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Wondering how to join Legendary Marketer? In this post we’ll go over how to join the Legendary Marketer program, and what you can expect to get when and if you decide to join.

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So if you’re reading this post, you most likely already know about Legendary Marketer and just want to know where to get started.

But if you don’t know anything about Legendary, and want to know a bit more, make sure to check out our review on it, to see our take on the product. You can do that by heading over to This Page Here.

So How Do You Join Legendary Marketer Then?

To be a part of the Legendary Marketer community, you’d probably want to get a hold of the 15 day business builder challenge.

If you don’t have experience with the people over at Legendary, or are unaware of who they are, I’d highly recommend you join Legendary Marketer through the business builder first and foremost, because you can get an idea of how the company works, what type of content they do and how they operate.

The Business Builder is their “intro” product and training. And it’s the “lowest barrier of entry” to being able to be a member of the tribe of Legendary Marketer. You can grab a copy of the business builder challenge, by clicking on the button below. ?

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The Business Builder Challenge, is a 15 day video training series that will teach you how to create and manage an online business in 1 of 4 different core business models. You can choose from:

Digital Product Creation
✅ Affiliate Marketing
✅ Coaching And Consulting
✅ Events And Masterminds

You’ll be taught different marketing strategies to implement, you’ll get a glimpse of the high income skills you can master, you’ll be taught how to develop a correct mindset (as well as a lot of other cool, very valuable golden nuggets) by the founder himself David Sharpe.

Also, if you become a member of the Business Builder Challenge, you’ll get access to the facebook community and weekly webinar meetups. I’m actually not certain you can get access to the facebook community if you’re not part of the challenge, now that I think about it…but the webinars are for the members only.

How To Join Legendary Marketer

How Much Is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is $7 for the business builder challenge, although there are both different upgrades (that you have the option of getting inside), as well as different products you can get access to through their website, depending on what you want.

So once again, if you’re already familiar with the brand and their work ethic, you can alternatively also buy a great deal of the products, directly from the website

Do note though… not all of the products that Legendary Marketer offers are available through their site however, and you’ll need to have previously gone through the Business Builder Challenge to have access to them (at least as of right now).

In the case of Masterminds, events and blueprints…you’ll have to contact your business plan advisor (that you get with the builder challenge) so that they can assist you further. ?

If you want to know more about the different Legendary Marketer products, you can check out our Post On That Here. It goes over the products more in detail.

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Is Legendary Marketer Worth It?

This is a question that pops up quite often, and it’s a complicated one to answer, albeit a fairly easy one to answer too.

Personally, I think Legendary Marketer is worth it, but just as with everything: If you don’t work it, it won’t work for you.

The training inside Legendary Marketer, is very valuable and very well worth the $7 that Dave Sharpe is charging for it. It even has a refund guarantee, in case you feel it’s not worth it, so you should not be too worried about that.

Will it be enough to build the business for you? Probably not. You’ll probably want more of their support and services especially if you’re starting out and you’re brand new to doing anything online.

What is for sure, is that the training is certainly not going to be of any good, and Legendary Marketer will not be worth it, if you don’t put it into action. That is 100% sure and guaranteed. ?

I can personally only vouch for the business builder challenge, as it’s the one that I’ve gone through myself, and personally, I don’t think some of the other products are essential.

For example, I don’t think the traffic bundle or the affiliate marketing blueprint in particular (can’t speak for the rest of them), could show me something that I didn’t already know, so I wouldn’t buy them myself…but it could be different for you.


Taking the first step towards your dreams, and building your online business and empire, is something that you’ll always be happy you’ve done, whichever may be the step you’ve chosen.

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