GroovePages Vs ClickFunnels. Which Is The Better Option?

GroovePages vs ClickFunnels…which one is better? Which one should you choose?

In this article, I’ll be going through the differences between both of these amazing software. I’ll be going over the different features, the pricing, the pros and cons of each one of them, which one I would personally choose (or rather…have already chosen)

and pretty much anything else I can think of, so that you can make the best decision, depending on what it is you need.

Let’s check it out!

GroovePages vs ClickFunnels

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GroovePages? ClickFunnels? What Are These?

So if you’re reading this article, chances are…you’re well aware of what both of these software are and what they do, and just want to get to the action.

If that is you, then you can skip ahead and check out the features and the differences between them.

For the rest of the people here…what are these software? What do they do?

Basically both GroovePages and ClickFunnels, are digital marketing software as a service platform (SAAS) that specifically allow you to create funnels (and in the case of GroovePages, also complete websites) to sell and market your products online.

That’s what they do.

  • You need to create sales funnels for a digital or physical product or service?
  • You need to easily create and effortlessly drag and drop pre-made scientifically proven to convert pages at a moment’s notice?
  • You need to see your conversions, visitors and other analytics to be in control of your campaigns at all times? 

Then…you can use (and probably must be using) either one of these.  

GroovePages Vs ClickFunnels 2

They’re essentially, “top of the food chain”, “cream of the crop”, premier and high-quality tools when it comes to website and page-building tools, which you’ll probably eventually hear from…even if you think you’ve chosen the “correct software” for the job, and end up using something else.

ClickFunnels was created by Russell Brunson back in 2015, and GroovePages is part of the all-in-one digital marketing platform GrooveFunnels, created by Mike Filsaime at the end of 2019. 

Main Features

Let’s now mention some of the features. of each software.

I’m not going to go in-depth into every single one of the features of each tool, because I’ve done an overview on ClickFunnels here, and an in-depth GroovePages review here, and so I’ll be going over just the main most important features, instead. 


  • One of the main features of ClickFunnels, is its very well known (and pretty revolutionary) “drag-and-drop” funnel building interface and technology. With it, creating funnels and pages becomes super easy. In fact, it’s so easy and good, that multiple other software companies have adapted a similar style to try to compete.

  • Another one of the features that ClickFunnels is very strong in, is the templates. ClickFunnels offers you up to 22 types of professional sales funnel templates for you to choose from, which fall into 4 different categories: Lead capture, sales, event, membership. All premade and battle-tested for conversions.

    [thrive_leads id=’2597′]

  • You also have a  huge variety of page elements. If you want to customize your pages, you’ll get access to pretty much anything you need. Buttons, HTML scripts, video widgets, progress bars, countdown timers, and so on.

  • It’s very easy to use. You can start from scratch and actually make something decent. You don’t need to use the templates, but will probably still be able to create something that looks amazing and works well, very easily (which is not something I found that you can do currently with GroovePages).

What Can ClickFunnels Do 3
Different ClickFunnel templates


  • One of the main features of GroovePages, that makes it stand out from the crowd and is exciting, is that it’s using a new javascript framework technology called vue.js, that load the pages in HTML, without having to “call” the servers. This boosts the loading speeds of the sites, which dramatically increase their rankings in search engines.

  • GroovePages also follows the “mobile-first indexing” guidelines of Google, which also gives it a very superior advantage when it comes to page load speed, which means that there is a high SEO benefit of using it, as opposed to using something else.

  • GroovePages uses pre-made custom designed and professionally looking block technology, to create their pages. The blocks are the building elements for all of the pages, very similar to something like the Elementor page builder.

    [thrive_leads id=’5586′]

  • This software also gives the user a lot of options when it comes to page building (which makes it a bit more complex than some of its competitors, including ClickFunnels). You can add individual elements like buttons, videos, bars and pop-ups to the pages, and also add whole sections like footers, headings, titles, features, pricing sections and more. 

  • GroovePages is not only a funnel building software, it’s also a website builder at the same time. You’ll be able to add footers, navigation bar and you can navigate yourself between the different pages, to construct the layout of your entire website, which is pretty cool.

GroovePages dashboard elements tab and canvas



Clickfunnels cost $97 per month, on the lower end, and it gives you access to up to 20 funnels, 100 pages and a limited amount of visitors per month (20 thousand) before you are required to upgrade to their platinum plan (which we’ll mention in a bit).

With this plan, you do get the funnel templates for the opt-in pages landing pages, order pages, upsell and downsell pages, capture pages, squeeze pages and all of the other templates, a/b split testing, webinar funnels, email integrations, membership funnels and up to 3 custom domain integrations.

ClickFunnels also has a more premium version of its software, which is called ClickFunnels Platinum that goes for $297/month, which you’ll pretty quickly have to upgrade to, if, for example, you exceed the number of pages, funnels, domains or simply run out of bandwidth.

This plan gives you access to unlimited funnels, pages, visitors, and also gives you a ton of more very interesting products, offers and upgrades like a library of documentaries, recordings, access to premium content in FunnelFlix, and Funnel University…and so on.

GroovePages Vs ClickFunnels 3
Keep in mind, the “ClickFunnels Etison” plan, is now called “ClickFunnels Platinum” and some feautres might be different, but for the most part they’re the same.


GroovePages, on the other hand, will cost you $99 per month and will give you unlimited access to everything when it comes to website funnels, pages and visitors, domains and more (unless you are using the GroovePages free lite version).

You’ll get access to all the designer templates and blocks, the wireframe blocks, stock images, and so on and so forth, and as such, aren’t limited to the pages or bandwidth of visitors.

On top of this, GroovePages also gives you access to multiple other tools from the GrooveFunnels platform, as part of picking up the page builder, which really ups the value an incredible amount.

As of right now, these come included with the GroovePages PRO (paid option) and can’t be purchased individually. 

These tools include:

  • An integrated autoresponder with up to 25,000 free leads (GrooveMail)
  • A membership site builder (GrooveMember)
  • A video hosting platform (GrooveVideo)
  • An affiliate dashboard and marketplace like ClickBank or CjAffiliate (GrooveAffiliate) 
  • A digital product selling platform where you can create pricing, discounts, trials, upsells, downsells and more, for your products (GrooveSell).

In fact, if you want to have the same functionality as ClickFunnels, you’ll need to use both GroovePages and GrooveSell in tandem.

Unlike with ClickFunnels, you don’t need to upgrade to any other payment plan with GroovePages, unless you decide you need additional tools. GrooveFunnels offers a Silver plan (99/month) Gold plan (199/month) and Platinum plan (299/month) but GroovePages Pro (unlimited) is included in every one of them.

GroovePages Pro and GroovePages Lite features

Free Trials

Do these software have trial versions for you to be able to test the products out without having to pay anything? Yes they do! Although they are slightly different in functionality, you’ll be able to use the trial or free version of each of them, to test the waters before committing to anything.

Let’s take a look.

ClickFunnels 14 day Free Trial

ClickFunnels offers you a whole 14-day free trial for you to test the software out. To get one, you can create an account here, add your information, and you can start building funnels within minutes.

You’ll have full use over the software, and if I recall correctly, you’ll have unlimited pages and funnels that you can create, without restrain (which you’d only get with the ClickFunnels Platinum plan).   

Does the ClickFunnels 14-day free trial require me to add my credit card information?


ClickFunnels will ask you for your credit card information before you’re able to start using the software at all. This means you’ll have to either modify the payment method, or talk to support to not get accidentally billed, in case you no longer want to use the software. 

Also, in case you maybe don’t want to continue using the software for a few months, but are thinking about using it in the future, you’ll have all of your funnels and pages backed up in their system, so there is no need to worry about losing all of your work.

I’ve had mine since late 2018, and can still access them if I were to use the software again (which I won’t…but still) ?

GroovePages Lite Version

GroovePages on the other hand, gives you a completely free GroovePages Lite account, that you can create and keep for yourself, indefinitely. There is no “x amount of days trial” after which you’ll get denied access (at least not as of the writing of this article).

Not only does it come with the GroovePages page, website and funnel builder, but it also gives you access to an additional two of their other tool as part of the package, for free, which are GrooveAffiliate and GrooveSell.

Apart from this, the GroovePages lite version that comes inside of the free GrooveFunnels account, gives you the option to add up to 3 custom domain for free (which means that they’ll host the pages for you…for free) gives you up to 3 websites to create.

PLUS…they don’t require credit card information for you to do so. Ever.

To get a free GrooveFunnels account, you can create one here.  

Pros and Cons

In the section, I’ll be mentioning the pros and cons of each software.

I briefly touched on a few of these points throughout the article but in this section I’m going to condense what a thing to be the best and worst aspects of each of them, so that you can choose the one that you’re most interested in using, if any.

Do note that this is my personal opinion on the matter and should be taken with a grain of salt. Each person will come up with their own conclusions of which is better for them and their particular situation.

Some people might think that ClickFunnels is great at more than just funnels (the membership area are okay, but for the most part I don’t think the rest is all that good for the price) whereas other people might think the GroovePages app is nowhere near ready (as of the writing of this article, it’s still in beta) and so on… 



✅ ClickFunnels is the category King when it comes to funnel building software, and it’s the best option when it comes to online funnels…and it’s not even close.

✅ ClickFunnels has multiple thousands of customers (almost a hundred thousand, as of the writing of this article) and has been around for five years.

It’s a reputable, established brand that is not going anywhere and has been used and endorsed by some of the biggest names in the industry and in multiple industries. 

✅ It is very very simple to use and the interface is not frustrating at all.

✅ The customer service is fantastic and is available pretty much 24/7 to answer any of your questions and help you out with anything you need. 

[thrive_leads id=’2597′]


It’s great at funnel building…but it’s not “great” at anything else. ClickFunnels is notorious for the easy drag-and-drop funnel building software, the funnel templates and whatnot…but that’s about it.

The company even decided to actively stop pursuing other venues (they were trying out several additional tools for a while) and decided to focus on their strengths (creating funnels) and thus, became pretty unreliable for anything that escaped the “funnel building” realm, so to speak

❌ A huge issue that ClickFunnels has, is that pages don’t load very fast, since they’re not very SEO friendly (and have to call servers to load the pages) plus, optimizing for search engines is fairly hard to do (you need more than the meta tags here people).

❌ The base plan is great but you will probably run out of pages and or funnels very quickly you have to upgrade to the very expensive $297 per month plan. 25 funnels or 100 pages…can get gobbled up pretty quickly, and it feels kind of like a joke that the main software service, restricts you this much, seeing as the next (and only option available to you) is the platinum service at $297/month.



✅ The pages load super fast. They’re SEO optimized and the first of its kind to abide by the “mobile-first” indexing Google guidelines.

The pages look, unlike anything I’ve personally seen before anywhere else. Probably as a result of the javascript technology that none of the competitors are using.

✅ It’s crazy cheap for what you’re getting. Even on the cheapest option, you’re getting more than just the page and funnel builder. You’re getting an integrated email autoresponder, a video hosting platform, an affiliate marketplace, a digital product selling platform and a membership platform builder, on top of it.

Even just the email autoresponder with 25 thousand contacts that you can mail for free, would cost you $150-$200/month elsewhere, which makes GroovePages extremely valuable. 

✅ They have big plans. The CEO of GroovePages, Mike Filsaime, is the ex co-founder of the all-in-one digital marketing platform, Kartra, and as such, has huge plans for the platform all the way from 2020 to 2023, at which point it is praised to be the number one funnel builder and online marketing tool in the market.

✅ They have a great free affiliate program (ClickFunnels’s one used to be good, but not anymore) which you can automatically get signed up to (no qualifying) and they also have a special lifetime option deal which allows you to get the complete platform for a one-time price, instead of a monthly subscription (limited time).

[thrive_leads id=’5586′]


❌ The software is still not finished as of the writing of this article it’s really hard to create pages from scratch. There’s a lot of bugs still in the beta, and there are still a lot of the more basic blocks that are missing (will be added in time).

❌ GrooveFunnels and GroovePages, are just starting out. Even though the members of the GrooveFunnels platform, are rising by the day, it’s still a relatively new “unknown” platform, and things are currently a bit shaky. 

❌ Customer service does not include 24/7 chat support yet. This is a big deal, because that type of chat support is now the “new standard”, and support is really important to have in place to keep customers happy. Even if this is something that will be added in the near future, it should probably be there from day 1. 

Final Verdict

After going through both of the software, I like to quickly just give my position what I think is the better tool going forward.

Now, even though ClickFunnels is the category king and has been the leading software product for funnel building software since 2015, I simply think that GroovePages has more going for it, and is the better of the two choices.


Because it’s just offering more, for less and is better. Period.

You see, currently, there is no way to get GroovePages, without getting a multitude of other GrooveFunnels tools, I understand you might think you don’t need them…

But as you know, having a funnel builder is probably not enough. You also need an autoresponder (at the very least) and maybe even more than that. Does ClickFunnels give you that?

Nope. It’s just a funnel builder.

ClickFunnels is simply more expensive…and makes everything else, more expensive.

You have to pay for your email marketing software, separately. You have to pay for your webinar hoster, separately. And if you ever hit the 20k visitors per month or run out of pages (remember, you have up to 100 on the basic plan) then you’ll have to upgrade to $297/month, which is pretty expensive.

This is where GroovePages and GrooveFunnels, are a bit better positioned.

In fact…I’ve personally both purchased and became a backer member of the project, and canceled my own autoresponder software and all my other software, as a result.

They give you a ton of other additional tools on the most basic plan (for an additional $2/month compared to ClickFunnels) and they don’t require you to upgrade to the premium version, because you’re out of pages or visitors…you can have as many visitors as you want, as many funnels and domains as you want…

This will essentially make you save a lot more money than ClickFunnels would, and so it’s just better in the long run.

All in all I would choose GroovePages. It’s a more exciting, cheaper and more modern solution that also has a bigger upside and gives you a lot more bang for your buck AND that doesn’t limit you as much.

The pages are highly optimized for SEO and you’ll get a bunch more tools on top of it as if that weren’t enough. Plus, it’s everything under one single roof. 

Pretty much a no brainer.

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