Is Builderall Legit? Here’s The Thing…

So with all these scammy, useless and good for nothing softwares that are coming out all the time…it’s never a bad idea to keep your guard up. And the question in this case is: Is Builderall legit?

Well, in this post, we’ll be going over whether or not the Builderall platform is legit, and also show you where you can get access to the platform for free, to try it out, without running the risk of getting scammed.

Is Builderall Legit
Is Builderall legit? Or is it “pump-n-dump”?

Now, to quickly anwser the question: 

Yes, Builderall is legit. ?

But let’s get into why that is, and why it might have been thought as “not legit”, at some point.

So i got a question some time ago, from a facebook friend online, in which he clearly demonstrated to me how concerned he was with grabbing “yet another all in one” software.

“Is Builderall legit?” he asked me. “Is it really what i’ve been hearing”.

And honestly, i don’t blame the guy (and i’ll go over what “he had been hearing about” in a bit).

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There are literally hundreds of software being poured into the market, daily, in todays day and age. Unfortunately, and depending on variables as crazy as the place (yes! Even the actual site) where you get the software from, you might be in for a ride…

You see…as the market is getting more and more flooded with softwares, and a “new thing” is popping out each day, it’s really hard to build a software, that won’t become obsolete, useless or even overpriced compared to a competitor that JUST popped up, that does the same thing for even cheaper price.

As a result, it becomes very “cut-throat” and many softwares thus become created…essentially to turn a profit. To “pump-n-dump” as they say. 

Is Builderall Legit 2
Builderall Backoffice

So here’s what ends up happening (an overveiew, because i don’t know the ins and outs 100%)

✅ The creators, create a half decent app or software.
✅ They hire some support some copyrighters and do some marketing to get ready for launch.
They launch the product and make a profit on the launch.
✅ Support gets overwhelmed with tickets, there are no updates and bugs start happening. Shit hits the fan
The creators ditch the product, since they’ve already profited and the cycle repeats.

Unfortunately, these things happen ALL the time, and as a result, it really spawns fear inside of the day to day consumer, that just want to solve x problem. And this is one of the reasons Builderall could be considered “not legit”.

However, and simply put…Builderall is not like that.

Just like the more “obvious” and more established softwares and platforms out there, Builderall has a community, a facebook group, a blog, weekly calls with their affiliates, they have chat support in multiple languages, a Youtube Channel with hundreds of tutorials, they’re updating features and prices since they arrived in the north american marketplace in 2018 and they’ve been around since at least 2011.

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That is more than 9 years dealing with customers, offering and updating a service, marketing, expanding and so on. Personally, i think that that, should be more than enough to show, that the software company means Business and that it’s not just a “flash in the pan”.

Simply put: Want to know if the product is legit or not? Look for those things! Age, community, support, testimonials, etc etc…I’d always gear more towards an established software (5 years plus is my sweet spot), than to a “just launching but my creators also launch every month” software.

If that makes any sense. ?

Another reason that Builderall might have gotten a bad rap in the past, is because back in late 2018, it relied heavily on their affiliates to bring in customers. To the point where the business opportunity was HEAVILY promoted by a LOT of people, and with all claims and income screenshots people were making, it’s no wonder it got eyebrows raising.

That is a thing of the past however. Because, Builderall being a LEGIT company as it is, was not afraid of making things right and putting a stop to all that Bullshit. 

If you want to try out Builderall for free without the fear of getting scammed (you don’t even need to give out your credit card), you can grab a FREE Copy Here ? or through any one of the buttons on this page.

It’ll allow you to test out the software, without having to “contact support so that they cancel your before you get billed” or that kind of shady crap. This way, you can give the software a try on your own.

One of the recent Builderall plans. Builderall upgrades ALL the time.

So Is Builderall Legit?

The answer is: Yes.

Builderall has been around for a LONG time. They’ve been growing and growing ever since. They serve thousands and thousands of customers in the Bazilian market, the north american market, the european market and have plans to head over to the japanese market as well.

I don’t see Builderall stopping anytime soon, and even though they’ve had their fair share of problems in the past, like having their reputation stained and even getting programmed cyber attacks (probably from some competitor), Builderall has made it through and is still going strong to this day.

In case you ever wonder if a software is legit or not…you can either do a serious background check on them first, or trust your gut that it’ll be good enough, if you don’t (but you’ll have to take a risk on those).

Happy Building! ?


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