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6 Ways To Make Money Online With Google.

Pretty much everybody and their dog, has at some point in their life either searched for something on Google, or eventually will. But did you know that you could actually also make money online with Google? You betcha!

If you’re not a fan, you’re probably going to want to leave now, cause you’ll be unable to handle the sexiness that is google. So without further ado: Here are 6 ways to make money online with Google.

How To Make Money Online With Google
Fear not dear reader! Let’s get into it.

1.Search Engine Evaluator 

Have you ever look something up on Google and found that some of the first results just do not match what you were looking for at all? Why are those searches even there?

Well one of the ways that you can make money online with Google is by getting a job as a search engine evaluator, and basically evaluating the search engine results for coherency.

Some of the companies that hire search enine evaluators, pay out around $12 an hour or even more, depending on the company of course. Chances are, you search a lot on Google and working as a evaluator is probably not as hard as you might think!

If you have some basic computer knowledge, this might be an amazing opportunity to make some money part-time with Google and to help make the content that the users are searching for, congruent with the results that are given.

Plus, you get to say “i work for google”. How cool is that?

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There are different ways to make money with YouTube, as comes to the surprise of absolutely no one. Owned by Google, YouTube is a huge platform that is only going to be getting bigger and bigger.

The ways to make money online using Youtube, range from selling ads as a partner, to creating and selling your own products, to being an affiliate for other products. 

YouTube has an enormous potential. And has created many many stars and influencers. To get a piece of the pie, all you have to do is:

1) Start a YouTube channel.
2) Create a video in a topic you’re interested in.
3) Upload and optimize it.
4) Repeat until you start seeing some results!

If you create good enough content and can build a following, you might branch out and create your own brand, get sponsorships and even sell your own merchandising! Sounds exciting! 🙂

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3.Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a great way to make money online with google, if you control some “online real estate”, like a webiste.

This is the Google “pay-per-click” advertising platform, that let’s anybody run traffic to their websites through a bidding system. Advertisers have the ability to advertize on the entire google network with this plaform.

However, the way you can make money with Google and adsense, is by adding the code to your websites, making advertisers ads appear on it, and making you money for selling your “advertising space”, in the process.

This is the same platform that is used on YouTube videos. However in this case you will need to be a Certified Youtube Partner. This requires 4,000 hours of watchtime and 1000 subscribers in the last 365 years to enable ads on your videos.

The revenue you get from your ads, depends on the audience you’re targeting and how much traffic the website or video can get. It might be a little difficult to start at first, but it does compound with time

How To Make Money Online With Google 4

4.Selling ebooks on Google Play

If you enjoy writing or have always wanted to to create a book but haven’t made it happen yet, selling your book on Google play is an great way to go. Similar to Amazon, Google also has a platform to sell books on (ebooks, that is).

This is a great way to get your feet wet and get a taste of publishing if you’re brand new and if you want to test it out. The hardest part of course, will be writing the book itself, but once it’s done you can sign up as a publisher or author and upload it.

If writing a whole book feels like a hard task (i tried it once, didn’t finish through), you can start off by writing smaller, shorter stories and try publishing those first instead! In fact, if you’re satrting off, this might be the better choice to begin with.

You can create your ebook in any theme you wish as long as it doesn’t go against the company standards, and you can also set the price of your own work as high or as low as you wish.

How To Make Money Online With Google 5

5.Selling apps on Google Play

If you know some coding and are into games this is an amazing way to make some money online on Google: Get your app on Google Play!

Before you begin, you do have to set up a merchant account. Once you’ve set it up you can upload your app and monetize it straight away. Get ready to become the next angry birds or candy crush!  

You can set a very affordable and general download cost of $0.99 as long as you market it well enough and get enough downloads, you can make quite a lot of money.

A really cool thing you can do (and should if you’re doing this method), is include Google ads on your own apps! This way, each time the ads are clicked you earn a small amount. This is something a lot of the free games have done in the past, and it has worked out quite nicely.

6.Google Keyword Planner

This one is slightly different that the others methods we’ve talked about… since it’s a way to make money online with google, but sort of “indirectly”.

Essentially what you could do with Google Keyword Planner is find out what people are searching for, and modify and craft the material that you create there on out, (for your own website or for someone else’s) to fit those searches.

If done correctly, this would allow you to, in the long-term, be able to  increase your traffic over time to your website which would allow you to monetize that traffic in many different ways. 

Alternatively if you know how to do keyword research and SEO, you can sell those services to other websites and thus “using Google” to make money online.

Keyword Planner. Source


Alrighty there you have it, those are 6 ways to make money online with Google:

1) Search Engine Evaluator Jobs
2) Youtube
3) Google AdSense
4) Selling ebooks on Google Play
5) Selling apps on Google Play
6) Google Keyword Planner

Hopefully, after reading this, you will have been inspired to go out there and make some money online on Google. Right?

Are there any mehods that we missed out? Is there any one of these particular methods that you’ve tried out personally? Let us know in the comments section!


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