GroovePages Platinum Pricing. How Much Does It Go For?

Looking to get into the GroovePages rage, and want to learn more about the GroovePages platinum pricing, in particular? 

You’re in the right spot. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t actually a GroovePages platinum pricing plan at all (there is a reason why) and in this post, I’ll be going over everything, when it comes to the platinum pricing, for this awesome tool.

GroovePages Platinum Pricing. How Much Does It Cost?

Unfortunately, there isn’t actually a GroovePages platinum price.

I’ve been writing and creating content around GroovePages and GrooveFunnels, for almost a year now. I’m a backer member for the lifetime plan, an affiliate for the platform, and also a user…

And as far as I know, the only platinum pricing plan available right now, is for the complete GrooveFunnels platform

The difference here, is basically, that GroovePages, is the website and funnel building tool, that is included inside GrooveFunnels, and GrooveFunnels, of course, is the all-in-one digital marketing platform that includes all of these tools inside.
For that reason, you’re probably looking for the GrooveFunnels platinum pricing plan, and not the GroovePages one.

GroovePages Lifetime $497

In the beginning of 2020, GrooveFunnels didn’t exist at all. It wasn’t a project that was in the workings.

The creators of GrooveFunnels, were working only on the page and website builder GroovePages.

Seeing as it was a massive success, the team went all in, and decided to create a complete platform, that could compete with other alternatives out there like Kartra, Builderall and ClickFunnels, and was good enough to substitute a ton of other tools that were out there, in the marketplace today, by being faster, better, more modern and cheaper.

But in the beginning, there was a one time offer for GroovePages, for $497, for the lifetime account, before it started becoming a monthly subscription of $99/month to $199/month.

GrooveFunnels Platinum Pricing

So when it comes to platinum pricing options, the only one that is currently available (as of the writing of this article) is going to be the GrooveFunnels platinum option.

GrooveFunnels has 3 different pricing plans (4 if you include the GrooveFunnels free base account) and these are the: GrooveFunnels silver, GrooveFunnels Gold and GrooveFunnels Platinum.

I’ve extensively covered the different GrooveFunnels pricing plans, in this post here, so you can get all the information on the different ones, but when it comes to the GrooveFunnels platinum pricing:

GroovePages Platinum Pricing.
GroovePages platinum plan, no longer available outside of the GrooveFunnels platinum plan

GrooveFunnels Platinum ($299/month)

The platinum pricing plan for GrooveFunnels, is without a doubt the more premium version of the software, and is more geared towards professionals and bigger businesses. It gives you access to the complete suite of apps, which include:

  • GroovePages PRO – Website builder with unlimited features.
  • GrooveSell – Digital product sales tool.
  • GrooveAffiliate – Affiliate program builder.
  • GrooveMail – Integrated email autoresponder (up to 10k contacts).
  • GrooveMember – Membership site builder
  • GrooveVideo – Video hosting tool.
  • GrooveBlog – Blog building tool.
  • GrooveDesk – Help desk feature tool.
  • GrooveCalendar – Calendar and event scheduling tool.
  • GrooveSurvey – Website survey builder
  • GrooveQuiz – Website quiz builder

In addition to these tools, you also get tools that are exclusive to the platinum plan (the ones shown above also are available for the Gold plan)

  • GrooveWebinars Live – Live webinar building tool.
  • GrooveWebinars Automated – Automated webinar building tool.
  • GroovePages for Shopify – GoovePages in-store app for Shopify
  • GrooveKart* – Ecommerce store builder.

*NOTE: GrooveKart is a stand-alone app, and is not included in any of the plans. You can only get it through the GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Option. So if you’re interested in getting it, make sure you get the upgrade!

GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime

There is also an opportunity for you to grab the complete GrooveFunnels platform, for a one-time price, without you having to purchase the subscription at all, and without you having to pay any monthly fees ever.

You can do this through the GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime option

This is an option that will be available for a very limited time, and with which you can become a “lifetime backer” of the software.

The good thing about this plan, is that (in addition to getting the tool for life) there are also very flexible payment plans, that you can choose from.

4 Month Pay

The first option you have, is paying $0 today, and starting in 14 days, you’ll get charged $497 for 4 months (total of $1988), And you’ll not have to pay again, ever.

6 Month Pay

This second option, goes for 6 payments of $388. (for a total of $2328) starting today. 

12 Month Pay

Another option, is getting GrooveFunnels for 12 monthly payments of $249 (which starts today) for a total of $2988.

1 Time Pay ($591 off the original price)

Finally, you’ve also got the chance to get GrooveFunnels for a one-time price of $1397, and you’ll never have to pay any monthly fees again.

This is probably the best option, if you have the upfront cash, because it’ll not only shave off almost $600…but you’ll not have to worry about paying again.

In fact, this price had been scheduled to go up to $1897 after the initial launch of August 30th.

But since a lot of people missed the boat, the team decided to keep it at that price, but increased the other payment plans…so it’s overall a better option, for sure.

Groovefunnels platinum pricing plan

GroovePages Platinum Pricing Conclusion

So as you can see, there is not really a GroovePages platinum pricing plan option, and there hasn’t been one for a while.

As of right now, there is only the GrooveFunnels platinum pricing option (and depending on when you’re seeing this, also the 1 time pricing lifetime deal).

This is not to say that in the future, the GrooveDigital team might not create a separate pricing plan specifically for GroovePages (they’ve already hinted on creating separate trial versions of the different GrooveFunnels tools)…

But for now, you can’t get GroovePages, without getting GrooveFunnels.

The next best thing you can do, is to sign up to a free GrooveFunnel base account here, (no credit card required) which will allow you to test the waters on the software.

If you’re ready to get a platinum membership, by all means, do that instead.

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