How To Buy Celsius Coin? The Top 3 Places To Buy CEL Token

Cel is the Celsius Network native cryptocurrency token and in this short article will be going over exactly how to go about buying the token in three different platforms.

We’ll be going over step-by-step how to choose the platform, how to go about buying the token there, and which one is better.

Lastly, if you’re a new user of the Celsius Network platform, we’ll also be providing you with a coupon code that you can use to get $50 in free BTC on your first deposit, but more on that later.

How To Buy Celsius Coin

How To Buy Celsius Coin CEL: 3 Different Ways 

There are a few different ways on how to buy Celsius coin CEL, but the top three ways that I would recommend, would be by using Uniswap, the exchange FTX, or lastly, by going through the Celsius Network in app option.


The first option is uniswap. It’s one of the top decentralized exchanges, and will allow you to swap between a bunch of different assets, fairly easily.

To be able to by the CEL token through uniswap, you have to connect your metamask wallet to the uniswap app, search for the celsius network coin, token and then proceed to buy the coin by exchanging it with another coin, mainly Ethereum.

These are the steps:

  • Head over to MetaMask, and download it to your Chrome (of Firefox).
  • Open up your Metamask Wallet and create an account (be sure to keep your seed phrases safe).
  • Deposit the coins you want to swap, onto your Metamask Wallet.
  • Go to uniswap and connect your Metamask address.
  • Choose the token you want to swap for the CEL token, and search the CEL token to be able to make the swap. 
  • Metamask will open a window, for you to confirm the swap. Once it’s completed, you’ll find your CEL token in your Metamask wallet.

This first option is by far the most complicated one, and would only be recommended for more experienced users, since it includes a few additional steps. If you want to get your hands dirty and learn the ins and outs of decentralized exchanges, then of course, this option is great to get the hang of things.

How to buy Celsius coin through Uniswap. Notice that there are fees to transfer using the Uniswap app, and there are also withdrawal fees through the ERC20 Ethereum network, in case you want to take your coins out of the app.


The second option on how to buy celsius coin, is through the ftx platform.

it’s one of the most popular centralized exchanges in the market today, it has very low transaction fees and also very small withdrawal fees when it comes to the CEL token.

Currently, there are two token pairs to buy the Celsius coin through. You can either choose the CEL/BTC pair, or the CEL/USD pair.

FTX  doesn’t distinguish between USD and non tether stablecoins, so in the platform, USD is interchangeable with usdc or any other stablecoins like TUSD or BUSD. 

To be able to buy the token on this platform you’ll need to:

  • Create a FTX account by going to this link here.
  • After creating your account you want to fund your account with either USD (or any one of the non tether stablecoins) or BTC.
  • Next, you’ll want to search in the searchbar for the CEL token, which will make both of the pairs appear.
  • Then, you’ll want to choose one of these pairs, and create a limit order by choosing the amount that you want to exchange for the CEL token and at which price.

 Here’s an image but should be able to help you out with this

How To Buy Celsius Coin 3
The FTX exchange allows you to buy CEL coin either through CEL/BTC pair, or CEL/USD pair. USD includes any stable coin that is not Tether (you can use something like USDC). You’ll want to search for the CEL token un the search bar, and on the right, create a limit order for the amount of USD (or BTC) you want to exchange for CEL token, and at what price.

NOTE: If you don’t have one of those two as a available, you can deposit any other asset that you want onto the FTX platform, that you can then convert into BTC or USD to then exchange for the CEL token you need. 

So for example you could deposit AAVE token, switch it to USD or BTC through the AAVE/BTC or AAVE/USD pair, and then convert that BTC or USD to CEL token.

In App Purchase

Finally the third option on how to buy Celsius coin, is inside the Celsius Network app.

This is the easiest way to buy the token, although it’s the most expensive, fees-wise. You don’t have to go through exchanges or create additional wallets and pay for withdrawal fees.

Currently Celsius network is working with a few partners and these partners charge fees. And thus, the price that will pay to buy Celsius Network tokens through the app  will be larger than any of the exchanges.

You exchange a bit higher price for the convenience.

As of right now you can buy Celsius Network through the app either by credit card Bank transfer, but in the near future, Celsius network has also indicated that they will allow on-ramps and off-ramps which means you can directly buy Celsius tokens as well as other digital assets on the app without having to go through a partner and thus paying zero fees in the process.

This also should allow you to sell your digital assets into your bank account, if need be. 

How To Buy Celsius Coin 4
Celsius Network in-app buys. Currently, Celsius Network is working with partners that do charge a fee for the purchase of CEL token (or any other accepted asset). Eventually, this will be zero fees.

Get $50 In Free BTC Using Our Celsius Network Referal Code: 110665b3ee

If you’re a first time user of the Celsius Network platform you can use our special Celsius Network referral code or promo code to get  $50 in free BTC with your first deposit, of at least $400 in any one of the accepted assets inside the platform.

The way this works, is you send your coins over to the proper Celsius Network wallet addresses, and as long as you’ve sent at least $400 worth of assets, and these stay in your account balance for at least 30 days, you’ll receive the rewards.

Remember that youb can withdraw your assets at ANY time, and without paying any gas fees whatsoever. 

To be able to access your $50 in free BTC, you’ll have to do the following steps:

  •  First you need to create a Celsius Network account through this link here
  •  Secondly you want to add the promo code 110665b3ee
  • Lastly you’ll want to send over to your Celsius network wallet a minimum of $400 of any one of the accepted assets inside of a platform.
  • Once the lockup period is over, you’ll recieve your rewards. You can confirm the bonus signup, by checking your BTC wallet.

NOTE:This promo code is only valid for new users and will unlock only after 30 days of you maintaining your balance. If you decide to withdraw any of the assets before the 30 days are up you won’t be eligible for the promo code. This does not mean that you can’t take out the assets at any point in time. It only means that if you do you will not get the $50 free BTC bonus.

If you need more help setting up your Celsius Network wallet you can check out our tutorials here.

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