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How To Get GrooveFunnels For Free? Is It Even Possible?

Hello everyone and welcome to this article! In this article, we’ll be going over whether or not GrooveFunnels is free, if you can get it for free, if there is a GrooveFunnels download or a GrooveFunnels demo or even a GrooveFunnels free trial, etc etc. And…in case there is…well, how to get GrooveFunnels for free.

So stick around, because I’ll be going over every single one of these questions, here. Let’s check em out. ?

Can You Get GrooveFunnels For Free? (Well Sort Of…)

Let’s get this part out of the way right now.  Can you actually get GrooveFunnels completely for free?

Unfortunately, the answer is no

Well…sort of…

There is no actual way for you to get GrooveFunnels for free without paying for the platform.

Whomp whomp. ?

I know it’s a bummer. But what did you expect? 


There is still a way that you can get, currently at this moment in time, a “fraction” of the platform, absolutely for free and without paying anything. Yes. 0$. Nothing. 

It’s really pretty easy to get one, so keep reading…

Free GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate AND GroovePages Lite!

GrooveFunnels is a world-class, “top of the food chain”, high-quality SAAS platform, that is praised to become the leading all-in-one digital platform in the world, come 2023, competing with the likes of ClickFunnels, Kartra, Buillderall and even stuff like EverWebinar and others…

As such…I think that you can imagine that here is pretty much no way that they could go about giving this platform away 100% for free. Right? ?

Free GrooveFunnels downloads and GrooveFunnels demo accounts, are also out of the question…since there is nothing to download (being that it’s a cloud-based software and all).

But, being a GrooveFunnels backer member, (which is just a fancy way of saying that I’ve bought the platinum lifetime plan for GrooveFunnels) I’m up to date with the new features, plans, different offers and other goodies…

As such, I’m aware that GrooveDigital is currently and for a limited time, giving away a FREE GrooveSell account, a FREE GrooveAffiliate account AND a FREE GroovePages lite account. Here’s how:

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The free GrooveFunnels “base” account initiative, was made by the CEO of GroovFunnels, Mike Filsamie, as a response to the coronavirus outbreak of 2020, in which he and his team at GrooveDitigal, decided to give back to the startup and small business community.

Therefore, and for as long as the option is available, you’ll be able to get 3 of the 1 dozen or so tools that the platform has available to it, and you’ll be getting them all for free.

To grab a FREE GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, and GroovePages account, you can head over to this site here.?.

All you have to do, is sign up with your username, email and password, and you’ll have yourself a free GrooveFunnels “base” account. No strings attached, no credit card needed and you’ll never be charged for any updates.

Alternatively, you can click on any one of the buttons available on this page. They should take you over to the offer, if it’s still available. If it isn’t though, I’m sure there will be, at some point in time, some sort of GrooveFunnels free trial or free test account or something along those lines, and so I’ll be updating the link to lead over to whichever free offer there currently is. ?

What Can You Do With The FREE GrooveFunnels Account?

Even though the free “subsection” or “fraction” (to put it someway) of the GrooveFunnels platform that you’ll be getting, doesn’t allow you to do every single action that a common GrooveFunnels account allows you to, you can still do a massive amount of work with it. Much more than you’d be able to with other “free tools”.

GrooveSell, allows you to create your own online “how-to” products, and create complete sales funnels (with upsell, crossells, discounts, trials, recurring billings and so on).

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You’ll be then able to then sell them (without paying for any fees) in the GrooveFunnels marketplace, and can also get affiliate to promote your products for you. If you want to learn more about GrooveSell, you can check out out complete GrooveSell review here.

The GrooveAffiliate account, allows you to one-click sign up to promote high converting high-quality products from over 10 thousand sellers in the platform, once the marketplace is fully functional (might already be so at this moment in time, they’ve been working on it).

GrooveAffiliate is a massively useful tool, because it can completely replace other seller platforms like PayKickStart, JvZoo and even ClickBank, because it doesn’t charge any fees to sellers, and so there is potentially more money that you can make as an affiliate. The affiliate dashboard is also very nice! ?

How To Get GrooveFunnels For Free

The GroovePages Lite account is probably the most exciting because it allows you to create up to 3 websites, with unlimited pages, using the very powerful VUE.JS javascript framework technology (the pages looks freaking sweet).

With GroovePages, you can create and set up the different pages for your funnels, create landing pages, email capture pages…and any other type of pages you want. 

You also get a GrooveFunnels subdomain, which gives you a “GrooveFunnels username” to which you can publish your sites…completely hosted by GrooveFunnels.

To use custom domains, you will however have to upgrade to a paid plan.


Alright everyone, that would be the end of this article. So… can you get GrooveFunnels for Free and if so, how? 

Well there are currently no ways of for you to get the complete platform for free, but you do have the option of getting a little piece of it for free. This might change in the future, and the guys over at GroovDigital, might offer some sort of free trial, but for now, this is what is available. 

This means that if you don’t have a free GrooveFunnels account, now you should get one RIGHT NOW


Because you might not have GroovePages lite, GrooveSell or GrooveAffiliate available to you for a lifetime in a “future GrooveFunnels free trial”, whereas you most definitely get a lifetime membership of the 3 tools, right now as it stands. So sign up ASAP! ?

If you want to learn all about GrooveFunnels, you can check out our Ultimate GrooveFunnels Review here in which I go over every single aspect of the platform, from pricing to different tools, the creators of the platform the subscription plans the offers and everything else in between. 

If you want to know anything else about the platform and all of the tools, it’s probably in that article somewhere…

Have a great one, and don’t forget to grab your FREE account, while you still can!

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