How I Made My First $1000 Online (And How You Can Easily Do The Same)

Imagine if you could make one little piece of content, and virtually guarantee that it’ll make you money, straight away. How awesome would that be? If you asked me, i think it would be pretty spicy. 😉

Well, what if i could give you a blueprint on how to do the same? Simple. Straight to the point. No bullshit. You in?

If you want to learn how, just keep on readin’, cause in this post, i’m going to be giving you an easy, 3 step blueprint you can follow, to make your first $1000 online.

It’s the exact strategies i’ve used to generate my first 1k online…so i know this works.

How I Made My First 1000 Online
Tooting my horn here a bit…

Making your first $1000 online, does not have to be hard. It can be easy and a lot of fun! Obviously, there are a million different ways to make money online:

-Domain Flipping
-Ad Arbitrage
-Ad Campaigns for locals
-Affiliate Marketing

I think you get the point…

So, how did i make my first $1000 online?

Affiliate marketing

This Is Essentially when you refer a potential customer over, through your specific tracking link (affiliate link) to a product or service, and you get paid if the person performs a specific action, like buying something or scheduling a meeting or giving their contact information. 

I chose this method, because:

✅ I didn’t need to have any prior experience.
✅ Needed very little money to start (my first training cost me $13).
✅ I don’t need to own the product or do customer service.
✅ Selling infoproducts looked really enticing because of the high commissions (compared to physical products).

I do want to mention, however, that affiliate marketing isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. Just like everything else, it takes time.

And yes, there ARE easier ways to make that first grand online… but since i’ll be showing you what i personally did, we’ll be sticking to this. Capiche? 🙂 

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Step 1. Pick A Niche. Any Niche.

Okay so affiliate marketing, is all about matching product or service “A”, with potential customer “B”, and so basically we’ll want to be getting “A” and “B” together.

A “Niche” is a group of people of people, who are interested in a specific topic. And we want to try to find people that are part of a Niche, that might want what we have. Maybe they have a problem, they need fixed or are really passionate about that niche, we could “fill in the gap“.

For example, one niche could be “dogs”. It’s a bit broad, and is very competitive, so maybe we’d need something a bit more specific inside the dog niche. Like “poodles”. You could also dive a bit deeper and do “clothes”.

So, clothes for poodles. Awesome. ?

⏩Do people love their poodle so much, they’d buy them clothes? Yes (i’m one of them).
⏩Are there people out there, looking for clothes for their poodles right now? For sure. 
⏩Could we offer them some sort of product? Yep

All we’d have to do, is go out there and look for some products we could put in front of these people, and we’d get some money by creating that exchange. But how do you pick a niche? What niche do you go after?

You can choose whichever one you like, as long as there are people looking for it, and you have something to offer them.

The top three niches to choose, are: Health, Wealth and Relationships. They’re the most profitable and evergreen. This is because people are always going to want to solve problems in any one of those three categories, always. So there will always be people to sell products to, and buyers buying these said products.

What I Chose: Online Marketing and Make Money Online

I personally chose online marketing and make money online because it was something I was obsessing over, something I wanted to learn more about and also fits into the three most profitable categories.

Did i know much about it in the beginning?

Nope, not really.

But since i got SO into it after ? My Initial Failure Of A Project…i decided to go all in and make it “my thing”.

How I Made My First 1000 Online 2

Step 2. Find A Product.

Awesome, so now we have an general idea of what out niche is. Next step is to find a product or service that we can sell to the people interested in that niche, and that has an affiliate program.

A lot of companies now rely on affiliates to drive traffic to their offers, and so, you’ll find at the bottom of a lot of the pages of the big brands, a “partner with us” section, or some sort of affiliate program.

Now, as an affiliate, you can promote a lot of different things, digital or physical, and you’ll generally be getting a percentage of the sale which the product creator has defined. A really great marketplace to find different products from all the different niches you can imagine, is

Once you find a product that fits your niche, you are interested in promoting and you genuinely think is going to be great, you can grab your links from clickbank, and you can start promoting the product to the audience! 

How To Make Money With ClickBank 2
The “holy grail” of affiliate marketing.

Personally, i’d be looking for a product that:

✅ Is great. Not “okay”. Great. Something you can be super proud to be a part of and promote. It should work or get people results. Basically, it needs to solve a problem or be percieved as very valuable… very straightforward here.

✅ Infoproducts. Physical products require shipping and handling and therefore the commissions can be in the single digit percentages, which means you need to sell a LOT of volume to make $1000. Infoproducts can give out as much as 100% in commissions. 

✅ It should be mid-to-high ticket price. So it should payout anything from $50 to $500 in commissions per sale. I’d choose these, solely because you need less volume to get to your first 1k if you sell $50+ products, than if you sell $10 products. For one, you need to sell 20 copies, and for the other you need 100.

✅ It should (highly recommended) offer some sort of “subscription” service, like a membership. If the product has a monthly subscription, you’ll should get paid on a recurring basis, which will make you more money with the same amount of work. 😀

If you’re unsure about clickbank, which niche to choose, which product to choose, etc, you’ll want to check this Complete Guide On Clickbank, which i’ve also written. It goes over everything as well as a strategy to promote them, that you’ll probably not have seen anywhere before.

What I Chose: Software As A Service -> Builderall

Builderall is what i used to make my first $1000 online. It’s something i like, i used and i’m still using to this day. 

It’s a product that, people in my industry desperately need, (it allows you to do some Crazy Magical Stuff) and it fits most of the criteria of a great product to promote:

-A) It’s digital, so a lot of the profits, i get to keep (they offer 100% commissions up front).
-B) The product is absolutely amazing. It’s very valuable, high in demand and essential. Selling it, is absurdly easy. 
-C) Commissions of $50 (back then). All i needed was 20 sales. Which wasn’t necessary because…
-D) It offers 30% recurring commissions. Which means, it paid me every month, not just 1 time.

Builderall Review 3
More than just “a product”. Builderall is a highly valuable toolbox.

Step 3. Let’s Promote!

Okay awesome! ?

Now you have: Chosen a niche, and have a great product to promote. All you need is traffic to that product. Send some eyeballs over! There’s literally a million different ways of promoting, but generally speaking there will be paid methods (some sort of ad) and free methods (blood, sweat and tears).

If you’re starting out, you’ll probably want to start with free strategies and make your way over to paid. It’s best to already have some knowledge, so that when you want to use the paid methods, you really blow it out of the water. Ya dig? 

For that reason, i’ll be talking about free strategies, which is what i started off with. 

Essentially here, what we want to do, is head over to the platforms where your potential customers spend a lot of time on. We’ll be promoting our products online, and so, we need to know where exactly “online” is.

Almost everybody has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a Snapchat account or some sort of social media account. You’re potential customer…is there somewhere, for sure. ?

What you’d do now, is: Build an audience, in one of those platforms. And once you have a small following, you can start promoting your product, and you will make money.

It’s really not too hard to do. But it’ll be close to impossible if you don’t do the following:

Make Sure To Stick To One Platform Until You Master It. ONLY ONE. UNO.

Stick to 1 platform. ONE

Stick to your favourite one, and run with it.

I know for a fact, a LOT of people who heard this advice, will go out and do the exact opposite. You’ll go out and you’ll start creating a million accounts. 

I’ve done it myself…

I have multiple instagram accounts with a ton of followers that are pretty much useless, i have a few twitter accounts that are 100% useless, i never took youtube seriously so that flopped, i have a pinterest following of almost 4K people that i’ve never used before and i just left to rot…and so on.


What I Chose: Facebook Organic Traffic

God, i used to HATE facebook…Until i chose to use it as my primary way to promote products. 

And oh lawd…

I went from getting absolute crickets, to being able to make money WHENEVER i wanted. It was 100 times better than paying for any type of ads. All i needed, was create a little post (in a specific way), and i’d be off to the races. 

How I Made My First 1000 Online 4
Better than paid traffic…by a lot.

So what i would do is:

-I’d build my account with a lot of relevant contacts and posted relevant content.
-Once i had a big following, i’d promote something awesome 
-And that would be it…basically. Build and promote

But i stuck to 1 platform.

Maybe you want to start a fitness instagram account, or a dog training youtube channel or a woodworking twitter or a numerology facebook account…go ahead and do it, but MASTER that platform first. Then, you can switch over to another!

How I Made My First 1000 Online 5


Okay, let’s break down the blueprint:

  1. Pick a niche. Health, Wealth and Relationships, if you’re unsure if the other niches will do any well.
  2. Pick a good product. With high payout and possibly recurring subsription, from a reputable marketplace, like
  3. Pick ONE platform where your potential customers reside, and build a strong following by being social, and lighlty promote your products. Some platforms are easier to promote on than others. Youtube allows for links pretty much everywhere (for now), whereas Instagram only has 1 (the bio).

What i personally did:

    1. Digital marketing and make money online. I was super interested in it, and it’s one of the 3 most profitable niches.
    2. Builderall. Subscription based, 100% commissions on the front end, a genuinely awesome product that i use and pretty much everyone in my niche can use.
    3. I generated a Facebook following, and transformed my account into a selling machine.

So there you have it. This is the EXACT blueprint that i personally used to get to my first $1000 online.

Is it the fastest way? No. Is it the easiest way? No.

But does it work? Absolutely. I can now go out there and make a bunch of money with a single post, if i wanted to, and now…so can you!

Go out there and crush it! ?

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.


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