Is Builderall Free? Here’s The Anwser

So if you’re reading this, chances are you know about the Builderall platform, want to maybe give it a go, but before you do, wanted to know the answer to the very popular question: Is Builderall Free?

In this post, we’ll be answering the question, and we’ll be showing you what you have to do, to get started with the platform asap.

Is Builderall Free

So, Is Builderall Free?

Simple answer to that question, is:

No, Builderall is not free.

Builderall is a Software as a Service (SAAS). It’s a cloud based app, that can be accessed only by creating an account on their website. It’s a software service that has been in the market and being developed for years (still developing and getting better up until now), and so obviously it wouldn’t be reasonable for it to be free for the consumers.

Fortunately though, Builderall does give you a trial for free for 7 days (no credit card required) for you to give the platform a go before you fully commit to it.

It’s a bit on the shorter side, since most softwares of this nature allow for something closer to 14 or even 30 days in some cases, but it’s still enough for you to get an general feeling for the platform (and doesn’t mean they won’t change that in the future either!).

UPDATE FOR 2020: The Builderall free trial has very recently been bumped up to a whole 14 days (just like i was discussing). So please remember throughout the rest of the article, that it’s now 14 days, and not 7. ?

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The free trial for Builderall, will give you access to all of the tools, from the exclusive Builderall canvas, their own autoresponder MailingBoss, the webinar platform, the ecommerce site builder and so on.

Essentially, it gives you unlimited access to all of the tools, for those 7 days (the premium plan, we’ll be mentioning shortly), and the way to make the most out of the trial, is probably by focusing on the few tools that you’re most interested in trying out, and getting used to them. 

Because let’s face it…

It’s great having access to over 40 tools, but you’ll probably not have the time to go through all of them in 7 days, and there are probably 2 or 3 that you’re pretty excited to try out. I’d check those 2 or 3 tools out first! ?

After the trial is over, you can decide to upgrade to either on of their plans, from within the dashboard.

Is Builderall Free 2
All of the current Builderall Tools. ?

What Are The Builderall Pricing Plans

Builderall has been changing it’s pricing since it was launched in the North American marketplace, and therefore this information might be outdated by the time you see it, which is why you should check this page here, just in case…

But as of right now, Builderall has 2 main plans, which are:

The Essential Plan ($29.90/month)
The Premium Plan ($69.90/month)

These appear to be fairly similar, but there are actually very crucial differences between them. Of course the premium plan will offer more…but infact the difference between the plans is pretty big, which makes going for the premium plan, a much better option.

✅ The premium plan allows you to have an integrated autoresponder with unlimited leads, whereas the essential plan allows for 10k. (which is still a LOT, and for sure worth the $29.90/month).

✅ The premium plan comes with the flagship funnel builder “Builderall Canvas”, whereas the essential plan does not.

✅ And most of the tools that make the software so awesome, like the webinar platform, the magazine builder, the ecom site builder and many other tools…are available for the premium version, but not for the essential plan.

So this is definitely something to consider when Getting Builderall.

What Is Builderall 4


So, is Builderall free?

No it’s not free. However there is a Free Trial available for the platform, in which you have unlimited access to the premium version for a total of 7 days.

These 7 days are enough for you to go out and try some of the different tools (all of them if you go all in, but probably won’t be the best option), and see if the platform and the tools are good enough for you to work with.

With the trial, you get access to the premium Builderall plan which includes canvas tool, which is exclusive to Builderall, the email autoresponder, the ecommerce site builder powered by Magento, and all the different tools like sharelocker, messenger chatbot, instagram automation, script generators and much more.

After the trial is over, you can choose to upgrade to either the essential plan ($29.90/month) or the platinum plan ($69.90/month) by adding your payment information from within the dashboard, and upgrading your existing account.

Hope that was helpful, and happy building! ?


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