How To Promote Builderall. 3 Different Ways

Want to get some ideas on how to promote Builderall? I’ve got you covered. 

In this post, we’ll be going over some amazing strategies on how to promote the platform, that you can start using as soon as today, to start getting some results.

Let’s check em out. Okay? ?

Now, even though i know that using paid ads, is a great way to go, in my experience most people that are trying to promote the platform, don’t really have that much money for ads or are too afraid of spending (That’s fine, i’ve been there too).

For that reason, i’ll be covering mostly free strategies to promote the platform, that have either worked for me, or have worked for other people…but do note that paid ads are working fine, as you can see from the image below.

How To Promote Builderall

As you can see, there are a lot of people clicking on ads (google), which mean ads are profitable, and so it’s for sure a great strategy that is a lot faster than free traffic, and that of course you can later on scale. So don’t complete forget about paid ads either.

With that said, let’s check out the three top free strategies i’d recommend using, on how to promote Builderall. 

Facebook Organic Posting

This is my favourite strategy (well…it used to be), the one i used to most in the past when promoting Builderall, that made me My First 1K Online, and the one that can give you some crazy amazing results, super fast (if done correctly).

How does this strategy work?

✅ First, you have to head over to Facebook, and create an account if you don’t have one already.

✅ Next, you have to start building a facebook friends list of people who might be interested in the product you’re offering (or any product at all, as long as they’re in your niche). This takes a bit of time, but it’s 100% worth it.

✅ Once you have a big friends list, you can generate traffic over to your offers, by creating a promo post.

As soon as you post, if you created the friends list correctly, you’ll start seeing people commenting on your posts. Comment on their post, and send them a personal message with the link to whatever you’re offering.

How I Made My First 1000 Online

This strategy doesn’t look like much, but it’s absurdly powerful when done correctly. I was making $250 per facebook post consistently with this strategy, to the point where if i needed to make money, i would just make a post.

Plus, you can combine it with a facebook group strategy, or do stuff like creating a fanpage and inviting all of your friends to like it, and have a button promoting somthing on that page (super awesome stuff), and much more.

A quick disclaimer…

Results aren’t typical, you there is nothing guaranteed in life anyways and this was back when we could promote the viral funnels an offer the business opportunity…which isn’t allowed for anymore.

Does this mean that the strategy doesn’t work anymore?

Heck no! It works amazingly well…but you’re going to have to target differently, and different people too.

Blogging With SEO

This is the strategy i’m currently using, and will probably continue to use in the future, and it revolves around content creation for search engines

Lemme explain ?

I made a big mistake when it comes to NOT using search engines in the past, because even though Facebook, Instagram and other social media, are super powerful when it comes to promoting products…i don’t think it’s a very good long term strategy at all. 

I made a case study earlier this month, in which i go over why i think “feed-based” social media (organic), are not the best method to choose when promoting anything…but it comes down to “shelf life” of the content. On Facebook, you have to post all the time, on search engines you can have 1 post, last months or even years!

In that article, i essentially used a super high authority free page/sub-domain, to rank content on Google, which is still getting me clicks today. Good luck trying to make that happen on Facebook.

Regardless…i highly recommend you creating content to serve the search engines, because it is what is going to give you more “bang for your buck”. And that is what this method is about. Let’s see the steps on how to promote Builderall with this strategy.

How does this strategy work?

✅ You do keyword research using free tools like Ubersuggest and find a keyphrase that doesn’t have much competition on the top 10 Google results.

✅ Create a Medium account, and write an article, that targets that keyphrase.

Add your affiliate links (cloak them first, so that your account doesn’t get banned!)

Rinse and repeat with more articles! 

I go more in depth on this method, on that case study post if you want to check it out…But basically, you’ll start ranking for a bunch of terms on Google, and you’ll start bringing in clicks! 

Also, even though this method is free, i do recommend you get a domain and hosting at some point, it’s even a better long term idea. Bluehost gives you 1 year of domain name for free, and the hosting costs $3/month, which is nothing!

Youtube Video SEO

To the surprise of absolutely nobody…Youtube is probably the best way by far on how to promote Builderall or anything else, for that matter.

I mean, let’s face it…

It’s clear that a very small amount of people would rather read about Builderall, then actually watch a video about it…which means you have to make videos. End of story. If not today, some day soon (yes, i have to start too).

It’s free (for now), it’s massive, people will remember you much more from video, than from written text, and the entry bar is pretty low because a lot of people are not willing to be on camera (although i think that’s not going to be a problem for long).

How does this strategy work?

The strategy here, is similar to the blogging SEO strategy:

✅ First, you’ll want to do keyword research for the different terms that are being searched in Google using keyword research tools like Ubersuggest or

✅ Then, you want to create the videos addressing or answering the question of the keyphrase you found. 

✅ Finally, post your videos and add tags, and description that fits the video plus, your affiliate link so that it appears in the top of the description.

Of course, there are lot of other things to consider, like having an appealing thumbnail that increases click-through rate, longer videos, having optimized file names (when uploading), having a relevant video description, having a good intro and outro…and a BUNCH of other things like backlinking through embeds on different sites, social shares and the likes.

Obviously, the more videos you make, the better… Not many people are willing to put in all that time, so if you are, then you’ve got a great advantage! ?

How To Promote Builderall 2


Alright everyone that would be it! That is how to promote Builderall, using 3 different free strategies.

I hope that you’ve found them useful, and that you enjoyed the article as a whole. These are strategies that i’ve personally used (strategy 1 and 2) or that i know are working.

Make sure to stick to only one strategy regardless of what you do, although i would definitely recommend you do some sort of content for search engines, since it’s probably a better strategy in the long run.

There are obviously a TON more techniques, like answering questions on quora, instagram automation, forum posting and a lot more, not to mention paid ads like bing, facebook and Google search ads.

Have a great one, and keep hustling!


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