how to make money with youtube and affiliate marketing

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing? Well that’s easy…by going for the lowest hanging fruit.

Every year more and more people are moving to videos, as their primary source of content. Because, let’s face it…sometimes, you just don’t have the time to read through a written tutorial on how to do this or on how to do that. 

But YOU are different.

You’ll read through ALL my article right?… Right?

Don’t you dare leave this page! ?

Just kidding. ?

But yeah…you want to go over this entire post.

Ahem. Anyways…

In this post/article, i’m going to be teaching you one cool strategy on how to make money with Youtube and affiliate marketing, by taking advantage of trends and exciting new products. 

By the time you’re done, you’ll be a Youtube affiliate marketing black belt…(in theory, cause you’ll have to go out and do something about it too!)

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing On Youtube: Product Reviews

What I’ll be teaching you in this post, is how to make money with Youtube and affiliate marketing, by creating product review videos (with a little twist). Now…

I do NOT want you to ride your horse into the sunset at the sound of the word “review video”, thinking you’ll have to go out there and make videos left and right and get your face in front of all those thousands of people that will judge “all those defects” you think you have (that you probably don’t)…

You don’t have to do that. I think i might have done a video review with my face, maybe 5 times as of right now. But for now i don’t put my face on them, and that’s the end of it. ?

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing 1
One of my first product review, yuck ?

The thing is, product review are really a great way to start making some quick money on Youtube, because a lot of the other ways require a lot of work or money which is not necessarily true with the review strategy. By the way, you can do a very similar style strategy, with articles too. It also works wonders.

Some of the other ways to make money with Youtube, are:

You can reach out to micro influencers and ask them to promote your products.
You can reach out to youtube video owners and ask them to leave your link in their video.
You can create compilation channels and make money with google adsense.
You can build a brand.
You can flip old Youtube accounts or buy and resell new ones them.

But, like i was mentioning, most of these strategies require a lot of hard work or some amount of capital upfront, and you may not have either of those! You might just want to make some extra income online, and that’s all.

Enter product reviews!

How To Make Money With ClickBank 11

What Are Product Review And How Can I Make Money With Them?

Product review, are basically where you take a digital or physical product that you think you could sell or recommend, and make a video review of it online. You go through the product, you hint out the good the bad and the ugly. The price, if you liked it or not etc, etc, etc.

After that, you paste that review onto Youtube, get a little description going and add your magical affiliate link to the description. If anyone decides to pickup the product through your link, you’ll be accredited with a percentage of the sale! If this all sounds like a foreign language to you, check out This Article On Affiliate Marketing. I go over the basics there. 😉

In short, affiliate marketing allows us to get a commission upon sale, of someone elses product. Which means we don’t have to do any product creation, customer service or none of that.

So to recap:

How to make money with Youtube and affiliate marketing? What will we be doing?

We’re Going To Be Creating Product Reviews Videos On Youtube, And We’ll Be Getting Commissions Upon A Sale.

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing 2

Can I Make Money With Product Reviews On Youtube?

Let me answer that question, with question:

Have you ever wanted to buy something, of which you’ve wanted to know, at some point, something as simple as, oh, i don’t know…the price?

If yes, it’s HIGHLY likely you might have gone over to, or some other site, to see what the cost was. You might also have seen a video or clicked on a google site that showed that the product had a “5 golden star rating” on the widget, just to know more!

Before you know it, you’ve got 13 tabs open trying to find the best price, fastest shipping and some coupon online that is ACTUALLY active.

What… Just me? ?

Alrighty then… 

Well.. it turns out, a huge percentage of people, will want to know a little bit more about that thing that they are considering purchasing, before they actually do it (and the number is increasing). This creates a huge opportunity for regular people to make a killing online with Youtube and affiliate marketing.

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing 3
Some of the starts. Source

How Do You Make A Product Review Video?

The basic steps to creating your own product review video on Youtube, to start making some money with affiliate marketing, is the following:

Choose a product to promote.
Get the affiliate link that will track the sales you generate.
Go through the product, if you don’t have it, you’ll obviously need to get a copy (more on that in a bit).
Create and upload the video on Youtube.

And there you go!

Before you get too excited, looking around your house for your favourite blender or tv set, or phone to review…even though that’s a good idea, we’re not going to be doing just a standard product review.

No no no. We’ll be doing a very special type of product review…called Launch Jacking ?

Launch Jacking Mark Laurel

Product Review: Launch Jacking

Launch jacking is where we promote NEW products that have either just come out, or have yet to be released, as opposed to the ones that have already launched. This is the lowest of the “low hanging fruit”. Why?

For a few reasons:

✅ Because the product is new and there should be less established competition! If you just go out there and review a product that has been around for ages, you’ll find it hard to reach the as many eyeballs!

✅ New products, get a TON of traffic. There will be a lot of people talking about them…which means that there is a huge opportunity for you to get in front of these people!

✅ People that are looking for “Best (insert product name here) Review”…are already looking to buy the product. They’ve heard about it, and now they’re looking it up on Youtube. These people are red hot buyers, and just need that additional little push. That’s where you come in 🙂

Okay now we’re dialing down on how to make money with Youtube and affiliate marketing in the fastest and easiest way possible…however, i think we should go 1 level deeper

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing 4
Physical product reviews. Unbox therapy channel.

Launch Jacking…But With DIGITAL Products.

Launch jacking (as well as general product reviews) works great with both physical and digital products.

There have been many Youtube channels created around reviewing physical products, that have had tremendous success, Like UnboxTherapy.

There is also a very well known youtuber, that goes by the channel name ODI productions, that started out doing headphone reviews, and built it into a 6 figure per year income. ?


Physical products usually give out lower commissions per sale (in the single digit percentages if you’re going with the most common brand, Amazon), unless you’re going to be reviewing a super expensive gadget or electronic equipment (which you also can do!), it might be best to stick to digital products…

Here’s why:

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing 5
Digital products can be software, courses, services, programs, etc…

Digital products don’t have any shipping fees, restocking fees, there is no inventory, and the cost of production can be very small, meaning you can get up to 100% commissions on these products.

This is huge, because you don’t have to generate as many sales or get as many eyeballs on your videos, as you would need with physical products! ?

Apart from that, digital products like information, online courses and the likes, are booming right now., made a study by which the expected growth by 2025 of the industry of information products, will be…humongous. (A very big number, can’t remember, sorry).

This is because people are realizing:

You know…going to college for 6 years only to come out and realize my skills are useless, i’m in debt, can’t get a job and the information i was taught…was outdated as heck, sounds a bit like a scam. How about we go learn this online? 

Went on a bit of a tangent there…but basically, we want to stick to digital products for now! It’s a lot easier with a bigger upside…but you can do whatever you want, transition into physical afterwards or do both at the same time! But look ?

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing 6
Amazon commission structure. Great if you’re sending a lot of volume, otherwise…maybe not the best ?

How To Make Launch Jacking Reviews 

Recap time!

Okay, So We’re Going To Be Doing Affiliate Marketing With Youtube Reviews For DIGITAL Products, That Have Just Been Launched Or Ar About To Be Launched. Mmkay?

Gotcha. But HOW exactly do we do this? Well…what i recommend you doing, (and i’m going to keep this as simple as i can), is the following:

1) Head over to this is THE website for upcoming digital courses and training in multiple of the biggest marketplaces. Warrior plus, Jvzoo and Clickbank.

2) We want to be looking at some of the products that are going to be launching in, let’s say, 7-10 days time. Once you start getting the hang of it, you can start looking at earlier dates for launches. 

I already know that there is one launch i want to be a part of, that is going to be in exactly 10 days from now. Equinox, by Jono Armstrong.

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing 7
Equinox is on the right side, but out of frame, a little bit lower.

3) After choosing a product, i click on the blue link, (product name), and i’m taken over to the JV page of said product.

Sometimes, there might not be any JV page available. You can either change over to another product, or come back in a few days, to see if it updated.

In the image below, you can see the information, date of launch, product creator, marketplace, commissions and more stuff.

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing 8
50% Commissions on a $35 product, in the software niche. Perfecto!

4) Somewhere on the JV page, which is made specifically for affiliates, you’ll be able to find the “get your affiliate link” button.

This will take you over to the platform where the product will be launched. Here you’ll be able to create yourself an account if you don’t already have one (it’s free to do so), and request the affiliate link to start promoting the product.

Some products have launch contests that go on, on the first couple of days of the launch, were they give out cool cash prizes and the likes, so keep an eye out for those!

You might also have access to the swipe files and the sales page preview, which will allow you to get a better feeling for the product 🙂

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing 9

5) This next step is CRUCIAL.

You’d want to reach out to the product owner, by going to their skype, or facebook account (the link to contact them, will be somewhere down in the jv page). And you want to ask them for a product review copy. Basically, you want to let them know you’re doing the review, but you need to be able to “test” the product. This will make your review a LOT more real,

You could saying something along the lines of:

Hi, my name is [such and such], i wanted to be able to promote your product [product name] on the [launch date]. Is there any way i could get access to a review copy of [product name]? I want to create a youtube review of it. If you need any more information, please let me know. Thank you [your name]

As you can see from the images below ?, all i did was i went down to the “contact us” portion of the JV page, and i contacted jono, the product creator. 

You might not get any responses, and you might not get a review copy…but if you don’t, don’t even stress it, just look for some other launch. You could also request the affiliate link, and make a review of the product based on the sales page alone.

This “only the sales page” review strategy, is not really recommended, because it’s kinda weird if you’re doing a review, but have no idea what the product is about because you don’t have access to it…but there are a lot of people that are doing this strategy too. 

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing 10

Once you get access to the product, go over it and start making a review video of what’s inside. Don’t show everything, but do let people know, what it’s all about. If you don’t like it, don’t make the review, and just keep looking for other products.

Number 1 tip? Be as legit as you can

Remember my video review, that i think sucked? Well… i think i’m the ONLY one who thought thatThis Ugly Ass Review that i made march 2019, is ranking on google, and the video is still first page of youtube for the term too, and people thought it was great.

I got real personal, going over my story, the losses and this and that…but i also go over EVERYTHING inside, plus, i show my OWN results by using the product, which very few people do. ?

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing 11
So many lovely comments! ?(occasionally there might be some jackasses, but that’s fine)

What Are The Pros And Cons Of This Method?

Finally, a “tutorial” of this “caliber”, wouldn’t be complete without me going over the pros and cons of this SPECIFIC method of doing launch for info products. Which is why I’ll briefly go over what these are:


✅ You don’t need any money to start.
✅ You don’t need any skills and you can get results in as little as one day.
✅ You don’t even have to create the video yourself. You can outsource it and you don’t need to put your face out there.
✅ It’s fairly easy to do. Difficulty 4/10 I’d say (if we were putting a number on things).


❌ If you don’t have a reputation, it might be hard to get accepted into some marketplaces. Which means you’ll have a hard time getting actual links to promote (I’ve never had an issue with this in the beginning).
❌ You do have to start your campaigns a few days ahead of schedule, and are bottlenecked by product owners actually responding back to you.
❌ You need to be able to rank the video on the first page of Youtube, which with a little optimization might get you there.

Want To Try Launch Jacking?

Want to give launch jacking a go? You might need to dive head first into it!

This post, was an overview on how to make money with Youtube and affiliate marketing through digital product launch jacking. But if you need a bit MORE training, then i highly recommend you ?Check This Out

It’s a little training course where, Jono goes over how to do everything in absurd detail. He actually shows you how he goes from flat “on the streets” broke…to earning $100, with nothing but an internet connection, from inside a library

Also, if you want to know my personal number one recommended strategy for making money online, then you’ll want to learn everything here. They’re slightly different, but the basic strategies are the same.

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing 12
“On the streets” to 100 in 24 hours with launch jacking


So how do you make money with Youtube and affiliate marketing?

There are a ton of ways to do it, however, Youtube digital product reviews through launch jacking, is one of the quickest ways to make money with Youtube and affiliate marketing, that require almost no work at all, and you can get started with absolutely no money whatsoever.

Always remember to create an unbiased review of the product you’re promoting. If the product sucks…say so. There is nothing worse that promoting something you’re not even going to like yourself.

We already have a lot of that going on…please don’t be one of those people. ?   


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