. GroovePages for Shopify, will also be available in 2021.

Q: Does GrooveFunnels have an Agency Feature available?

Not at first, but it will be available in a few months after the launch.

Q: Does GrooveFunnels have an autoresponder?

Yep. GrooveFunnels has its own autoresponder, which is the tool GrooveMail. It’ll have all the same features and options as pretty much any other autoresponder out there in the market right now, but will also allow you to send emails to up to 10 thousands contacts, for free, on any single one of the plans.

Q: Will GrooveFunnels be able to integrate with my autoresponder?

Very likely. GrooveFunnels will have over 20 email platform integrations and more than 7 membership platforms. Zapier, Funnelytics and so on.

Q: Will GrooveFunnels have Zapier, Funnelytics, PipeDrive integrations?

Yes. It will

Q: What is the GrooveFunnels SDK?

The GrooveFunnels SDK is the platform’s “Software Development Kit”, and it’s basically a module for developers to create and add their own solutions to the GrooveFunnels platform.

Think of it like phones with the app store, or Google Chrome with extensions. If you’re a developer, and feel that there is something missing, you can go in and add features and apps, on your own. Bottom line, it’ll make GrooveFunnels even better.

The GrooveFunnels SDK opens in 2021.

Q: What is the difference between GrooveFunnels and Kartra?

Kartra and GrooveFunnels are similar platforms (Kartra is actually Co-Founded by the CEO of GrooveFunnels, Mike Filsaime). Kartra took multiple years to create and is currently good…but it licenses an old and outdated page builder technology.

It’s also not mobile-first indexing (which is very important for the search engines) which GrooveFunnels is the first of its kind to accomplish.

So even though Kartra is’s not great.

GrooveFunnels works on a new, ten times better framework, is cheaper and more robust (it also has a better sales and affiliate platform too).

If you’re interested in learning more about the differences between these two platforms, you can check out my GrooveFunnels Vs Kartra Review here.?

Q: What is the difference between GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels great and they do 1 thing very well, which is Funnels. They don’t do email marketing, website branding, aren’t SEO friendly or have a good affiliate program (anymore).

Plus, they’re an older technology that loads pages very slowly and are also charging $297/month, for which you can get at GrooveFunnels for a bit more in price…but you’ll also get way more tools.

ClickFunnles is 1 tool, whereas Groove.Cm is more like Kartra. A set of tools.

If you want to know more about the differences between these software, I’ve actually made a complete GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels article, here which you can check out. 

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Q: What is GroovePages “Mobile-First Indexing” feature?

Google will now only use mobile version for indexing and ranking, which means that if your pages aren’t optimized for mobile versions, your rankings will suffer…hard.

GroovePages is the first of their kind, to build websites with mobile-first indexing in mind.

Q: Will I need anything else after buying GrooveFunnels?

Not really, other than sales pipelines, but GrooveFunnels does integrate with PipeDrive, which is currently the best option for sales pipelines.

Q: Will GrooveFunnels do “XYZ”?

Yep. GrooveFunnels will do everything all the other competitors are able to do, but smoother, faster and easier.

Q: Is there a Facebook Group available?

Yes. This is the site for the Facebook Group:

Q: Is GrooveFunnels Legit?

Yep. GrooveFunnels is legit (I’ve gone a bit more in-depth here). The co-founder of the software, Mike Filsaime, was one of the creators of the software company Karta, (which is also legit) and was also the creator of the webinar builder “WebinarJam”.

Nothing “not legit” about this company or product.

I’ve personally not seen anything like this, the staff is awesome, the product is amazing (I usually don’t buy Softwares…but I’m a lifetime member already) and the future is looking very bright.

Q: Do I Need To Buy Anything Else After Buying GrooveFunnles?

Not really. You’ll have everything you need. 

Of course, there are additional offers inside of the dashboard, that you can buy, like GrooveAds, GrooveSolos and so on.

Q: Does GrooveFunnels do Butterfly Marketing strategies?

Yep. The butterfly marketing strategy, is a strategy that Mike Filsaime came up with, that allows you to create viral marketing campaigns, to build email lists and have affiliate promoting your products.

This is exactly how GrooveFunnels grew so quickly, and you’ll now be able to use this technology, for your own products.

Q: Does GrooveFunnels Mark Up Transactions (With GrooveSell)?

Nope. GrooveFunnels is not like ClickBank or JVZoo. They are free.

Q: Where do I Report Bugs or request Features?

You can do so here:

Q: Do they have an Affiliate Program?

Yep. To sign up to become an affiliate, you can head over to the GrooveJV Site, Here.

GrooveFunels Review 18
GrooveFunnels Facebook group

Get GrooveFunnels For FREE

Can you get GrooveFunnels for free? Is there a GrooveFunnels free trial? And if there is, how can I get one?

Well…GrooveFunnels is currently not free. There might however be a free trial at some point in the future, but as of right now, that is not the case.

The closest thing to a “free GrooveFunnels trial”, however, is actually the free GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate and GroovePages account, which was made available on April 2020. If you’re interested in getting access to this “lite version”, you can click on the button below:

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Alternatively, you can Create A Free Groove Account Here ?

No credit card required, no optin or none of that. Just create a username, create an account and dive right in! 

It does not have every single app available inside of the GrooveFunnels ecosystem (for obvious reasons) but you still get access to a few functionalities…and you can do A LOT with 1 GroovePages website, and a seller/affiliate account. 

NOTE: The GrooveFunnels “Base Account” (the free acount) now allows you to add up to 3 custom domains for FREE

This is huge! ?

This means that you’re literally wasting money paying for website hosting (a couple hundred dollars per year) simply by NOT getting GrooveFunnels.

There is pretty much no other company out there that is doing this right now that I know of…

Wix isn’t doing this, Builderall isn’t doing this, ClickFunnels doesn’t allow for custom domains on the free plan, Kartra doesn’t do this, Squarespace doesn’t do this.

There is probably no software that does this at this moment in time, but then again, that’s why GrooveFunnels is the real deal.

GrooveFunnels Review 2


Alrighty everyone, that would be the end of this GooveFunnels review, I hope that you enjoyed it. 

GrooveFunnels is an absolutely amazing platform that has everything that you could ever ask for when it comes to digital marketing and building your own online business.

Not only does it have some of the most powerful, most gorgeous, and most interesting apps and technology available right now, but it also intends on absolutely dominating the online space, in the very near future.

GrooveFunnels is legit, and it’s worth it. It’s not your typical “churn-n-burn”, “run-of-the-mill” SAAS platform. The creators are some of the top people in the industry and they have years of scheduled updates and tools in store. 


If you’re at all interested in creating and growing your online business and having all the best tools available to you, in one place from some of the top people in the industry…then I highly recommend you giving GrooveFunnels a try.

It’ll only get better from here.

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  1. Adam Scott says:

    Crazy great review pablo, thanks a lot! Will be getting groove funnel from here asap (probably just straight the 1 off price). If i understand correctly, groovemail is 25 thousand contacts, regardless of the option I choose?
    Thanks again

    1. Thanks Adam! ?
      Yeah, GrooveFunnels is great. And the one payment plan is awesome (I didn’t have that option when I upgraded, you guys are lucky).
      As for GrooveMail, that’s right. It tops out at 25K subs, regardless of plan (at least for now). In case you need more, you’ll have to contact support, but it’ll be 1/3 cheaper than most other services out there (as mentioned by Mike Filsaime).
      Hope that helps, and see you on the inside! ?

    2. EDIT: Will go down to 10,000 contacts after price increase, so keep that in mind!

  2. Hi Pablo you made a fan out of me bro thank you.

    You site is leaning very minimalist on the eyes visually but the content was Nuclear!
    And that matters more.
    You hit on some very realistic points and this is exceptional nothing cookie cutter about your Review my friend. 5.5 Stars. 🙂

    I agree investing in all in one and getting some now some coming is a bummer but still hard to pass on.


    1. Hi Art. Thanks for the comment. Real appreciated. 🙂
      Yeah. GrooveFunnels is really good. Been waiting for a long time to see something as good, honestly. GroovePages, GrooveBlog and GrooveMail did it for me. Well worth it IMO.

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