How To Make $100 A Day From Home. “Comment Hook” Method.

With times as complicated as they are… the term “how to make $100 a day from home” is being searched quite a lot.

And it’s no wonder…

You just can never be safe, unless you rely on yourself and your skills.

Nowadays, there is even a bigger incentive to start building your own passive income streams (that can keep making you money without you having to do any more work) than there has ever before.

Creating a “passive income machine”, will allow you to free up time to do things that you REALLY want to do, like taking a trip, spending more time with the people you love or buying something that you always wanted to get yourself, without having to trade your time for money.  

Learning to create these, and set them up, is worth any price. Because the alternative is…that you don’t get closer to the life you want, which is the life you HAVE to want to live. 

And it doesn’t need to be hard either

In this post, we’ll be going over how to make $100 a day from home, using a very cool stategy, that I’m going to call “the comment hook method”. It’s a very simple to implement method, that skips a lot of the hurldes that beginners might face when they’re trying to make their first income online, that I also wish I hadn’t given up on before, when I first started.

Let’s check it out.

How To Make $100 A Day From Home

How To Make $100 A Day From Home With Comments.

Now, there are hundreds and probably even thousands of different ways to make money online out there…

From Writing and Typing, to social media like Facebook, and Instagram, coaching and consulting, Google and SEO content strategies, Launch-Jacking, trading, freelancing…and a whole slew of other strategies.

However, most people get overwhelmed when trying these out, because they require developing some new skills, habits, ways of thinking…and sometimes all of these together.

With this “comment hook” method, it really doesn’t take too much work or skills, to get things rolling.

So what is the method about?

The “comment hook” method involve creating a simple website, with a few review articles on it. You’ll then have people from Google, come over to the sites (more on that later) and read the articles.

These reviews, will be for products that are highly sought-after in the marketplace, because they solve a problem for someone. They’ll also contain links to the product offers, that, if the potential customer decides to buy, will be traced back to you and make you money through Affiliate Marketing.

That’s basically the method, in a nutshell. ?

These are the steps that we’ll be following:

  1. Choose an evergreen niche. This can be a topic in which a lot of people have a specific problem, and is a market where there is also products to be sold. 
  2. Create a website. 
  3. Choose a few products that you’re interested in promoting. 
  4. Create your reviews. 3-5 Reviews, so that you have some options and your website has a bit more content.
  5. Get traffic to your site from sites that are already getting traffic (more on this later).
  6. Generate sales for the product creator and make money. 
  7. Repeat or scale.

How To Make $100 A Day From Home 2
Structure of the comment hook method. Comment on blog posts, and link back to your money sites (review articles). If someone decides to buy the product, you get a commission.

A great deal of people think that they can’t make $100 a day from home (or any money at all for that matter) because they don’t know how to rank or build websites.

As if websites were something that only professionals can create… ?

The truth is…anyone can create a website, and it’s easier now than it has ever been before.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to make $100 a day from home, but were too afraid to start, or have no idea what to do, this strategy is great because:

  • There is basically no technical knowledge needed. Setting up a website and writing a bit, is all that is needed.
  • No coding.
  • No selling. No cold calling, no advertising, no outreaching…etc.
  • No Search Engine Optimization skills (takes months to get right and a LOT of hard work)
  • VERY little money to get started, I’m talking…<$50, but it’ll cost you more if you want to outsource. 

This strategy, of which I’ll be going into detail in a minute, was originally posted in a make money online forum, a few years back, and has since been used successfully by hundreds of people (I’ve also used it myself).

So it’s something that is proven and tested, that actually works, and both has and continues to work for a lot of people, which is always a great thing.

It’s very simple. Not necessarily easy…but simple. And many times the most simple strategies, produce the greatest results, so do bear that in mind.

how to make money with youtube and affiliate marketing

How To Apply The Method. 

Okay so now that we’ve got an idea of what the technique involves, let’s check out each of the parts, individually, so that you have an idea how to actually go out there and execute, and start making money from home!

1) Choosing Your Niche.

This is the very first part of the process.

If you don’t know what a niche is, it’s basically a group of people (in this context) that are interested in a specific topic.

So one niche could be dogs, another one could be cats. A sub-topic of the cat niche, for example, could be something like “cat training”.

I think you get the picture… ?

So anyways, for this section, you’ll want to choose a niche, or an interest group, if you will.

When it comes to choosing a niche, you’ll want to make sure that the niche is evergreen (that it’ll be popular regardless of trends) that there are products and services that you can promote to people that are interested in that niche, and that it has a high demand.

You don’t want to choose something obscure that not too many people are interested in.

Instead, you’ll want to choose a niche in which people are willing to spend money or in which they’re extremely passionate about. Golfing, dogs, cats, make money, lose weight…that type of niches.

To keep it simple, however, you’ll probably want to go for the big 3 evergreen niches:

✅ Health. 
✅ Wealth.
✅ Relationships.

This is because, people are always interested in making more money, getting in shape and being healthy, and improving their relationships, and thus there will always be customers looking for products and services that can help them out, in those specific areas.

It’s something that there will always be demand for and never a shortage of (demand or supply). I personally chose the wealth nice, and that’s How I Made My First $1k Online.

Ultimately (and this is probably the most important part) you’ll want to get involved in a niche that you’re also interested in. If you’re going to invest the hours into writing, building and promoting your site…at least make sure you’re interested in the subject. I’ve personally made this mistake before…twice, but it does work.

How I Made My First 1000 Online

2) Choosing Your product

The second thing that we’ll want to consider when choosing a niche is, whether or not it has high paying offers.

Remember that, because you’re being an affiliate for that product, you’ll be getting a cut of the revenue that you generate. This means that you’ll want to try to maximize your efforts, and make as much money as you can from all of your sales.

Because of this, you’ll want to look for products that pay out high commissions.

Where can you find these products?

Well there is one particular website that a lot of people use, when it comes to finding these products, which is called ClickBank.

ClickBank is one of the most reputable and most well known online marketplaces for digital products (also some physical) that has been selling and hosting products, since 1998. 

ClickBank pay their affiliates anywhere from 50% and 75% of the base price of the product, and have products in basically any niche imaginable from spirituality, woodworking, language learning, fitness, crypto…and so on.

To find products, head over to ClickBank and click on “Marketplace”. You can search the categories provided on the menu or you can look by keywords related to the niches you want. ?

Once you find a product that you think is good enough, you can head over to the product page and see what the sale page looks like and what the product is all about. Make sure that the product looks legit and trusthworthy.

Some of the products inside ClickBank…let’s face it…aren’t the best.

A good rule of thumb here is: If the product isn’t something you’d want to show your mother, brother, best friend…don’t choose that product, and look for something different.

Also, take note of the products “initial $/sale”, at the bottom of the product listing, beside the “stats”. This number indicated the amount of money you can make, per sale of that product as an affiliate, with the front end of the product.

Obviously, the higher the better…but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be as easy to make a $500 commission, than a $20 commission, so you’ll have to be careful.

Now, here is the thing…

In my opinion, you’ll want to go for anything that gives out +$50 per commission.

It’s a lot easier to make $100 per day from home using this method, if you only need 2 sales, rather than 5 or 10.

If you can find a product that also has a subscription service included (for which you should also receive a small commission) and a few upsells, then more power to you! This will allow you to make more money, and potentially passive income too! ?

Also, since you’ll be creating a review of the product, you can try reaching out to the product vendors, to see if they can offer you a sample or a copy of the product. This way, you’ll be able to both get more insight on the product, and show that you actually got a copy, and you’re not just making stuff up.

Once you have your product ready, you want to click on the “promote” button, and you’ll want to save the link that pops up in the new window. This is your affiliate link, and will track the sales over to you.

3) Build Your Website.

Okay so now you’ll want to create your website, where all the review articles of the products and our affiliate links, that we found in the last section, are going to be at.

For this, we’ll need get ourselves a domain and hosting. It’s very cheap to get started, around $6 per month, and you can get a whole year worth of domain for free, by heading over to bluehost, here.

If you don’t want to spend any money, you can create a free website with Builderall here. It’s also a great way to get started, although long term you’ll want to get your own domain, so that it looks more brandable.

Let’s just pretend that you go all in and get a real website with BlueHost. 

The following thing that you’ll want to do is, head into the dashboard and download the content management system (CMS) called WordPress.

This is where we’ll be creating our review posts. ?

Now, this article isn’t a tutorial on how to set up your WordPress blog, you can find those elsewhere online….but basically, once you set your site up and have WordPress, you want to set up some simple configurations and some plugins..

You’ll also want to download a free theme (I recommend astra starter) or a paid one, if you want it to look more professional. so as to give your brand new website a more high-quality look and feel.

Don’t spend too much time on the themes, just pick one that you like, that matches the look and feel of the products that you intend on promoting, and start writing!

Another thing that you’ll want to get for your website, is a logo.

People tend to stay longer on sites (and take them more seriously) if they have a logo, which is a slight edge that you’ll want to take advantage of. You’ll want to get something that resonates with the website that you’ve built, and it doesn’t need to be expensive. I got my logo made here, for $5.

How To Make $100 A Day From Home 3

4) Creating Your Review Posts.

Okay, the next step, is creating your product reviews.

It’s recommended that you do at least 5 product reviews, so that your site has some content on it, for when people click over to your site.

To up your chances of success, I’d stick with more popular products (filter through popularity in ClickBank) and I’d also make sure to stick to products that are relevant to your niche or even complementary, so as to make your site more congruent.

So for example, a diabetes offer, a paleo diet offer, maybe a back pain offer and maybe 2 weight loss offers. 

What I’m getting at here is, you probably don’t want to have a website that has a woodworking offer, a bitcoin offer, a weightloss offer and other offers in other niches…

That would be a little too all over the place and not very inviting.

To up your chances even more, and like we were mentioning a bit earlier, you’ll probably want to have a review copy of the product, or a purchased copy of the product for yourself.

How To Make $100 A Day From Home 4
Review style post, with an inside look into the product.

This will make your review look a lot cleaner and real. You don’t really want the review to seem like too much of a promotion, and if you have experience in the niche, that’s a huge plus, because you can add your story to it.

Make sure to make an honest, thorough review, because your success and the amount of the sales that you make depend on how well of a review you can create. ?

Next up, place your affiliate links that you copied from ClickBank (or a cloaked version, if you want to cloak the link…more on that later) onto the text as an anchor. This link, when clicked, should take the potential customer over to the product. 

The anchor text, is simply the text that is highlighted in blue. You can use phrases like “get more details here”, “learn more about this, here” or “get your own here”.

You might also want to cloak your affiliate links (so they don’t look as long and spammy) as well as additionally ensure that your clicks and also conversions are tracked. 

For cloaking, the best plugin available is probably PrettyLink. And for a free website, you can use something like

How To Make $100 A Day From Home 5
Enticing call to action. Affiliate link highlighted in blue. Not the anchor text is a call to action in of itself. “beta price” is pretty intriguing.

5) Sending Traffic To Your Site.

Easily recognized as being the most complicated thing to start doing as a beginner affiliate, getting high-quality, lazer-targeted traffic to your offers can be really frustrating in the beginning. 

There are a lot of different ways to get traffic over to your offers. Social media, SEO, solo ads, PPC, ad swaps, forums, Quora answers…

There really are a lot, and those are just a few.

However, we’re going to be using a strategy that is faster than most of those, and is extremely easy to implement

We’re going to be using Google, in a very specific way, to get in front of our potential customers that are actively looking for the products that we have to offer (or are at least somewhat interested).

We’re going to be looking at the recent Google article and blog posts, and we’re going to be interacting in the comments of those posts.

In the comments, we’ll be strategically leaving a link back to our review page and thus, we’ll be leveraging someone else’s traffic. The important things to note here are two:

  • First, we want to be among the first people to comment (the higher up the better) because we’ll have more exposure, as the article matures and our comment (if done correctly) will be at the top.

  • Second, we want to constructive comment. We want to say something good about the post, and we want to then create a hook back to our site, that looks as natural as possible. It’s crucial that they are constructive, otherwise the comments might not get approved.

So to do this, head over to Google and type your keyphrase in the search bar. If you want to choose a specific location for your search, you can go to search settings and change the country. This will allow you to geo-target the results, if you’d like.

Next, you want to click just below the magnifying glass, where it says “tools”. This will make a few new options appear to you, just below the search bar on the left side. We’ll want to change the section that says “any time”, and we’ll want to change that to “past 24 hours”.

How To Make $100 A Day From Home 6

This way, Google will show us the different content that has been posted in the last 24 hours. Your job now, is to look through the results, until you find a blog article that you think might be relevant to the people who are looking for your product.

You’ll want to then click through to the article, check that there is a comment section available. If there is, you can leave a comment with a link back to your site. ?

The crucial thing to keep in mind when it comes to blogs and blog comments, is to make a valuable, no bs comment addition to the article you are adding to.

Failing to do this is the quickest way to get your link removed or your comment not approved at all!

The more comments and links that are allowed to stick on all the different blogs, the better.

Also, be sure not to only link back to one specific review, and try to use some of the other reviews you’ve created, every now and then instead. It keeps a healthy link profile, so that it doesn’t raise any flags with Google and keeps your site safe.

As for the comments, keep them friendly and clam. Actually go through the article and mention what you liked and what you didn’t like or thought was missing. Finally, and depending on the product, you can say something like:

“By the way, I was checking out this review article on the product abc. It appears to be good enough to help with xyz. What are your opinions on it? I’ve heard it’s better than the competition.”

Something along those lines..

Here’s an example.

I went over to Google, typed “how to lose weight fast”, filtered through the last 24 hour results, and found this blog post that has just been posted, on weight loss and intermittent fasting.


Having done intermittent fasting successfully myself, it was easy to create a response that “fit in”.

How To Make $100 A Day From Home 7

Here is what I wrote:

“Wow, amazing results! I keep telling people, Keto/intermittent fasting, is great. I’ve personally done intermittent fasting before, and though it’s a bit hard to get used to…it works amazingly. 

Speaking of intermittent fasting, what do you think of this product here

A lot of people seem to be getting results,because of the way the program is set up.. I’d like to know your opinion.”

Friendly, constructive and non spammy. I also added a link, that would take over to my website review. Made it intriguing and interesting.  

6) Keep Consistent.

This is the most important part. You need to stay consistent and keep commenting and creating reviews.

This is a numbers game, and if you give up too early, then it’ll not work out for you. However if you keep persisting, you will see results, practically guaranteed.

I remember that the reason I personally didn’t give up the first time I tried this method (straight away, I did eventually) is because I was seeing clicks over to my site and offers on the very same day.

I’m NOT saying that that is what will happen to you…what I am saying is that the strategy works very well. In fact, I think it’s a lot better NOT to expect results until, say, 50 comments on different articles.

This way, you’ll not get unmotivated if you don’t see sales right away.

You want to give yourself the best chance to not give up, which is another reason why I recommend having 5 reviews. Once you have all that work done, it’s a lot easier to keep going and not giving up!

If you don’t find many posts, try adding other phrases to your searches. If you’re not finding blogs that allow for comments, keep trying and if you don’t find blog posts at all…add new product review and try something different.

It’s really hard NOT to find a good article to comment on…but you have a lot of options.

Remember…the more product review that you make, the more blog articles that your comment on…the more the traffic, the higher the chances of getting a sale and making more sales over time. It’s a numbers game.

How To Make $100 A Day From Home 8

7) Other Tips

Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind, that can help you get more and better results, as well as hopefully make more money with this method:

  • Build an Email List.

The traffic that you’re sending over to your sites, should already be very targeted. After all, and if you did everything correctly, it’s people who are interested in that specific niche.

Now, if these people land on your site, and decide not to purchase the product…it’ll be very difficult to have that person come back to your site again.

Plus, people usually need a few more touchpoints, to actually buy, and only a very few amount of people purchase products (particularly online) on the first go.

If you create an email list of subscribers, for the people that visit your website, you get to keep that contact for as long as they stay signed up to your email list. It’s now your traffic.

This way, you can automatically follow up with people who decided not to purchase the product, and both offer them another chance to get the product, as well as promote other products down the line too.

  • Update Old Posts.

Google likes content. It also likes new content. But it ALSO likes content that is updated.

There are around 1 billion blogs online. That is roughly 1 per person. Do you really think that there necessarily needs to be more content? Probably not. ?

Once your articles are written, you want to keep coming back and updating the posts a few times every couple of months (if there is anything to update).

You’ll want to check your Google search console and analytics data, to know what keywords Google is ranking you for, that you might have totally missed the first time around.

You can add new sections of your article, to both update the article, making it more relevant, and also ranking for the other keywords, to get more traffic.

Not too many people do this, and it’s a great way to stay ahead and stay relevant.

  • Study Your Competitors.

Studying your competition is also essential.

You’ll want to know what the best articles in your space is doing, and you’ll then want to imitate what is already working.

If the top review article is good, make yours even better.

Google wants to show their users, the best response to their query, that they can possibly find. If you find that there is a key phrase or keyword that doesn’t have a great article or video that addresses it, then you’ve got a chance to get in and make something better and rank well for it.

I know I mentioned that this strategy wouldn’t require any SEO…but this is just common sense: Be better than the competition

You can also use tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs to find keywords that your competition is ranking for, that you can try.

How To Make $100 A Day From Home 9
2nd spot in Google for a review of a pretty hot product. Text is okay, but it could be better! You can add testimonials, a video a FAQ’s section…there is room to be made.


There you have it everyone, that is how to make $100 a day from home, using the “comment hook” strategy. I hope that you enjoyed, and got something out of it!

This method looks innocent and dumb… but it’s extremely powerful if done correctly. Like I mentioned in the beginning, it’s something that people have been using for years and it works until this day.

It allows you to build a business that produces both passive income, and revenue almost instantly once it’s set up.

One of the main issues with content strategies like this one…is that it can take months to actually start compounding if you just relied on Google to promote your post for you, unless you’re using higher authority sites, to sneak your way into the top of the search engines.

However, with this strategy laid out for you in this post, you’re actively promoting the post and website, and the influx of traffic can jump start your site and get you consistent traffic over time, much faster than it would otherwise.

It’s also a lot easier to make sales quickly, because the traffic is “warmer” (for the most part) and plus, you don’t have to buy backlinks or be afraid that Google will penalize your website, because it’s totally white hat (although you’ll want to make sure you’re comments aren’t spammy and you’re diversifying your linking profile!).

Once you master this strategy, you can now rinse and repeat (and even sell your website, if you wish).

You can duplicate the method across several different niches and verticals, and once you start to see a nice return you can then outsource a lot of the little tasks, allowing you to focus on expanding and scaling.

It’s pretty awesome stuff.

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