How Often Does Celsius Pay Interest? Weekly Reward Structure

So how often does Celsius pay interest to thier users?

It turns out that, contrary to many other options out there (especially the more well-established ones), Celsius Network pays out interest a lot more frequently.

How Often Does Celsius Pay Interest

Celsius Network, pays their customers and users, weekly interest, every Monday, based on their asset price fluctuations (in dollar terms) of the last week. “Snapshot” (the amount of interest that will get paid) occurs each Friday.

So the answer to the question of how often does Celsius pay interest, is every monday. In other words weekly payouts.

And they’ve been doing weekly payouts, without missing one single week, for 4 straight years as of the writing of this article.

This means that you’ll have 4 different instances of compounding interest on your coins per month, since the weekly interest starts gaining interest as soon as it gets deposited into your Celsius Network wallet.

You can also deposit as little money as you want, to start off with, which means it’s very inclusive and doesn’t require you to have tons of initial capital.

This means that you’ll get more coins than in the other cases, in addition to not having to wait as long to be able to make use of your interest, like for example in the case of BlockFi, one of the main Celsius Network competitors, that pays out their rewards monthly.

Essentially this way, you also get access to your interest faster, which can be very valuable.

Of course, there won’t be much difference on lower amounts of capital but the benefits start becoming very apparent, the more capital you hold on the platforms.

How Does Celsius Network Pay Interest?

Rewards for your digital assets, are calculated every Friday of every week, and are sent out to your wallet, every Monday.

If you transfer assets over to your Celsius Network wallet in the middle of the week, then the yield that these will generate, will be registered until the Friday of that week and will be paid on Monday of the following week.

So for example, if you sent assets over to your wallets on Thursday, they’ll have roughly 1 day worth of yield earnings, which will be calculated on Friday and paid on Monday. 

The rewards calculation schedule is: 

  • Reward accrual period: Friday 05:00:00 UTC to Friday 04:59:59 UTC.
  • Reward calculation price snapshot: Friday 05:00:00 UTC
  • Reward payment day: Monday, no set time

If you’re interested in learning more about exactly how Celsius Networks affords to be able to pay mostly stable weekly interest, you can check out our other article on that, here.

Get $50 In Free BTC On Your First Deposit. 

If you’re a first time user of the platform, you can generate $50 in free BTC by making your first deposit and using our special Celsius Network promo code.

To get a $50 reward in free BTC, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  • Create a Celsius Network wallet account here,
  • Add our referral promo code: 110665b3ee 
  • Complete your account registration by providing your personal information
  • Make an initial deposit of at least $400 worth of any accepted asset onto your account (you can learn more on that here)
  • Make sure to abide by the rewards terms of service, to be able to claim your free BTC rewards

If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll now have locked in the $50 in free BTC rewards to be distributed to you, 30 days after initial deposit.

In those 30 days, you’ll also be getting weekly interest on the $400 in deposit you’ve made, either on the asset that you’ve chosen to deposit (in kind earnings) or on the Celsius Network native coin CEL token.

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