GroovePages LTD. How To Get The Lifetime Deal

What is the GroovePages LTD (lifetime deal)  how much does it cost for how long is it open what does it give you access to and where should you get it?

This article I’ll be going over everything when it comes to the GroovePages LTD, so you know exactly where to go, which buttons to click, how much it’ll cost you and so on…

Let’s check it out. ?

So What Is The GroovePages LTD?

What is the GroovePages lifetime deal?

To be able to answer that question, first, we’ve got to talk about the GroovePages tool.


So in case you don’t know, GroovePages is the premium page, website and funnel building software/tool created by Mike Filsaime and the team over at

It’s one of the most novel, integral, most exciting and most important tools of the new all-in-one digital marketing platform GrooveFunnels.

Very briefly (because I’ve extensively covered the tool elsewhere in my site) the GroovePages tool will allow you to use the brand new JavaScript wireframe Vue.JS technology, to create stunningly beautiful, mobile responsive and highly SEO optimized pages for your funnels, websites and more.

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After the launch period is over for this product, somewhere after June 2020, the software will become a paid monthly subscription tool, which will cost a minimum of $99/month.


For a brief period of time, and because of the launch, the creators of the software, will be making an offer available, called “GroovePage lifetime deal” (aka GroovePages LTD).

This means you’ll be able to purchase it only for one payment…and get it forever. You’ll never be charged again for it.

How Much Does GroovePages LTD Cost?

GroovePages lifetime, will cost $497. One time.

This will allow you to get the GroovePages PRO account and tool…but nothing else.

Are There Any Oto’s?


After getting GroovePages, you’ll have the chance to upgrade for the complete GrooveFunnels platform (VERY LIMITED offer, check availability here) for two (2) additional payments of $497, which you’ll be charged every 30 days, for 2 months.

Other than that, there are no more upgrades or offers available. Once you’ve bought your page builder, you’ll be getting access through email, to your dashboard, and you’ll also have the option to purchase some done for you services inside the app, but those are not for everybody, and are optional.

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How Long Will It Be Available?

GroovePages and GrooveFunnels will be launching somewhere in June 2020 and for a very limited time it will be open and available to the public for a one-time price.

So essentially just a few weeks maybe even days after the launch.

They might extend the time or they might cut it short, there’s no way for us to know 100% how long it will be open for.

And this is not fake scarcity…not at all. We simply don’t know.

I’m personally part of the GrooveFunnels lifetime members (I bought my account for a one-time price) and I’m constantly up to date when it comes to new features, pricing, updates and pretty much everything else there is to know when it comes to GrooveFunnels…and we’ve been told there is no way to know when the offer will be off the table. 

We’re seeing tons and tons of people come in every single day because this is such a great opportunity.

And GrooveFunnels know this…

They know that they’re essentially losing out on multiple thousands probably even tens of thousands of dollars in recurring revenue by allowing some customers to not pay monthly fees. Obviously, since they have their own expenses…this can’t be sustainable for long (and it won’t).

This means that if you had a chance to pick up either GroovePages lifetime or GrooveFunnels lifetime,  I highly suggest you do so.

It’s a great option if you can afford it, because you’ll be getting all the additional tools for the GrooveFunnels platform, which people will be paying $99/month, $199/month or even $299/month for!

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Where To Get GroovePages LTD?

If it’s still available (you can check availability by clicking on the link) you can get GroovePages one time, here

If you have the option (and it’s still available) however I would not recommend you investing solely into the GroovePages tool, but instead of going for the whole GrooveFunnels upgrade here instead.


This is because you would be missing out on a ton of different tools that you could also be getting, on top of GroovePages, if you decide to upgrade for the complete platform.

Now these tools won’t be free. The additional tools will cost you an additional 2 payments of for $497 build every month  for a total of $1,491 (like we were mentioning in the pricing section). 

It’s a great option if you can afford it, because you’ll be getting all the additional tools for the GrooveFunnels platform, which people will be paying $99/month, $199/month or even $299/month for!

Also, since it’s a bit more of an investment, than just getting the funnel builder platform, you’ll have the chance to pay 1, 3, 6 or 12 monthly installments, to allow for more flexibility.

I won’t go into too much detail on what each of the additional tools you can be getting with the GrooveFunnels lifetime plan is, because I have separate articles for that…

But basically, you’ll be adding an autoresponder with 25,000 contacts that you can mail for free, a webinar Builder, a Blog Builder, a video hosting platform, an Affiliates and seller platform, a help desk feature, a membership site builder… and much more.

It’s a massive advantage and you’ll not be wasting as much money, so once again, if you can, I’d suggest you getting the GrooveFunnels upgrade, instead of the GroovePages lifetime deal.

A lot of my clients have decided to upgrade after buying only the page builder and even I myself have taken the six payment plan for the lifetime version too. 

So if you’re interested in going all-in (which I would highly recommend you do because this offer will not last long) and take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity you can check availability here.

Alternatively and if you only want the GroovePages page builder, for life, check out this link here.

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