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How To Make Money Online With Broken Links (Using Equinox Software)

Hey everyone, what’s good?! Today, we’ll be checking out a really cool strategy on how to make money online with broken links, using a kickass software called Equinox, created by Jono Armstrong, Brendan Mace and Joshua Zamora.

This strategy is pretty “underground”, and it’s definitely not something you see everyday, so keep on readin’! 

How To Make Money Online With Broken Links

The idea behind this strategy, is pretty simple really. All you have to do is:

  1. Find the broken links that are scattered throughout the internet.
  2. Claim the links, and redirect them over to your own offers or Someone Elses Offer. Or essentially to wherever you want…

The traffic will then be going over to your own website and links, and when the people make a purchase (or take a specific action), you’ll be making some money! ?

How This All Works… A Little More Detail.

The reason this method works is because, just as there are hundreds of thousands of websites being created every day, there are also sites that are being taken down, on a regular basis. 

When a site is taken out of the internet, all of the links that were pointing towards it, are now…not going to go anywhere.

Now… Imagine if there was a youtube video, getting a lot of views, in a specific niche like “weight loss”, for example.

Imagine someone is watching that video, looking for a solution their problems. They’ve watched through it and they’re heading to buy the product that is recommended inside (which is availiable through the link in the video description).

All excited, they click on that link…but to their surprise, they’re taken over to a page that looks something like this ?:

How To Make Money With Broken Links

Well…that was anticlimactic. So much so, that the customer gets pissed off, and leaves.

The creator of the video could have made some money by recommending the product Through Affiliate Marketing, but instead didn’t, because that website no longer exists. Whomp whomp! 

But, that’s actually a good thing for us because we can come in and claim that link!

Only by redirecting that link, over to something that actually is available, you now have the opportunity to make money, very very easily. And you don’t have to write articles, post on facebook groups, do paid traffic, create funnels or do pretty much anything complicated… you don’t even have to create the video, since it’s already there for you.

Very awesome stuff! ?

Why Do 404 Broken Links Occur?

404 links occur, basically when the page that you’re linking to, no longer exists. It has either been removed, has had the URL or directory changed, or…the whole websited that once owned that page, has now been taken off the server it once was on.

The fact that there is a broken link does not necessarily mean that the website itself doesn’t exists…it just means that THAT specific page, has now changed the URL or become unavailabe, at the very least.

But wait a minute… ?

If we want to be able to redirect broken links over to our offers to make some money, but the broken link may be only for 1 page but not for a whole website…that means that we need to find the websites that have gone offline, and redirect them instead!

It’s like finding a needle in a haystack! Not to mention we’d have to individually look at links from youtube videos like nuts…How do we find these broken links to websites we can claim EASILY?

How To Make Money With Broken Links 2
The Equinox Software

The Equinox Software

Equinox is a digital training course + cloud based software, created by Jono Armstrong, Brendan Mace and Joshua Zamora that allows you to search up broken domains throughout the web on Youtube videos (and on Wikipedia if you go for the upgrade) and it will teach you how to go out and create redirects for the broken links within the digital training. 

Here’s How It Works:

  1. You go into the Equinox app.

  2. You enter a long tail keyword in a niche that you wish to target.

  3. Equinox will go into Youtube or Wikipedia (if you have the 2nd upgrade), and it’ll find videos and or pages, that have expired domain links. These links, no longer send visitors to their destination, but take them over to a 404 page instead. See For Yourself!

  4. Finally, you use the domain registrar module inside of Equinox to claim the website for yourself and redirect the broken domain links, over to the offer or destination, of your choice.

This traffic is 100% FREE and 100% targeted for you to now turn into money.

How To Make Money With Broken Links 3
Not the best looking representation of how this works…but hey.

How Do You Monitize These Broken Links?

There are different ways to monetize the broken links, and inside the Equinox front end version digital training course, Jono goes over 4 different ways to monitize them.

He doesn’t go into full detail on all of the strategies, but he does show an overview of each, and it’s super easy to take it from there. However, if you wish to get more detailed training and step-by-step video tutorial of all these strategies and more advanced methods, you can upgrade to the pro version of Equinox.

The different ways of monitizing the broken links which you now own are:

✅ Clickbank is a huge marketplace for a lot of products in wide variety of different niches. What you’d do is create your own account there, which is free to do, and then you’d go and find an offer to promote as an affiliate. There are thousands of different products to choose from, and the approval is instant. 

If you want to know exactly what products to choose from Clickbank i’d suggest you get the pro version to get more training. I also have an article on how to do Clickbank Correctly Here that you might find useful.

How To Make Money With Broken Links 4
I found this link with Equinox. This video isn’t getting many views…but the potential is there! ?

✅ Cpa Offers

Cost per action offers. These offers don’t require people to purchase anything, for you to get paid. You can get a commission by having people enter their email, their phone or take some other action. The website Jono will be using for CPA offers, is 

Just like with Clickbank, Jono will be leaving the in-depth tutorial for Cpabuild, for the pro version of Equinox. I’ve actually never seen him talk about Cpabuild in detail, so personally i’d love to check this out! ?

✅ Warrior Plus and JV Zoo

Warrior Plus and JV Zoo, are digital course marketplaces. There are products being launched every day, and you can register for free to become an affiliate for those products and redirect the broken links you buy, over to offers from these platforms.

The downside of these marketplaces, is that you’ll need to get approved to promote products, and you might have some issues with getting approved if you’re a beginner, although Jono goes over what he does to get accepted, inside of the training too.

✅ Lead Generation

This method requires you to get an autoresponder, and it requires you to create a form within the autoresponder, to then redirect people over to your affiliate offers after they’ve added their email addresses.

This will allow you to retarget these customers, with offers later on. Jono recommends getresponse, (which is the same one i’m using personally, and you get a 30 day free trial, so you can test it out first.

Once again, in the basic version of equinox, you’ll be shown only an overview of how to set this up, but in the pro version, Jono does more training on how to create landing pages from scratch, do branding and, how to build an email list. So, pretty valuable stuff! ?

How To Make Money With Broken Links 5
Inside the backend of Equinox

What Are The Upgrades To Eqiunox? 

  • Upgrade 1 ($47/Quarterly) – “Equinox Pro” 

With the Front End version of Equinox, you’re limited to only 20 searches a day, and you get only the basic monetization training.
With the pro version, you’re allowed up to 500 searches a day (which is a lot more than enough) plus, it also comes with detailed “Advanced” monetization training. Which is asbolutely huge. 
Included with the pro version, there is also the “Galaxy Search” feature available, which digs even deeper into YouTube to find additional video’s that use the same domain with multiple extensions. This allows you to find multiple links, which can then be redirected to multiple pages.

  • Upgrade 2 ($67) – Equinox Wikepedia Version and Case Studies
The front end of Equinox, will allow you to search expired links, only on Youtube. But how about getting access to links from the 5th largest website on the planet, Wikepedia? Equinox Wikepedia version, will allow you to expand your reach and let’s you really take advantage of piles and piles of extra traffic, up for grabs. 
In addition to getting the Wikepedia module, you also get 3 case studies, that show you how some beta testers used Equinox to make money with broken links using wikipedia. You’ll get their exact niches, keywords, offers and the exact affiliate networks they used too!

  • Upgrade 3 ($197) –  $1k Commission System

This upgrade is a done for you solution, that will allow you to use their high ticket offer which pays out $1000 commissions per sale, with Equinox.
All you would have to do, is send traffic from Equinox links, over to their high converting auto-webinar hosted on their pages, which will close $1000 commissions for you on automatic, with all the selling and hosting already put in place for you.

  • Upgrade 4 ($197) – Limitless Traffic.
Limitless traffic is a staple upgrade that they’ve been allowing a limited amount of users to have access to, for some time now. By tapping into their traffic, you can very easily make money online (and they have a ton of success students already).
They’ll allow you to pixel their pages, so that you can create audiences overnight. This upgrade also comes with detailed training showing you how to create simple ads together with this new audience to generate $300+/day.

  • Upgrade 5 ($167) – Licence Rights.

Equinox has taken months to develop and thousands of dollars have been spent creating it. Licence rights will allow you to sell it as your own product, and get 100% of the money, all the time. Investing into licence rights, is super powerful, because having “your own product” allows you to get 100% commissions, a high converting sales page, a funnel and support, already done for you.

So there you have it everyone, this is how to make money online with broken links. ?

It’s a really cool strategy indeed, but you’ll need a software that goes out there and actually finds them for you, otherwise it’ll be really hard to do!

Equinox really help you out in that regard, because it does all the heavy lifting for you. If you want to try out, you can ? Grab A Copy Of Equinox Here

See you around!

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