How To Make Money Online Without Paying 5

5 Killer Ways To Make Money Online (Without Paying Anything)

So… you’re looking to make money online without paying for anything, but you’ve heard that it’s absolutely necessary to actually spend money, to make money online. Yes?

Well, i don’t know about you but… I think that’s a bunch of bullpoop.

I’m usually very cheap, and i dislike paying for things unless it’s 100% absolutely necessary.

In fact, if there’s a way to do it for free I will usually try to find it. And making money online, is definitely one of those things you can do for free.

Of course, the downside is… it’s probably going to take you some time, maybe even a “lot” of time. But fear not, dear reader! It truly is very possible.

So let’s check out some of those ways, shall we? 🙂 

Here are 5 killer ways to make money online (without paying for anything).

1) Freelancing

Do you have access to any Kick-Ass skills that are highly sought-after? Freelance is a great way to put yourself out there, make use of those god-like skills of yours and make some good money.

This could be pretty much anything from copywriting, translating proofreading, website creation video editing being a virtual assistant or even consulting.

A good websites to get started with is There are so many jobs you can do as a freelancer there, it’s crazy. You can also have tests done, to strengthen your profile and make you stand out.

Head out there, create a profile, and start looking! It might be hard to start off in the beginning if you don’t have any history (been there done that).

However, a REALLY good tip, is to offer your services for FREE, in exchange for a testimonial first. This will make landing more clients, afterwards a lot easier.

If the guys over at upwork, happen to bug you a little too much (which they might), you can allways sell your services as a freelancer on too

2) Online Teaching 

Is there something you’re passionate and know a lot about? How ’bout you go out there and teach it?!

You don’t have to go to classes to learn stuff anymore…just watch it on Youtube or buy a video course about it. The “information” industry is booming, and it’s the place to be.

Now, teaching lessons one on one will definitely take up your time so it’s not very scalable, however a really nice solution is to create a course and sell it through platforms such as skillshare and udemy. 

Personally, i LOVE learning. I have a list of stuff i need, and can’t wait to learn, and if i can find a person who has spent years at their craft, who is selling a course on what i’m interested in…i’ll 100% buy it.

You can be that person!

Don’t be discouraged if you think what you’re teaching is “too dumb”…people have sold courses on how to do a handstand (and it was a success).

3) Creating An Ebook

This is super cool way of making money online without spending anything, PLUS it’s your chance to bring to life that amazing idea you had back in highschool, that will turn you into the next j.k rowling.

Selling an Ebook, is also very scalable since you can create one once and sell it multiple times, over and over, without having to put more effort into it. I approve.

A obvious Marketplace for your amazing ebook is Even though there’s much competition, you can try giving free copies away in exchange for review as well as learning how to get featured through keyword research.

Now, this does take a bit of time to create, of course, but something really neat you can do is record your voice, through voice typing tools like the one you get for free inside of the Google Documents ( I’m using it right this moment).

Instead of typing out 600 pages for your book, you can use the tool! Obviously you’ll have to go through the text again (a few more times), but it can really speed things up tremendously.

How To Make Money Online Without Paying 4

4) Retail Arbitrage (Aka flipping)

This is basically where you buy low priced physical goods, and sell high on online marketplaces like eBay. Pretty oldschool.

One person who will defend this method until dying breath, is Gary vaynerchuk, and i can’t blame him. There are people that are giving things away for free on Craigslist. For FREE. Pick them up and sell them online.

Another way you can do this is scanning items with the Ebay scanner on your phone, and if you can sell them at higher price, go for it.

I used to do this with a card game I play. I would buy before the spikes in prices, and sell when they occured. I was very good at this, and would make 150-300 dollars profit each time, easily. Pump-n-dump baby! 

This method is not very scalable, but it’s fun as heck! Be on the lookout for things in your local area with the idea of buying them and flipping them online. You won’t regret it.

How To Make Money Online Without Paying 5

5) Youtubing

As of right now, Youtube is completely free to use, allows for links to pretty much anywhere, the content ranks in the search engines, AND is also still growing, as the platform itself will keep being used.

So: If you’re good at making content, something you’re passionate about or just a burning passion to express yourself…there’s no reason you can’t create something huge and make a TON of money with it.

Wether it be monetizing a channel through ads, doing product reviews for commissions, doing brand sponsored business deals or promoting your own products… theseare all possible ways to make money with Youtube without spending a penny and it’s super scalable!

Get over your camera fear, and the fact that you “everyone has more subscribers” than you, or the idea that “it’s too late to start”, and just do it. The only reason Youtube is “competitive”, is because most people don’t stick to it long enough.

How To Make Money Online Without Paying 6

Alright everyone, there you have it, those are 5 killer ways to make money online without spending anything.

Obviously there are way WAY more strategies out there. From affiliate marketing on pinterest, to selling instagram accounts, lead gen for local clients or surveys for cash…there are a bunch of ways to make it happen.

I really hope this got your spider sense tingling! All you have to do is pick one and start start right now.

Happy hustling!


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