How To Deposit On Celsius Network…In 3 Simple Steps

Looking to make your first deposit on Celsius Network, but are unsure of how to go about doing so? 

Well, in this short article, I’ll be going over how to deposit on Celsius Network, in 3, simple and quick steps, so that you can start enjoying that weekly interest off of your cryptocurrencies and digital assets, starting today. 

Let’s get crackin’! 

How To Deposit On Celsius Network

How To Deposit On Celsius Network: Easier Than Pie…

Celsius Network is one of the most trustworthly yield-generating crypto platform in the marketplace today. It’s been in business since 2017, and was founded by CEO Alex Mashinsky, who’s also a billionaire entrepreneur with multiple unicorn companies (up there in the ranks with Elon Musk).

One of the main ideas behind the platform, is to make gaining yield on your cryptocurrencies and digital assets…dead simple.

As such (and becuase one of their main goals is to bring the next 100 million users into the cryptospace) the process of getting everything set up and ready, should be extremely easy.

Which it is! 😁

Celsius Network has one of the most good looking and easiest to use apps in the cryptospace, without a doubt.

I’ve rounded the process on how to deposit on Celsius Network…into 3 simple steps. These are: 

STEP 1: Get The App

First thing’s first…

To make your first deposit on the Celsius Network platform, you’ll need to either:

A) Get the Phone App, Here


B) Get the Desktop Version, Here

Either one is good enough. I’d personally recommend the phone version, which is the one I use the most (I’ve got both). Even though I’d pretty much not use my phone for anything except looking at the time and listening to music…

I agree that using the Celsius Network platform on the phone, is the better option on phone version (even though it is a little buggy at times).

Once you get ahold of the app or desktop version, you’ll want to head over to step 2.

How To Deposit On Celsius Network 2
Celsius Network desktop version. Either one of the versions is good enough to use. I’m personally more of a fan of the phone version…but still

STEP 2: Create An Account

On this step, you’ll want to create yourself an account with the platform.

This step is really straightforward, but you’ll want to make sure you complete all relevenat KYC (know your customer) details, accurately, as well as also making sure you create yourself a solid password and obviously use an email address that you can actually access.

How To Deposit On Celsius Network 5
Fill in your details to create your account. It’s super simple to do, takes a few minutes and is free!

STEP 2B: OPTIONAL – Apply Code 110665b3ee For $50 FREE BTC

This following step is optional, but if you’d like to get $50 worth of free BTC on your first deposit on the celsius network platform, you can add the promo code 110665b333 to the “referral code” section of your sign up.

This will allow you to get an additional $50 worth of BTC for free, on your first transfer, if that transfer is $400 or more worth of cryptocurrencies, and you maintin that amount in your Celsius Network balance, for at least 30 days.

After that 30 day period is up, you’ll get your $50 worth of BTC, available to you in your balance, where it’ll start earning weekly interest.

NOTE: If you created your account using the links on this page, you should automatically have the code integrated into your signup process, and you can make your deposit.

How To Deposit On Celsius Network 3
Optional step. If you use the code 110665b3ee as you signup to Celsius Network, you’ll recieve $50 in free BTC, 30 days after you’re initial transfer, if that transfer is worth $400 or more

STEP 3: Make Your Deposit!

The next step, is of course, where the fun begins…making your deposit to start earning yield immediately!

To accomplish this, you can do one of two things:

A) You can purchase coins, within the Celsius Network platform, by clicking on the “Buy Coins” button on your dashboard, and buying the coins through Celsius and a third party platform (there are some fees involved).

You can also find the “buy in app” option, by going through the “transfer” section.

How To Deposit On Celsius Network 4

B) Alternatively, you can send coins from an external address, onto the Celsius Network platform, by clicking on the homepage button (Small “C” at the bottom right of the screen) and clicking on the “transfer button”.

Once inside the transfer section, it’s VERY IMPORTANT that you find the asset that you’re looking to transfer, the specific address of that asset, and then transfer to that address and not any other address.

For example…

Let’s say I wanted to transfer CEL token.

I’d scroll down the list and choose “Celsius”.

Then I’d grab the CEL wallet address by clicking on “copy” (or share, if you want someone else to send CEL token to that address).

Then, I’d head over to the exchange or external wallet, and send CEL token to that exact address, as so:

NOTE: If you send an asset to a different address, you risk losing your coins. Make sure that you’re sending the correct coin to the correct address using the correct chain

As I was mentioning before, you can also find the “buy coins” option, within the transfer section of the app.

How To Deposit On Celsius Network: Conclusion

And there you have it! Pretty simple right?

That is exactly how you go about making your deposit through Celsius Network.

So to recap:

  1. Download the app or desktop version
  2. Create yourself an account.
  3. Deposit coins either through in app purchase or through any external wallet address (make sure the assets match the wallets!)

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Also, remember that if you decide to make your first deposit, by using the promo code 110665b333 on that deposit, if it’s at least $400 dollars worth of cryptocurrencies, you’ll be getting (as of the writing of this article) $50 in free BTC 30 days after deposit.

If you don’t like the platform, for whatever reason, you can withdraw all of that money after the 30 day is us, to get back your $400, your free $50 and whatever interest you gained on your coins, for those 30 days (although I highly doubt you will).


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