GrooveFunnels Vs Builderall. Which Is The Better All-In-One Solution?

GrooveFunnels vs Builderall? Which is the better option? Which all in one digital marketing software should you choose?

Well…having been a paying customer of BOTH of the softwares (which not many articles online nowadays can say they’ve been), in this article I’ll try to go over everything I can when it comes to both of them, so you have a more clear picture on which one you’d be better off getting.

And I’m going to be biased here…there is one that is CLEARLY a lot better.

But anywho, let’s get into it!

GrooveFunnels Vs Builderall

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What Is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is an all in one digital marketing platform, created by the co-founder of Kartra, Mike Filsaime (and his team at and is currently the fastest-growing all in one platform on the planet.

It’s a software as a service platform (SAAS) that allows you to do everything you need to start building your own digital assets online.

GrooveFunnels was launched in mid-2020, has as of right now more than 100 thousand users worldwide, is growing exponentially, and is praised to take over the industry as a leader in 2023.

The main selling point of this software is that it’s using a brand new technology that allows it’s pages to load lightning fast, they’re the first of it’s kind to be compliant with Googles “mobile-first indexing” clause, and is also cheaper and better looking than most of the alternatives out there.

What Is Builderall?

Builderall is an all in one digital marketing software that was created by Eric Salgado back in 2010.

It was created first and foremost for the Brazilian market, but in 2018 it made a launch into the American market, and has been a relevant competitor ever since.

The platform is intended to have every single tool that you’ll need, to create and operate online. From an e-commerce integration, to heat maps, website and funnel building tools…and much more.

GrooveFunnels Vs Builderall: Tools And Features

In this section, I’ll be going over every one of the tools and features of both of the all in-one-marketing platforms, so that you can have an idea of what you’ll be able to do with them.

It’s almost easier to show you the differences, instead of going through the tools one by one, but I felt it would be lacking if I didn’t lay out all the information here.

With that said, let’s look at the tools.


With GrooveFunnels you’ll be getting access to the following tools:

  • GroovePages: This tool is their website and funnel builder. It’ll allow you to create fast-loading and SEO optimized pages and complete websites. They’re using a javascript wireframe technology that is brand new, as opposed to some of the other pages builders out there.  

  • GrooveAffiliate: This tool is their affiliate marketplace and marketplace tool. With it, you’ll be able to both promote high-converting offers as well as track your commissions, clicks and more. GrooveAffiliate is offered for free as part of GrooveFunnels lite.

  • GrooveMember: GrooveMember is a built-in membership site builder, that will allow you to create content and a members area for your customers or audience. You’ll be able to drip-feed, display or lock that content, as you deem fit.  

  • GrooveSell: This tool will allow you to create checkout, and sales processing for your digital products. You can create upsells, trials, recurring commissions and also affiliate programs with it, and link the information to your GroovePages pages. This tool is also free as part of the GrooveFunnels base account.

  • GrooveVideo: GrooveVideo is a video hosting tool that will allow you to add your own branded videos. It’s similar to a paid version of Wistia or Vimeo

[thrive_leads id=’5586′]


  • GrooveMail: GrooveMail is an integrated email autoresponder that will allow you to do behavioral-based email marketing. It’ll be as good as something like Getresponse or ActiveCampaign.

  • GrooveCalendar: GrooveCalenedar is a calendar scheduling tool. It’ll allow you to set up meetings with customers, clients, friends, colleagues and the likes.

  • GrooveDesk: GrooveDesk is a helpdesk tools like Zendesk or Freshdesk, which will allow you to engage and manage customer conversations, deal with support tickets and customer service, from within the dashboard.

  • GrooveQuiz and GrooveSurvey: These tools will allow you to create quizzes and surveys which you’ll be able to embed on your pages for more engagement and higher conversions, depending on what it is you’re doing.
  • GrooveBlog: GrooveBlog will be a blog building tool that will allow you to create WordPress style blogs, directly from within the dashboard. The GrooveFunnels team has a goal of having you replace WordPress completely, by developing a “plugin” database, sometime in the future, just like WordPress has.

  • GrooveWebinar: GrooveWebinar is a live and automated webinar hosting platform, which will allow you to host either type of webinar, and will integrate and sync with GrooveVideo and GrooveMail to do custom email and video re-targeting. GrooveWebinar will be ready by 2021.

Apart from these tools, GrooveFunnels will allow it’s users to have access to some other features like an “open source” software development kit, which will allow developers to create their own tools and solutions for the GrooveFunnels platform.

Think of it as an “app store”, where if you need a specific action or feature like social shares or content lockers or any of that…you can have them made.

In addition to this, GrooveFunenls will be adding even more tools (of which we’re still not aware of), and will probably have enough tools to level with Builderalls tools (there are quite a few) as time progresses.


Builderall has a bit more broad array of options when it comes to tools. As of this moment, they’ve now categorized them as follows: Builders, Email Marketing, Engagement, Design, Reports, Others.


  • Pixel Perfect Builder and Cheetah Builder: These are the page and website builders of the brand, and will allow you to create complete funnels, pages and sites from scratch or from templates. You’ll get to modify SEO setting, footers and headers.
  • Builderall Canvas: This is their signature and exclusive funnel builder. It’ll allow you to build funnel sequences from one dashboard without having to individually alternate between pages. Think of it like a funnelytics style funnel builder.

  • WordPress Integration: This integration will allow you to build your sites and pages on WordPress with a  quick 3 click install of Builderall.

  • Ecommerce: A Magento powered e-commerce solution that will allow you to sell physical products online through your own online store.

  • Webinar Builder: This tool, will allow you to build and host your own webinars.

  • Chat Builder: The chat builder allows you to do just what the name implies…it’ll allow you to add the chat feature to your websites. This way, visitors can interact with your website and brand, which gives it a more modern and up-to-date look and feel.

  • E-learning Builder: This tool essentially allows you to create courses and teach students or customers, from within a password and login protected site, from within the dashboard.

  • App builder: This is one of their more exciting tools. It’ll allow you to create apps for mobile phones, android and iOS phones alike, which you can sell or give away access to.

  • Directory And Booking: These tools, will allow you to list events and create and manage appointments and calendars. Very similar to what the GrooveFunnels versions of these tools (GrooveDesk and GrooveCalendar) will be able to do. 

Email Marketing

  • MailingBoss: MailingBoss is the Builderall integrated email autoresponder, which will allow you to create flows, campaigns, import leads, filter lists, manage subscribers and lead see lead scores and do pretty much anything and everything that any other email autoresponder would allow you to do.

GrooveFunnels Vs Builderall 2


  • Messenger chatbot: Chatbot feature for your messenger messaging. Sort of like Manychat although not with all of the features although it still syncs with the Facebook messenger app.

  • Share Locker: This tool will allow you to protect your content behind a “share lock” feature which will allow your content to go viral.

  • Social Proof pop-up: Social proof pop-ups increase website conversions by showing customers that there are other people interacting with your products, and sites.

  • Professional Website Bot: An alternative to website chatbots, without having to use Facebook.

  • Social Autopost: Social autopost allows you to schedule your posts, content, and more beforehand. This works in a similar fashion to the popular social autopost app Buffer.

  • Browser Notification App: This app will allow you to send desktop notifications to your users, and will allow you to add the pop-up scripts to your sites.

  • Instagram Autoresponder: The Instagram autoresponder, will allow you to automatically reply to the messages you get on your Instagram account, so as to not have your customers and audience waiting on you.

  • Telegram and SMS messaging: These are two messaging tools that will allow you to send out broadcast and bulk messages to your subscribers, either through Telegram or directly to their phone (SMS marketing of this style has an independent cost to it if I remember correctly).

  • Script Generator: This tool will allow you to create copywriting scripts from templates and libraries, and will help you save time when it to creating your sales copy, articles, email copy and more.


  • Magazine Tool: This tool will allow you to create digital magazines with a flip-action creation tool, which you can then sell online.

  • Mockup Studio: The mockup studio tool, will allow you to easily design images and videos based on mockups. You can create mock-ups for any type of digital and many physical products, ebook covers, software, and much more from a huge library (a very underrated valuable tool).

  • 3d Photo Editor: The photo editor tool will allow you to create photos, logos and social media banners and graphics, even in 3d.

  • Animated VSL Tool:  The VSL tool allows you to create unlimited animated videos and sales videos, and you can publish these onto your sites and social media accounts like Youtube and Facebook.

  • Transparent Floating Videos: This tool, as the name suggests, will allow you to create floating videos for the customers and users that visit your sites and pages.

  • Presentation Studio: For professional business-related (but also non-business related) presentations, and which you can build without having to know any coding, design or programming.

  • Video Wrapper and Video Tag Tool: The video wrapper tool allows you to create “ribbon” section (top and bottom) to your videos, to make them pop out. The video tag tool gives you the ability to add clickable tags to your videos, to send your visitors over to specific pages.

  • Video Funnel Builder and hosting: With this tool, you can create and share your own video funnels as well as host them on the Builderall software. This way, you’ll not need to use any third-party tools, and still have okay quality videos.


  • SEO On-Page report app: This tool will allow you to help your pages rank on the search engines by analyzing the page content, tags, titles, and such. Think of it as an analog to the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress.

  • Click Map: This tool will allow you to see which pages your visitors are navigating towards, what they’re clicking and how they’re behaving on your sites, so that you can modify accordingly. This is similar to something like It’s a very cool tool to have for sure.


  • DNS Manager, VA Access and Funnel Club: These are add on tools which will allow you to manage your domains connected to Builderall, allow multiple users and virtual assistants login access to your accounts, and a complete promotional funnel library to promote Builderall respectively (all of which are only for paid plans).

GrooveFunnels Vs Builderall 3


Now that we’ve seen some of the differences in features, let’s look at the pricing differences between them.


GrooveFunnels as of right now includes 3 different pricing plans (and the free base plan, which I’ll be going over in a bit) which are: 

  • Silver Plan $99/month.
  • Gold Plan $199/month.
  • Platinum Plan $299/month.

The base plan is the free version of GrooveFunnels, which you can sign up to Through This Link Here.

The main difference between paid plans, is the amount of tools you’ll have available to you. As you go higher in the plan hierarchy, you get access to more and more tools, whereas the amount of autoresponder lead tops out at 25,000 contacts, regardless of plan (except for the free base account) which pretty much no other platform out there does (Builderall doesn’t).

In addition to this, with the GrooveFunnels base plan you’ll be automatically signed up to become an affiliate for the product (unlike with Builderall), for which you’ll be paid 20% on any sale (including recurring subscriptions) but by becoming a paying customer, you’ll be getting a commission bump from to 40% instead.  


Builderall includes 4 different plans and a free trial (which we’ll be mentioning later).

These plans are:

  • Builder Plan $19.90/month
  • Marketer Plan $29.90/month
  • Essential Plan $49.90/month
  • Premium Plan $69.90/month

Similar to GrooveFunnels, for each Builderall plan, you’ll be getting a different set of tools.

Unfortunately, there are way too many differences in the number of tools accessible to you, depending on the plan you’re choosing, for me to write down every single one of them. It wouldn’t be very practical. 

It isn’t as straightforward as with GrooveFunnels, where there are 12 tools. Builderall something in the realm of 43 tools.

You can head over to the Builderall pricing page here, and learn more about the different tools vs each plan.

Free Plan And Trial

In this section, let’s look at what the free plans/trials are for each of the platforms.

GrooveFunnels Base

The GrooveFunnels base account is the free version of GrooveFunnels, which allows you to get access to 3 of the tools, completely for free.

You’ll be getting GroovePages lite, for you to create your websites and funnels using their state of the art SEO optimized and mobile-first indexing compliant pages (a little restricted when it comes to templates, but still useful enough).

GrooveSell, which is a payment processing tool for you to sell your digital products (as we mentioned in the tools and features section) and GrooveAffiliate, which is the affiliate engine and marketplace tool.

Apart from this, you’ll be approved to become an affiliate for free (unlike Builderall) and you’ll also be getting 3 custom domains.

This is absolutely crazy good, and pretty unheard of. There is no other marketing platform, funnel builder or website builder…that will give you FREE hosting on your websites.

I’m an affiliate for both products, but I need to pay to become a Builderall affiliate and I can’t have my domain hosted with them.

This essentially is essentially like free money, because you don’t need to pay for hosting to start building pages with GrooveFunnels.

And all of this…on the free plan.

You don’t need any credit card to get started, and there is no “$1 trial” clause. None of that. You get the 3 tools and free hosting, right from the getgo.

Builderall Free Website (And 14 Day Free Trial)

The Builderall free plan, allows you to, on one hand, create up to 3 websites with their free Cheetah Drag-n-drop builder, and on the other hand, also grants you unrestricted access to all of its tools, for 14 days, for free, so that you can test out the software for yourself.

The good thing about the Builderall free website, is that you get access to some pretty cool tools and even access to the email marketing platform (which is really nice), without having to pay anything.

For instance, you get the blogging app, unlimited impressions and visitors, unlimited membership areas, checkouts, sales pages (upsells, downsells and the likes) and MailingBoss, with up to 100 subscribers, for free.

Apart from this, you also get ticketing support and up to 1GB of disk space, so it’s a great way to build some funnels and do some email marketing, especially if you’re starting out.

Unfortunately, it is kind of lacking, compared to what the GrooveFunnels base plan allows you to do, since even with a free GrooveFunnels plan, you can add a custom domain and then use something like Sendinblue or Mailchimp, to have +2000 subscribers for which already trumps Builderalls free website, in my eyes.

  • If you want to get a free Builderall website, you can head over to this page here.

  • If you want to try out complete platform for free, for 14 days, you can head over to this link here. There is no credit card required for you to create an account.

Pros And Cons

Now let’s check out some of the pros and cons, that I’ve personally gathered of both of the platforms.

Remember, I’ve been a Builderall customer and affiliate since August 2018, and I’m also a GrooveFunnels lifetime backer member and was one of the top 20 affiliates for the platform…so I’m not pulling things out of my butt here. ? 

Before I mention the pros and cons of each of the platform, let me remind you that these are my personal opinions on the tools. Everyone will have their own opinions.

With that said, let’s check it out.



✅ Brand new page building technology. Fast loading, SEO optimized pages and mobile-first indexing compliant.

✅ Super high-quality product, tools and user interface. The CEO was co-founder of the Kartra platform, and intended on creating something even better.

✅ Fastest growing all-in-one digital platform, with tools and features coming out until 2023, by which it’s expected to be a leader in the market.

✅ Free plan gives you up to 3 custom domains. Pretty much no other company is doing this on their free plans.


❌ Fairly expensive tool when compared to most alternatives, so it’ll not be for everyone. 

❌ Many of the tools will not be available until further down the line in 2021 and 2022. This means that you’ll not necessarily be getting everything you’re paying for right from the start.

You’ll essentially be betting on the company to do good, in the long run, because it’s not well established yet (the co-founder has successfully built Karta and WebinarJam, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem…but it’s good to mention).



✅ An incredible amount of useful, very in-demand tools. Probably the most complete all-in-one digital marketing platform in the market today.

✅ Even at it’s most expensive pricing, it’s still cheaper than most of the alternatives out there. Webinar hosters, email marketing platforms and funnel builders are not cheap. Builderall makes them so.

✅ Established company. It’s been in business for over 10 years and has successfully competed in the American market since 2018.

✅ Free website and 14-day free trial. Builderall actually gives you 100% access to all of their tools, for 14 days for free (without having to add a credit card) which is great. Also, you actually get an autoresponder (MailingBoss)included inside of the free plan, which not many platforms out there do.


❌ The tools have a pretty outdated and unprofessional-looking user interface in general, and none of them is “done to perfection”. It could definitely use a face-lift. The email marketing tool in particular, has a very strange look and feel to it.

❌ The company is always trying to add onto the already existing tools, instead of fixing issues and bugs that popup with older tools. The drag-n-drop pixel perfect builder was a nightmare to deal with, back in 2019, and they’re changing it all the time.

❌ Being as some of the tools are completely different in aspect, to most of their alternatives (mainly the website and funnel builders) expect there to be a steep learning curve. 

❌ Builderall has a paid affiliate program (I shouldn’t have to pay you to promote you) doesn’t offer a custom domain, has a lot of bugs, has Portuguese words popping up every here and there and is overall not very robust. Its quality could be a lot better.

Conclusion – Final Verdict 

So after all of this…which software platform is better?

Well, in all honesty and like I mentioned at the start of this article…I think it’s GrooveFunnels (and it’s not even close) but it eventually comes down to where you currently are at in your online journey, and what you want to accomplish.

With that said and as I’ve mentioned pretty much wherever the “GrooveFunnels vs Builderall” question pops-up:

 “You’ll want to get Builderall first, especially if you don’t have the budget or aren’t necessarily looking for the best product…but you’ll eventually want to use a more robust, and high-quality software later on, of which GrooveFunnels is more complete and cheaper than some of the alternatives like Kartra.”

The issue with Builderall is that it’s not very high quality, compared to GrooveFunnels.

This is not to bash on Builderall…but anyone who’s used the platform, knows first hand what I’m talking about.

The constant changes in features, functions, pricing, compensation plan, dashboard layout…you’re practically re-learning every tool, every couple of months.

On top of that, the bugs and the random Portuguese words that pop-up every now and then, it’s just not very professional.

I’m “lucky” to know Portuguese…but I understand it can be a bit of a pain for other people.

If you’re not 100% serious about your own business, blog, site, products and so on, then Builderall is a great option, because it’s very cheap for what it offers.

If, however you’re interested in high-quality, potent and cutting-edge software, then for an additional $20/month, you can get GrooveFunnels.

Yes, GrooveFunnels is more expensive and Builderall offers you more tools (including the webinar builder, which can only be found in the $299/month plan on GrooveFunnels side of things) for a cheaper cost…but the quality is not the best.

And so as the saying goes:

Good things aren’t cheap, and cheap things are never good.

So there you have it everyone, that would be my GrooveFunnels vs Builderall review, I hope that you found what you were looking for.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to leave them in the comments below, and I’ll make sure to respond back to you asap.


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