How To Get GroovePages For FREE. Secret Offer

Can you actually get GroovePages for free? Well…yes and no.

In this article, I’ll be going over how to get GroovePages for free, how to sign up and set it up, so that you can start building and creating your websites and funnels, and making use of this amazing technology as soon as possible. 

Let’s check it out. ?

How To Get GroovePages For Free

First Off…What Is GroovePages?

But what is GroovePages?

If you’re reading this post, you’ll probably be familiar with the funnel and website builder, but in case you aren’t, let’s look over what app is and what it can do.

GroovePages is an online website and funnel building software, and it’s part of the digital marketing product suite or software as a service (SAAS) company GrooveFunnels, by GrooveDigital

It’s a very powerful, very robust website builder, that, as opposed to some of the other page builders out there that use very old technology like bootstrap (built by twitter, over a decade ago)…uses a new javascript framework called Vue.JS.

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What GroovePages does, is that it loads the html versions of the sites on to the web, without having to render them individually, like in the case of other software like ClickFunnels.

This, alongside the fact that GroovePages follows the “Mobile-First Indexing” guidelines from Google, allows pages to load super fast, which massively increases rankings and is better for SEO (search engine optimization).

To top it all off…GroovePages uses the best hosting on the planet: Amazon servers.

This allows pages (and websites, because it can build complete websites too) to be super fast, look amazingly crisp and look extremely high-quality.

If you want to know more about GroovePages, you can check out our complete GroovePages review, here

How To Get GroovePages For Free 2

How To Get GroovePages For Free?

GroovePages is a premium app that is available only for paying customers of the product, and so there is no way to actually get the complete GroovePages app, without paying for it.

However… ?

In April 2020, as the result of the pandemic and viral outbreak, Mike Filsaime and the team behind GrooveFunnels, decided to give away life-time access to the online sales platform GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate.

Apart from this, Mike Filsaime and the crew, also decided to throw in a surprise bonus to the deal, and give away a GroovePages Lite version too!

GroovePages Lite, is a downgraded version of GroovePages, which allows you to create up to 3 websites, for free. We’ll be discussing the differences between GroovePages lite and GroovePages Pro, later on. 

So How Do You Get GroovePages Lite For Free?

All you have to do to get GroovePages Lite, and to start getting your hands dirty with the software, is the following:

  1. Create a free GrooveSell account (for which you’ll only need a name, username, email and password). 
  2. Login to your account (it’s now a GrooveFunnels account).
  3. Click on the GrooveApps button at the left of the screen.
  4. Click on the GroovePages button, just underneath the GrooveFunnels tab.

That’s it!

Create a FREE GrooveSell account (with GroovePages Lite) Here ?

How To Get GroovePages For Free 3

What Does GroovePages Lite Offer?

So, even though it’s not fully functional, in that it doesn’t have all and every one of the features available to it. It does however, allow you to get some serious job done, and crank out stunning looking websites super fast and very easily, and is enough to get your feet wet. ?

With GroovePages Lite, you’re allowed to create only 3 site projects (websites) for free (although unfortunately you only get access to 1 funnel template).

You can use the potent wireframe blocks (a limited amount), you get premium blocks starter pack and free hosting

You do not have the ability to do analytics, share funnels, import funnels or use custom domains.

Also, your websites will be watermark branded with the “Built with GroovePages” stamp, but once again…you get everything needed to start using their technology and create your first websites easily.

What’s Included In GroovePages Pro?

GroovePages Pro, is basically the unlimited version of GroovePages, and gives you full functionality to do everything and anything you want basically.

The reason I mention GroovePages Pro in this article, is simply for informative purposes, and for you to be able to compare one another.

In contrast with the Lite version, like we were mentioning, GroovePages pro gives you “unlimited everything”, so to speak. You get unlimited elements, pages, funnels, popups, websites and project sites, so that you’re not stunted, and can easily and rapidly create more. ?

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The pro version, also gives you some of the really essentials components that are missing from the Lite version. These include free SSL certificates, funnel imports, share funnels, and custom domains.

Custom domains are important, because otherwise you’ll be unable to brand your sites and you’re forced to use a GroovePages subdomain

This upgraded version, also allows you to get unlimited bandwith, no watermark branding, agency features, you get unlimited royalty-free images, new templates and a way to import ANY site on the web, that you own…which is pretty incredible and exclusive to GroovePages.

How Much Does GroovePages Pro Cost?

There are two ways to get GroovePages Pro.

  • The first, is to subscribe to any one of the GrooveFunnel Pricing Plans, which will give you access to GroovePages pro, as well as some additional apps, like GrooveMail, GrooveVideo and GrooveMember. This will cost a minimum of $99/month.
  • The second, is to buy a lifetime account for GroovePages, which you can get through the Secret Back Door Link here (the one-time price closed in April 2020) and costs $497 one time.


So there you have it everyone, that is exactly how to get GroovePages for free, and have access to one of the better funnel and website builders that have ever hit the marketplace.

Mike Filsaime, and the GrooveDigital team have gone out of their way to make something that is really revolutionary, and that is going to be here to stay. GroovePages is the bread and butter funnel and website builder we were missing and is an integral part of the GrooveFunnels platform. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the GrooveFunnels all-in-one software suite, created a Complete GrooveFunnels Review, Here.

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